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Issue 528 - 25th Jan 2021
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Fully Funded Level 2 & Level 4 Social Media courses for businesses with under 250 employees & Social Enterprises.
Registration required: CLICK HERE
£20million will be available for the Limited Company Directors Support Scheme (LCDSS). The scheme will open for applications at 6pm on Thursday 21 January. 

The scheme will be delivered by Invest Northern Ireland on behalf of the Department for the Economy.

A £1,000 grant will be paid to eligible limited company directors. At scheme closure, any underspend will be distributed equally amongst approved applicants in the form of a top-up grant, up to a maximum of £3,500.

More information and eligibility criteria for the scheme are available at
Exploring Enterprise Programme  
This is a free programme that helps you take the first steps to gaining employment or exploring your business idea.
You will achieve an accredited qualification within the programme. This will improve your CV and help break down barriers  to self-employment or employment.
Eligibility: You must be either unemployed or working/ in education less than  16hrs a week. You must be 16 or over.

The Exploring Enterprise Programme will help you:
•    Gain a QCF Understanding Business Enterprise qualification
•    Improve your skills for business or employment
•   Meet new people
•   Get back on track

If you are interested in taking part in the Exploring Enterprise Programme, please contact Kirsty Watson on 028 38396520 or 
How secure is your business against cyber crime?                                                             
Cyber crime costs the Northern Ireland economy millions of pounds annually, with affected businesses experiencing problems like prolonged down time, loss of earnings, data loss or leaks, or loss of intellectual property.
Cyber criminals can target any business – regardless of size, sector or location – but there are ways to help defend against serious damage.
Implementing cyber security measures will help protect your valuables in the ‘cyber’ world from digital attacks – including your physical devices like desktop computers and mobile devices that are connected to the Internet, and the files, data, images or financial information stored on them.
About the NI Cyber Security Centre
The NI Cyber Security Centre works to make Northern Ireland cyber safe, secure and resilient for its citizens and businesses. We work with public, private, and third sector organisations and citizens to improve their ability to defend against cyber attacks, increase their knowledge of cyber threats, and become more cyber resilient.

Find out about other cyber threats and how you can protect your business, with advice and guidance from the NI Cyber Security Centre.
Covid Restrictions Business Support Scheme Parts A & B have reopened
Support | Applications for the Covid Restrictions Business Support Scheme Parts A & B have reopened. The scheme is targeted at businesses, and those in their supply chain, required to close/cease trading due to recent health regulations.

This webinar will discuss and review the difference between marketing and commercial marketing. It will explore:
  • Looking beyond marketing vanity metrics
  • It’s not what you know, it’s what you can prove concept
  • Marketing versus commercial marketing
  • Commercial marketing measurement & techniques
Can your business afford to be investing in marketing that does have a commercial orientation and/or has little to no clear commercial measurement framework?

Friday 29th January at 9.30am

Click here to register for the Webinar
The Open University has partnered with Invest Northern Ireland to provide local businesses with online training and learning resources to support upskilling in industry.

The courses provide access to best practice learning across three core themes:
  • Leadership and management.
  • Entrepreneurship development.
  • Digital skills.
The courses are free, and access is unlimited for all businesses and their employees. For more information go to:
Breaking the infection cycle… Re Covid -19 disinfection 30-day treatment.

We are specialising in high level disinfection of buildings. The system is micro particle fogging, a very fine mist applied in a dry state. Safe with computers, paper and electronics. Safe and nontoxic in kitchens and dining areas. We are supported with COSHH and laboratory performance data for the products and procedures used.

During the application we open commonly used items that are easily accessible like fridges, microwaves, key & broom cupboards to expose Covid to the disinfection. Some dust disruption will be caused by the power of the fogging. We use two machines, a revolving standing unit and a mobile unit to ensure complete access and speed of application. This strategy ensures a comprehensive aerosol coverage and miniscule detail coverage. With 2 units working simultaneously we can cover the area of a tennis court in an hour, it typically takes between 1 to 3 hours to complete a treatment. If well ventilated the building can be re-entered in 1 hour. Charged at £100 (plus VAT) per hour per unit working inclusive of materials and 7 days a week call out. To put it in perspective traditional hand cleaning would take 10 times longer and is still not as comprehensive.

