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Issue 509 - 24th Aug 2020
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For Northern Ireland specific contracts, there are a number of sources of information specifically for contracts within Northern Ireland. The Central Procurement Directorate (CPD) handles contracts for a number of government departments.

174922 - CfT_2963338 - Please note this is a signposting advert to eTenders NI for CfT_2999209 Provision of Herbicide and Chainsaw Training Across Multiple Sites in Northern Ireland, Republic of Ireland and Scotland
Publication date:  21-08-2020
Response deadline:  11-09-2020 11:00   Irish time
Procedure: 1. Open Procedure (NON OJEU)
Buyer: Armagh City, Banbridge and Craigavon Borough Council

174843 - 34/COMM/2020 - Ancient Connections Destination Marketing Contract
Publication date:  21-08-2020
Response deadline:  21-09-2020 16:00   Irish time
Procedure: 1. Open Procedure (NON OJEU)
Description: Purpose of Contract: to design, implement and manage the Destination Marketing programme for the Ancient Connections project areas of North Wexford (Ferns) and North Pembrokeshire (St. Davids) and all required marketing activities: including marketing the target regions’ general tourism/heritage assets; the activities/events surrounding the Ancient Connections initiative and any new products arising, through advertising, PR, traditional, online and social media channels for the Phase 1 period of the project (April 2019 to March 2022).
Buyer: Wexford County Council

174914 - - New DMR Radio Upgrade
Publication date:  21-08-2020
Response deadline:  04-09-2020 12:00   Irish time
Procedure: 1. Open Procedure (NON OJEU)
Description: Design, Supply, Install, Test and Commission a complete DMR Licensed radio network. The Tender must include pricing for the complete items listed below and should include all operational, Installation, license's and a warranty replacement service for 5 years. Works will be required to take place out of normal office hours. Items based on a Motorola system design and all items and quantity's are subject to change pending a full site survey and evaluation. Items: 1x Motorola SLR5500 Digital Repeater & Duplex Filter 1x Repeater Wall Mounting Bracket 1x Backup Battery System for Mains Fail Operation 2x High Gain Antenna & Standard Mounting Hardware 1x PC Server & Dispatcher Application with Microphone,Interface and Application 1x Android Mobile Client Module . 20x Mobile Waterproof Handhelds with Inbuilt GPRS, Battery and Warranty cover. 20x Series Man down Activation Licence Key 2x Additional Six way Unit Multi-Charging Unit 8x Desktop Rapid Charging Unit 20x Series Remote Microphone 20x Protective Carry Case & Strap 10x Spare IMPRES Battery Packs Vehicle Radios & Accessories: 4x Motorola DM4601e Digital Mobile Radio Incl. • Inbuilt GPS • IMPRES lithium ion battery • 2-year standard warranty 5x Vehicle Antenna Kits 5x GPS Vehicle Antenna This list of items are also to be covered by 5 Year Fully Comprehensive Warranty with • 5-year parts and repair cover • 5-year firmware updates cover • 5-year physical/water damage repair cover Tendering should include for: Installation & Commissioning . • Network workshop assembly and configuration • Workshop radio equipment programming • Antenna system installation • TRBOnet software installation and configuration • TRBOnet Radio Network Interface Installation • Vehicle radios installation • User equipment and training • Project management/H&S Documentation All companies tendering must be able to produce 3 Valid Client references and documentation to show valid working systems. A customer site visit maybe required.
Buyer: Boyne Fishermen's Rescue and Recovery Service

174868 - FCC/223/19 - Invitation for Membership of Fingal LEO Mentoring Services Panel
Publication date:  20-08-2020
Response deadline:  22-09-2020 12:00   Irish time
Procedure: Negotiated Procedure (NON OJEU)
Buyer: Fingal County Council

174855 - T2005 - RFT for the Provision of a Research Study and Report to Examine Digital and Technology Skills Needs to support Innovation in Ireland’s Low-Carbon Economy Transition.
Publication date:  20-08-2020
Response deadline:  23-09-2020 17:00   Irish time
Procedure: 1. Open Procedure (NON OJEU)
Description: Skillnet Ireland seeks to commission a research study and report to inform Skillnet Ireland’s work in addressing the immediate and future digital skills needs of businesses, including SMEs, in support of Ireland’s Climate Action Plan and sustainability agenda. A key factor in our transition to a low-carbon economy is having an agile and highly skilled digital workforce. This is necessary for both businesses operating in specialist areas and businesses across all sectors in taking action to mitigate climate change. This research study is the first of our new Climate Action Research Series. The duration of the contract is for 6 months, commencing in October 2020. The contract may be extended to incorporate additional services depending on the requirements of the project itself, the performance of the successful party and the availability of funding.
Buyer: Skillnet Ireland

