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Retrogrades & New Beginnings ...
  Four major bodies turn direct this month: Pluto, Saturn, Mercury & Jupiter. While these shifts themselves can be a little disorienting and intense in some cases, we are starting to see some progress.

With the New Moon (on the 6th), It’s a time for taking charge of our relationships and giving them their due attention, as well as working on negotiation & partnering skills. This resolution of conflicts is in focus and is the objective. To learn more about this transitional time: CLICK HERE

Systemic Proteolytic Enzymes 
  Proteolytic Enzymes break down rogue proteins in your bloodstream & in the soft tissues of your body. They have amazing benefits to your overall health and well-being.
Just some benefits include:
- Reduces systemic inflammation
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- Cancer, disease prevention/recovery
- Alzheimer’s prevention
- Fibromyalgia and chronic fatigue relief
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Astrology for October
Monthly Horoscope Overview
Planetary Trends for October
Monthly Vedic Astrology Forecast
- Oct 1st:
Gary's Fall Sale

Sale ends Oct 20th

- Oct 11th:
Columbus Day

- Oct 17th:
Mercury Retro Ends!

- Oct 20th:
Full Hunter's Moon

- Oct 31st:
Being Taken
Preview Trailer Here
Alien Abduction:
Is the experience positive? Negative? Is it even a real thing? With so many debatable cases, is it possible to know the truth? Explore the rich & detailed history of supposed alien abductions & the most credible cases from a new perspective
Being Taken 

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"Self-control is strength. Calmness is mastery. You have to get to a point where your mood doesn't shift based on the insignificant actions of someone else. Don't allow others to control the direction of your life. Don't allow your emotions to overpower your intelligence."

~ Morgan Freeman

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