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Summertime in July!! 
   School is out and the summer fun has begun! Camping, cookouts and laying by the pool are what's on the agenda for the next couple of months. We wish you all a wonderful and relaxing summer!
Neptune Retrograde
   Another 'retrograde season' is upon us. Neptune went retro on June 25th and that now gives us 4 planets in total 'going retro with their bad selves' at the moment! To learn more about what this means for you CLICK HERE.
Zinc Deficiency & Cancer Growth
   Zinc is a mineral required by the body to support immune function and assist in various cellular activities. It also supports more than 300 enzymatic functions. Unfortunately, most of the world is deficient in zinc. An estimated 25% of the world’s population (about 2 billion people) has this deficiency. To learn more about how this affects you CLICK HERE
The Y-Strap: For a Deeper Stretch
   Gary is now offering a new technique to his repertoire. The Y-strap is used to create a deeper (slow & smooth) stretch to the spinal column to help in the decompression process. If you are a client of Gary's and wish to learn more CLICK HERE or just ask for more information the next time you are in.
- July 1st:
Gary's July Special Offers

Limited Time Only

- July 4th:
Independence Day

- July 23rd:
Full Buck Moon

"The placebo effect is one of the least understood phenomena in modern science, yet it is something that prevails time and time again.

It is literal proof that humans have the ability to heal and create outcomes solely based on belief and expectation. If that is true, imagine how much more we would be capable of if we learned how to tap into this way of being on a regular basis."

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