The product we use (Sterizar) will kill Covid 19 immediately on contact and will continue to work on non-porous surfaces for up to 30 days. After our treatment normal Covid precautions and cleaning routines need to be observed as friction and handling will wipe off the treatment.
We are currently treating actual instances of Covid and doing preventive treatments in schools, doctor’s surgeries, banks, gyms, laboratories, offices, places of worship, farms, pubs and hotels.
To help break the chain of infection we are offering high level disinfection to small shops and barber shops for as little as £20 for a room. mob O7795242173

Act now - advice and support worth £2000/€2250

Are you a business looking to navigate your way through Brexit and are unsure what to do next? InterTradeIreland offers 100% financial support up to £2000/€2250 (inclusive of VAT) towards professional advice in relation to Brexit matters. This support can help your business get advice on specific issues such as movement of labour, goods, services and currency management.

Are you eligible?

To qualify for financial support your business must:
  • Be located on the island of Ireland (North or South)
  • Trade across the border (NI/ROI)
  • Employ less than 250 employees
  • Have an annual turnover of less than €50m (sterling equivalent)
  • Have a satisfactory trading history (we reserve the rights to request submission of financial accounts)
Note: There are certain exclusions in line with specific State Aid guidelines, such as primary agriculture – please contact the Brexit Team at InterTradeIreland for further information.
The Voucher is provided under the European Commission Regulation on De Minimis Aid as stated in the documentation for the Brexit Start to Plan. The business must provide InterTradeIreland with details of all other De Minimis aid which has been granted to the business within the past three years. It should be noted that a false declaration by a business resulting in the threshold of €200,000 being exceeded could later give rise to the aid being recovered with interest.

For more information and to apply CLICK HERE
For Northern Ireland specific contracts, there are a number of sources of information specifically for contracts within Northern Ireland. The Central Procurement Directorate (CPD) handles contracts for a number of government departments.

183315 - FCC/372/20 - Training Services for Local Enterprise Offices - LEAN Business Programme Dublin
Publication date:  22-01-2021
Response deadline:  22-02-2021 12:00   Irish time
Procedure: 2. Open Procedure (OJEU)
Description: Multi-Party Framework agreement relating to the training needs of a LEAN Business Programme for the Dublin Councils (Dublin Local Enterprise Offices) - Fingal County Council, Dublin City Council, Dun Laoghaire-Rathdown County Council & South Dublin County Council
Buyer: Fingal County Council

183434 - BWC & DEMS January 21 - Inland Fisheries Ireland requires the supply of Body Worn Cameras & Digital Evidence Management System.
Publication date:  22-01-2021
Response deadline:  26-02-2021 17:00   Irish time
Procedure: 1. Open Procedure (NON OJEU)
Description: Inland Fisheries Ireland requires the supply of Body Worn Cameras & Digital Evidence Management System.
Buyer: Inland Fisheries Ireland

183287 - MK/PCEDJBV/01/21 - Promotion Campaign for European Dairy in Japan, Malaysia, Vietnam, Thailand and the Philippines
Publication date:  22-01-2021
Response deadline:  22-02-2021 14:00   Irish time
Procedure: Open Procedure (OJEU) post PIN
Description: Design and Implementation of an Information & Promotion Campaign for European Dairy in Japan, Malaysia, Vietnam, Thailand and the Philippines
Buyer: Bord Bia (Irish Food Board)

183140 - - Public Relations Services
Publication date:  21-01-2021
Response deadline:  22-02-2021 12:00   Irish time
Procedure: Restricted Procedure (OJEU)
Description: Safefood proposes to engage in a competitive process for the establishment of two single-party Framework Agreements as follows: Lot 1: Single-party Framework Agreement for the provision of Public Relations Services for the Republic of Ireland (ROI) Lot 2: Single-party Framework Agreement for the provision of Public Relations Services for Northern Ireland (NI) Interested parties may apply for one or both lots. If applying for both lots, please provide a separate PQQ document for each lot. The Public Relations services will include integrated communications planning; issue management; stakeholder relations; media relations; media briefing advice; on-going Public Relations support.
Buyer: Safefood

