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Happy New Year!!
   As 2021 slips into the abyss, we are all eagerly awaiting what 2022 has in store us. Winter will be moving through the next few months, so be sure to not give the winter blah's a chance to settle in, keep active and make the Lightpath Center a stop along the way in your local travels! We look forward to spending an exciting New Year with you!
Looking Ahead!
  This year will bring its own set of bright opportunities and heavy lessons. 2022 is sure to be sweeter for many reasons, particularly in the first half, but the second part of our collective story will have many karmic lessons that cause all of our lives to shift. Get ahead of what is to come and learn more by Clicking Here
- Ted Talk:
Sean Stephenson: The prison of your mind

- Mike Adams:
Harvard scientist Charles Lieber, nanowires, covid & vaccine bioweapons

Part 1Part 2
- Jan 1st:
New Years Day

- Jan 13th:
Mercury Retrograde Begins!

Ends Feb 3rd

- Jan 17th:
MLK jr Day

- Jan 17th:
Full Wolf Moon

“The ultimate goal of meditation practice is to bring awareness to every moment of one’s life, not just the time one spends in a formal meditation session. That said, setting aside time each day to cultivate awareness is an indispensable part of the process. Most people find that the more time they devote to meditation ‘on the cushion,’ the easier it is to bring awareness to their experiences ‘off the cushion.’ “

~ Yongey Mingyur Rinpoche

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