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Daylight Savings Time Y'all ...
 A quick reminder to set your clocks forward 1 hour on Sunday March 12th.
 > PRO TIP: Set your clocks ahead a day before (March 11th) in the early evening. This helps to relieve the negative effects of 'losing' an hour by giving the body & mind a little more time to adjust to the new time reference.
Healing Bowel Disorders ...
  Join Dr. John Bergman in This Episode and learn about the causes and solutions for a healthy bowel and how to heal the damage.
Intuitive Astrology Forecast
  March 2023 delivers some of the biggest and most significant cosmic events of the year including the move of Saturn into Pisces and Pluto into Aquarius. It also brings the March Equinox, which heralds the start of the astrological new year. To see how this may effect you CLICK HERE
- Mar 7th:
Full Worm Moon

- Mar 12th:
Daylight Savings

Spring Forward!

- Mar 17th:
St. Pat's Day

- Mar 20th:
Spring Equinox

1st day of Spring!

- Mar 21st:
MWSA - Treasure Mapping

All students invited

- Mar 24-25th:
MWSA Weekend Workshop

Optional - see Mindy

"The things you think about determine the quality of your mind. Your soul takes on the color of your thoughts."

~ Marcus Aurelius


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