174793 - AC/2019/17 - Provision of Production and Project Management Services
Publication date:  19-08-2020
Response deadline:  11-09-2020 12:00   Irish time
Procedure: 1. Open Procedure (NON OJEU)
Description: The “Adapt” section of the report of the Expert Advisory Group to the Arts Council, adopted in June 2020, sets out a recommendation that the Arts Council facilitate a sector-led initiative live arts initiative called Wintering Out. The Arts Council seeks project management services for this project to take place from October 2020 to April 2021. Wintering Out will support arts organisation to adapt and present live events of scale, some of which had been in an advanced stage of preparation in advance of Covid 19. This initiative is intended to facilitate the manifestation of this thinking and effort and to provide a beacon of hope for both the arts sector and audiences.
Buyer: Arts Council

174801 - CD/2020/07 - Golf Tourism Development Strategy
Publication date:  19-08-2020
Response deadline:  09-09-2020 12:00   Irish time
Procedure: Restricted Procedure (NON OJEU)
Description: Fáilte Ireland wish to procure the services of a 3rd party (agency or consultant) to support the development of a golf tourism strategy for the Republic of Ireland. This will include a review of branding in the context of the Golf Union of Ireland & the Irish Ladies Golf Union having merged under a common brand of Golf Ireland and how the Republic of Ireland should position itself in the context of golf tourism, given that development.
Buyer: Fáilte Ireland-National Tourism Development Authority

174687 - Gill Tags - Seeking a shortlist of Suppliers for the supply of security type tags
Publication date:  19-08-2020
Response deadline:  01-02-2021 00:00   Irish time
Procedure: 1. Open Procedure (NON OJEU)
Description: Inland Fisheries Ireland are seeking ‘Expressions of Interest’ from suppliers for the supply of security type tags. These security tags to be used as a method for the control of salmon and sea trout fishing quotas in Ireland. The Security tag can be; (a) a cable-tie or wrist-band type mechanism or something similar (b) Ideally non-plastic/recyclable/biodegradable material (c) Once closed/locked into place cannot be opened without cutting or breaking, (d) Is approx. 25-30cm long X 2 cm wide (e) Lasts for a season (f) Code (being text, barcode, serial numbers) can be printed/lasered on one or both sides, be easily read/scanned and print does not fade easily, (g) Produced and supplied within a short lead time (2-3 weeks max)
Buyer: Inland Fisheries Ireland

174737 - - Provision of IT systems & managed services
Publication date:  18-08-2020
Response deadline:  08-09-2020 12:00   Irish time
Procedure: Negotiated Procedure (NON OJEU)
Description: The Contracting Entity is looking to engage with suitably qualified service providers to maintain their existing IT system and propose a solutions to a number of servers that have reached their end of life as per the details contained in the qualification questionnaire.
Buyer: Shannon Foynes Port Company

174751 - JN/966/2020 - Command and Control equipment
Publication date:  18-08-2020
Response deadline:  22-09-2020 12:00   Irish time
Procedure: 1. Open Procedure (NON OJEU)
Description: The Irish Naval Service invites tenders from economic operators for the supply of provision, installation and support for one command and control display system complete with mounting arrangements, processor and control systems.
Buyer: Irish Naval Service
No photo description available.

Lisburn and Castlereagh City Council’s Mentor Growth Programme enables local businesses to access essential business knowledge, expertise and impartial advice in areas including: sales & marketing development, strategic planning, digital marketing, branding and financial management through the provision of 1 to 1 mentoring; signposting support; workshops and networking opportunities. Businesses can avail of either 2 days, 3 days or 5 days of free mentoring support.

The Mentor Growth programme aims to:

  • Support the creation of new sustainable jobs in the council area
  • Refer businesses to Invest NI that are capable of accessing financial support from Invest NI.
  • Strengthen the local business base by assisting businesses to become more competitive in indigenous and export markets
  • Promote business growth and innovation
  • Provide accessible, need driven business support that is tailored to business requirements
  • Engage with key business support stakeholders to develop a portfolio approach to business support in the council area, ensuring that there is no duplication of effort.

