Welcome to the Third Summer Term Finalist Newsletter!

Congratulations on reaching the end of your studies here at Loughborough University! You may be sorted out with your next step, but you may be wondering what to do. In Careers Network we understand that your studies, opportunities for placements & work experience, and your job hunting, have been disrupted by the pandemic. In recognition of this we are very pleased to tell you that the ongoing support from us has been extended from three to five years for you,
our 2021 graduates.
 So, what next?

When you are considering what to do after university, you may find your plans have been delayed or have changed due to Covid-19. Whatever your situation, what you do have now is time for reflection and research.
 What do you want from a job? What do you like/not like? What comes easily to you and what gives you energy? Book a careers consultation to talk this through with us and look at our website to Explore career options
 Use this time to really research ideas – this is vital so you can see what there is to choose from. Get started using the Job Profiles on Prospects Follow employers who you’d like to work for on social media, keep up-to-date with developments in the sector you’re interested in. Use LinkedIn to look at profiles. If you haven’t used LinkedIn before maybe now is the time to consider it?
Looking for temporary work?
If you’re looking for a temporary job to get some money coming in, consider who are the local employers in your area. Indeed is a great website to research vacancies (it even has grad roles on it) but just make sure you order these by date rather than relevance to get the most recent jobs.
Longer term plans
We are here to help you with applications for further study and graduate level jobs, but the above steps will get the ball rolling short-term.
Finalist First Event

We are repeating the ‘Finalists First: Finding a Job’ session on Tuesday 29th June at 12 noon. Hear about researching your options and where to look for vacancies. There will be a Question & Answer session at the end, so think what you would like to know and maximise what you get out of the event. If you missed this session in May then book on Careers Online via
Support for Finalists.

Finalists Survey

If you are considering what to do next and feel ready to use our support in the next few weeks, then please complete our short Finalists Survey. This survey is open until Sunday 4th July at 11:59pm and we will contact you shortly afterwards. Please access the survey here:
 Careers Appointments
To book for quick careers queries or to check a careers document (CV/statement/cover letter) visit our website here

To create and develop your CV, covering letters or application or for help with any stage of the recruitment process you can also access the Careers Network Make Applications page. 

For careers consultations (30 minute appointments to discuss your plans) please call 01509 222039.


On Demand Presentations
We keep adding to our range of on demand presentations. Don’t miss out getting valuable insights into a range of topics including Networking, CVs, exploring further study and finding opportunities. All available on the CA007 Learn module.

Whether you know which career sector you would like to work in, or are still exploring your options, you will find links to a whole range of websites on our Career areas web page.

If you are struggling finding roles consider following the below steps:
 Explore career options by checking out some key websites that you may find useful to find roles related to your degree.

  If you want to view a full range of websites applicable to you go to the Options with your degree page on the Careers Network website, select your school, select your course and then click on the ‘Resources to find experience, placements, and graduate jobs’ tab to see job search resources relevant to your course.

 Finally, don't forget that you can always speak to a member of the Careers Network Team by booking an appointment via Careers Online.
School of Business & Economics:
Target Jobs

City Jobs
Guardian Jobs
All About Finance Careers
Inside Careers
Graduate Jobs
Bright Network
eFinancial Careers
School of Sport, Exercise and Health Sciences:
Bioscience Careers
RSB jobs
Science Careers
BPS - Jobs in Psychology.
Mental Health Jobs
NHS jobs
Social care jobs.
Careers in Sport jobs 
Leisure Jobs 
Sport England 
School of Design and Creative Arts:
Just UX jobs
Arts Jobs and news 
Creative Access 
The Stage Jobs 
If you could jobs
The Dots
 Fashion Workie
LinkedIn Jobs

School of Social Science and Humanities:
Charity job 
Environment Job
Civil Service Jobs 
Marketing Jobs

School of Engineering: 

IET Jobs in Engineering and Technology
Volunteers in Motor Sport
Space Careers UK
Engineers Without Borders
Careers In Construction
Architecture jobs from RIBA
Jobs in transport      
Target jobs
STEM Women
School of Science:  
Chemistry World Jobs 
New Scientist Jobs
Cogent Skills
BSC Recruit
CW Jobs
Cyber Security Jobs
IC Resources
IT Jobs Online
Maths Careers
Earthworks Jobs
Jobs in Science
New Scientist
Science Careers
Looking for something niche? Go to Prospects job profiles and find the closest match for the job role you are looking for. Then scroll down to the ‘Employers’ section to see links to search for related roles.
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