183290 - - Feasibility Study & Route Options Assessment - Greenway from Athenry to Milltown, Co. Galway
Publication date:  21-01-2021
Response deadline:  25-02-2021 12:00   Irish time
Procedure: 1. Open Procedure (NON OJEU)
Description: To conduct a Feasibility Study & Route Options Assessment for Greenway from Athenry to Milltown Greenway, Co. Galway
Buyer: Galway County Council

Austrian consortium looking for partners to develop a medical sensor shirt to monitor patient's health indicators.

A consortium of Austrian research institutions with extensive knowledge in the development of textile sensors, the research of stroke medicine and close connections to clinics is looking for partners to collaborate under a technical agreement. With this know-how, the consortium is developing a wearable device as a medical device (“sensor shirt”). This item will have the ability to monitor a variety of indicators for key bodily functions for the care of aged individuals and medical patients

Bulgarian producer of shoes parts is looking for manufacturing agreements.

This Bulgarian producer of different parts of the shoe - shafts, quarters, tongues, eyelets, throats, laces, vamps, throat lines wants to expand its production activities and to enter new markets. The company is looking for a manufacturing agreements with similar companies from across European Union for concluding of manufacturing agreements.

A Bulgarian company offers a wide range of polyamide socks, tights, knee highs, stockings and other similar products under distribution services agreement.

A Bulgarian company producing polyamide socks, stockings and similar products offers them under distribution services agreement. It’s also possible to conclude manufacturing agreement for their production under private label.

Bulgarian metalworking company offers subcontracting service agreements

Bulgarian company engaged in stockholding and distribution of steel materials, as well as in supporting metal processing services and fabrication of metal structures, is experienced in guillotine, bandsaw, oxy-fuel and waterjet cutting, along with welding, bending and painting services. The company is interested in opportunities to work as a subcontractor under subcontracting service agreements.

? Bulgarian company specialized in the production of pasta from chickpea, green lentil and cranberry beans is looking for distributors and commercial agents

This Bulgarian company is newly-established company that is specialized in the production of legumes pasta. The pasta is rigatoni and it is made of chickpea, green lentil and cranberry beans. The company is looking for distributors and agents.

A Bulgarian company specializes in the manufacturing of thermal insulation products is looking for distributors

The company from south-eastern Bulgaria with over 20 years experience as manufacturer and distributor of its products for thermal insulation, is interested to cooperate with foreign partners to expand on new markets, under distribution services agreement.

Sensor platform for comprehensive evaluation of indoor environment quality offered for licensing or on the basis of commercial agreement with technical assistance

Czech R&D Institution has developed a sensor platform for comprehensive evaluation of indoor environment quality for usage in buildings there the risk of exceeding CO2 concentrations can be expected - e.g. public buildings, schools etc. Technology is offered to companies involved in the installation of monitoring and control systems on the basis of license agreement or on the basis of commercial agreement with technical assistance for restricted countries in Central Europe region.

French company is looking for a commercial agreement with technical assistance for its innovative quick changer filter mechanized system.

A French SME based in the south of France has developed a mechanized system to replace filters in few seconds which can be used on piping fluids transportation (gas, liquids). The company is now looking for a partner with a good knowledge of end-user applications and processes in order to adapt the solution to the specifications of the filter's market.

A French company is looking for an European manufacturer to produce veterinary drugs in tablets

A French pharmaceutical company is specialized in veterinary medicines. For one of its veterinary drugs, the company is looking for a manufacturer - Contract Manufacturing Organisation (CMO) - to produce tablets. The partner sought must have a veterinary grade and be able to manufacture in a GMP (good manufacturing practices) unit for solid form. A manufacturing agreement is sought.

Innovative manufacturing process for oxygenators of different volumes

A German university developed a novel production process of extracorporeal oxygenators. It enables the production of oxygenators with different volumes with the same housing, the same core and the same fiber mats. The university offers a cooperation under license agreement and a technical cooperation to industrial partners from the medical sector.

