November 10, 2021
Missionary Kerry Pickard in RUSSIA

We were hoping to start up our home group again, but with all the new cases of COVID, our ladies are hesitant, so we will wait until after the new year. The youth, however, have begun a new year. They are watching the Chosen and discussing it. We don't have a lot of youth, so please pray that God uses this to reach them.

Missionary* in EASTERN EUROPE
  • Praise the Lord for the 15 people I have had the honor of meeting. Please pray that they would desire to know Jesus Christ as their Lord and Savior and that the Holy Spirit would work to convict them to do so.
  • Praise the Lord for a continued relationship with my language helper. Continue to pray that we would build a trusted, meaningful relationship that causes her to want to read the Bible and know Jesus Christ.
  • Praise for connections with my waiters at the cafe I go to every morning for language lessons. I look forward to seeing them every morning, and they help with my language lessons in between making coffee for others. I pray that one day I can speak to them fluently and have spiritual conversations with them, but for now I pray that my actions, character, and demeanor would cause them to desire to know God personally.
  • Praise the Lord for technology that enables us to spread the gospel to more people than is physically possible. Our team is a part of the Media2Movement that allows local people to see and respond to spiritual ads on social media that then get relayed to us to engage in disciple-making relationships. Please pray over our campaign during November to raise $8,500 to cover the costs of 2022.

We thank the pastor and his family for all the hard work they have done in the church, and we pray for the Lord to bless their new ministry opportunity in our sister church. We are helping with the training of the new leadership. Pray for us as we have been able to empower and encourage the leaders just starting out in the church. During one of our visits, we had a conversation with a couple from Iran. I asked them if they were members of the church, and they answered that it was their first time visiting. I asked how they heard about us, and they said someone from the camp told them that God could heal their nephew. They didn’t know who Jesus was, but they knew he was a healer. What faith! That led to sharing with them who Jesus is, and they were ready and so hungry to hear everything!

This past month, our main goal was to connect with new families. We have spent hours praying over the neighborhoods and have intentionally been more present with nonbelievers. After a couple of phone calls, two separate families joined us for tea one day and talked about Jesus. In such a short amount of time, we have witnessed the hunger and openness of people to learn more about Jesus. And we can’t help to be so thankful!

*Names withheld for security reasons.

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