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Healthy Gut & Cancer Prevention!
     Your body’s immune system and its role in cancer prevention really doesn’t get the attention it deserves in the prevailing paradigm of allopathic medicine. To learn more about why a healthy gut microbiome is key to cancer prevention CLICK HERE
MWSA Open House!
   For those interested in studying astrology the MWSA will be having their annual summer party & open house scheduled for the end of the month on Sunday August 29th from 4:00 til 7:30 pm. Come and meet Pam and Mindy and have a great time while learning more about astrology and what it can do for you!
Astrology for August
Monthly Horoscope Overview
Planetary Trends for August
Monthly Vedic Astrology Forecast
- August 17th:
Summer Astrology

- Aug 22nd:
Full Sturgeon Moon

- August 29th:
MWSA Annual Open House and Party
What Happens After We Die?
This series explores personal stories and research on near-death experiences, reincarnation and paranormal phenomena.
Surviving Death

Preview Trailer Here

"Remember, Intuition is the key to keeping a flow of Synchronicity (Mysterious Coincidences) happening to bring forth the right opportunities at the right time to open our path to our dreams …

The Universe is designed for us to step into this flow of tiny miracles"

~ James Redfield

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