Irish provider of international education consultancy offers services through subcontracting agreement to investors wishing to establish, acquire or manage an international school or set up an online international educational service

Irish based company offers services through subcontracting agreement for specialised international education consultancy which support the successful establishment and sustainable growth of new international schools. This company conducts in-depth feasibility studies to inform key start-up decisions and has the capacity to support the implementation of a new school project once a decision has been made to proceed. This company is able to provide a comprehensive range of project support services.

A Polish manufacturer of heat exchanger is looking for suppliers of the components to work under supplier agreement.

The Polish company with experience in manufacturing heat exchangers is looking for suppliers of the components to work under supplier agreement. The potential business partner should manufacture and deliver steel structures (mainly supporting), long and bent elements and rolled sheets as fan housing.

Portuguese producer of Azorean food products is looking for distributors

Portuguese producer of pumpkins, honey, safflower, different types of chili pepper and lupins is looking for distributors (preferably wholesalers).

A national research institute in Korea is looking for global partners in a point-of-care (PCO) to measure mental stress by simple sampling of saliva under technology cooperation and others

The capillary biochip developed in the Biotech division in a national research institute in Korea, can detect stress related biomolecules in saliva, facilitating facile measure of the mental stress state of a person. The detection is carried out within a matter of a few minutes using very small amount of saliva (5µL). Moreover, with advantage over the conventional ELISA (Enzyme-Linked Immunosorbent Assay) used in clinical environment, the capillary biochip can provide faster and better result

Development of a completely natural yeast immobilization technology for alcoholic beverages and biofuels

A Spanish research group working on viticulture and oenology, discovered and researches on yeast biocapsules, a yeast immobilization technology for the process of fermented products such as alcoholic beverages and biofuels. Researchers are searching for collaboration with any type of company working on the biofuel or alcoholic drinks sector throughout financial or license agreements.

Corporate travel management and sales platform

A Spanish SME,active in the area of solutions for tourism, has developed a platform (web and app) for the management and sale of travel reservations for companies, previously filtered by the internal policies of each company.The travelers will be able to book any type of lodging or transport following and fulfilling the internal policies of the company. They seek partnering with companies that manage their own corporate travels for testing or commercial agreements with technical assistance,

Novel miRNA libraries preparation method for massive sequencing using nanotechnology

A Spanish university has developed a new library manufacturing method for analyzing miRNAs with massively parallel sequencing (miRNA-seq). The method uses nanotechnology that avoids the ligation reaction during the library preparation, a common step in this process and the main source of bias. The university is looking for partners from the pharmaceutical or biotechnology industry interested in licensing this patented technology.

New biomaterial for bone tissue regeneration

Researchers from a Spanish University have developed a new biomaterial for bone lesions treatment based on sea cucumbers and an in vitro method of preparing it. It is highly biocompatible and exhibits in vivo functionality with potentially better results in terms of bone regeneration and repair than other currently available materials. The university is looking for partners from the pharma / health industry interested in licensing this patented technology.

Ukrainian high-quality textile products sewing company is offering its services and is looking for partners abroad to work under manufacturing or subcontracting agreement

A Ukrainian company focused on high-quality textile products is looking for partners from Europe, in the form of manufacturing agreement or subcontracting. The company is looking to provide ?utting, sewing, making and packing services; they produce fashion clothes for men, women and children, work clothes, protective clothes for healthcare workers. The company manufactures complete products or partial products, depending on client needs.

Natural scalp scrub manufacturer from Ukraine is looking for agents and distributors

A Ukrainian company produces 100% natural scalp scrub in the Carpathian mountains region. The company seeks international partners in order to conclude distribution services and/or commercial agency agreements for their products.

UK SME and developer of unique power sensors for data centres and smart cities/buildings is seeking distributors

UK SME are a leading supplier of environmental monitoring and power monitoring equipment for IT, retail, domestic and financial sectors. The company has developed new power sensors which solves the problem of not being able to monitor single phase, 2 or 3-core cables, which means it is now possible to monitor 'dumb' power distribution units (PDUs) or hard-wired cables. The company seeks distributors to collaborate in an unexploited but fast-growing market.


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