Mentors are available right now to help your business.  They are selected based on the business needs to enable them to share appropriate advice, skills and knowledge from a range of specialisms including:

  • Strategic planning
  • Financial management, including accessing funding
  • Marketing & Sales
  • HR 
  • IP and Legal issues
  • Research and Development
  • Business Efficiency
  • Ecommerce and SEO
Who Can Apply?

Small to medium sized businesses with a registered business address in the Lisburn and Castlereagh City area.

To apply please click here 

This project is part funded by Invest Northern Ireland and the European Regional Development Fund under the Investment for Growth & Jobs Northern Ireland (2014-2020) Programme and is available to new start-up or existing businesses with a registered business address in the Lisburn and Castlereagh City area.

Belgian company operating in development and production management for fashion and sportswear, offers its services to fashion/sport labels and manufacturers under outsourcing agreement or subcontracting agreement

The Belgian company is providing services to fashion designers and established brands to help them build a strong internal structure ready to face supply chain protocols and good practices. The manager offers to help starters and small and mid sized brands to make a successful transition from creation to industrial production. The company is looking for partnerships under subcontracting agreement or outsourcing agreement.

Bulgarian company offers pink alcohol drink especially developed for the finest preferences to trade intermediaries

A Bulgarian company, owner of an alcohol brand, is looking for alcohol trading partners among EU. The product in offer is a special alcohol drink - vodka, customized for finest /ladies`/ taste and preferences. Distribution services agreements or commercial agency agreement are envisaged.

A Czech manufacturer of top quality, hand-made Christmas decorations seeks distributors under distribution services agreements

A Czech company with a solid history of hand-made production of various types of Christmas decorations (some 80.000 types of products) seeks distributors interested in selling upscale quality hand-made products of this kind under distribution services agreements.

French company providing instore music management seeks partners under distribution service agreements

A French company, providing a remote music programming device for public and private spaces, is looking for distributors in Austria, Belgium, Germany, the Netherlands, Luxembourg, Ireland, the United Kingdom and Switzerland. The product (digital and connected jukebox) allows the broadcast and remote control of in store musical ambiance, and offers a wide variety of playlists to ensure the coherence between instore ambiance and the brand.

German start-up is looking for partners and investors to further develop novel active, electrically sterilisable air filters for health protection

German start-up, with expertise in the production and functionalisation of graphene and its processing into various formulations, is looking for investors and operators of large public facilities. They offer novel active air filters with smart components for stationary and/or mobile applications. Long-term cooperation could take place in terms of financial or joint venture agreements.

Israeli developer of safety system for two-wheelers that uses proprietary sensors, AI and spatial audio synthesis to help users to perceive safety threats is looking for joint venture agreement

An Israeli company has developed innovative safety systems for powered two-wheelers that can be mounted on any helmet. The system uses proprietary sensors, AI and spatial audio synthesis to detect safety threats around the user and provides the user with a natural representation of the threats which includes the distance, angle and speed of the oncoming threat. The company seeks partners under joint venture agreement and distribution serviced agreement.

Twist gain-of-function and loss-of-function cell models

An Italian research group has engineered tumor protein (p53) wild-type cell models for Twist expression control to be used for inhibitors Mouse double minute 2 homolog (MDM2). They are looking for licence agreement and commercial agreement with technical assistance.

A Korean company seeks global distributors or manufacturers for a low-temperature gas plasma sterilizer and plasma surface treatment solution with an innovative plasma technology

A manufacturing Korean company with expertise in producing low temperature gas plasma sterilizers and plasma surface treatment solutions is looking for global distributor specialized in medical equipment for product sales as well as ODM or OEM business under licence agreement or manufacturing agreement. Target markets would be hospitals, clinics, and Li-ion battery manufacturers etc where strict management of sterilization is the top priority.

A Turkish medical devices manufacturer is looking for partners under distribution service agreements

A Turkish medical devices manufacturing company exports hospital beds, patient room accessories, pediatric beds, delivery beds and gynecology tables. It is looking for partners under a distribution service agreement.

A Turkish company which is working on machine, automation and industrial robotics is looking for manufacturing agreements

The Turkish company was established in 2013 and is producing machines and automation parts for different sectors. Beside all of this, the company is also working for industrial solutions as customers' need. The company is looking for manufacturing, subcontracting and outsourcing agreements.

Turkish tech-company offers artificial-intelligence (AI) based cognitive abilities and skills development training system under a commercial agency agreement

A Turkish software development company located in Ankara has created an online cognitive abilities and skills development training platform which automatically customizes the content and methodology of the training for each child through innovative artificial intelligence (AI) techniques. Partners are sought for a commercial agency agreement.

Clinics or clinical associations sought to provide electrotherapy treatments for haemorrhoids

A UK company has developed a novel method of treating haemorrhoids (piles) and is seeking medical clinics to adopt the procedure and receive training. They are seeking either individual clinics or associations of clinics across Europe to use the electrotherapy device for the safe treatment of piles. The procedure has been approved for the UK and is CE compliant. They are seeking clinics with experience in colorectal procedures via licensing or commercial agreements with technical assistance.

Seeking licensees for novel patent-pending materials process for the manufacture of highly protective bags in sports, logistics or military applications

A UK company has designed a patent-pending combination of materials and process techniques for manufacturing highly protective bags for uses including sports, logistics and military that consumers have tested very positively in prototype. They are seeking licensing agreements of their materials tech with either textile manufacturers wishing to make bags for their own customers or for specialist bag designers, introductions can be made to appropriate manufacturers..

Artificial intelligence technology software solutions for cellular pathology, haematological malignancy and cancer information reporting is offered to public and private healthcare organizations.

A UK based SME develops multiple solutions in the field of software engineering, data analysis, interfacing and information management to create high quality, cost effective solutions for healthcare. Using artificial intelligence and deep learning, their flexible AI platform is able to provide bespoke solutions to the needs of the healthcare sector. The company is seeking cooperation by licensing and commercial agreement with technical assistance.

UK engineering design company offers subcontracting services to the offshore renewable sector

A UK company offering innovative engineering design and product development services is looking for partners in the offshore renewable sector on a subcontracting basis.

An Ukrainian company operating in the construction industry offers roofing materials under distribution services agreement

The Ukrainian company specializes in manufacturing of black sheathing felt - rolled bitum materials on carton base with protective layer of gross-grained granite roofing sand. They are interested in establishing a long-term cooperation in the form of distribution services agreement with companies from construction sector, building stores and distributors.

Immunotherapeutic modulation of immune responses in transplantation and cancer research through co-signalling blockade

A Spanish research group of immunobiology offers new approaches for treating immune-related diseases such as graft rejection and cancer. The innovation is based on the use of biologics targeting precise co-signal pathways, that is, co-inhibitory and costimulatory pathways to modulate immune responses. The research group is searching for research collaborators within the academic environment or pharmaceutical companies willing to collaborate in their development and clinical use.

Plasma swing - Mechanically self-adjusting plasma tool

Slovenian researchers developed a simple and reliable application for cold atmospheric plasmas, which enables surface treatments of almost all conventional materials, including metals, ceramics, glass, polymer and bio-based materials. Researchers are searching partners active on the field of industrial and household equipment for cleaning or pretreatment of surfaces in various applications to sign license agreement and or research cooperation agreement in EU and beyond.

Leading companies seek proposals for innovation challenge (Aviation, Maritime, Land Mobility, Logistics and Trade)

Industry leading companies based in Singapore are interested to partner providers with relevant technologies to co-innovate in a wide variety of solutions within the categories of aviation, maritime, land mobility, logistics and trade. The MNEs are interested in research, technical cooperation or commercial agreements with technical assistance with startups and SMEs. Deadline of the call: 15 Sep 2020

Singapore manufacturer of healthy snacks seeking European partners via distribution service agreement

Established in 1999, the company is dedicated to producing authentic, premium ready-to-eat nuts for consumption with no monosodium glutamate (MSG), preservatives, and artificial flavoring. The products from the company are made in Singapore. The company is looking for like-minded business partners to introduce the company's snacks to Europe. The company is looking for European partners via distribution services agreement.

Singapore manufacturer of food and beverages seeking European partners via distribution service agreement

The Singapore company, which was established in 1992, is a company that manufactures many kinds of food and beverages that can be found in supermarkets/hypermarkets. The company is looking for European partners via a distribution service agreement.


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