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If you’re a golfer or a grammar enthusiast or – God forbid – both, you may have noticed over the years that the town of St Andrews in Scotland does not have an apostrophe. This is because, being ancient, it predates the introduction of apostrophes into English (via French) in the 16th century. The town’s university, founded in 1413, is similarly unpunctuated.

This had somehow escaped my notice until Monday last when, it being St Andrew’s Day, I found myself reading up on the subject. That in turn led me to discussions on the use and misuse of possessive apostrophes generally. And among other things there, I discovered that even the US Supreme Court has been divided on this issue.

The dispute emerged a few years ago when a retiring official of that court, whose job had included checking judgments for typos, errors, and non-standard usages, revealed how only five of the nine justices agreed with an in-house rule that, in possessive forms, a singular word ending in s (eg “Congress”) needed only an apostrophe at the end, not an ’s.

The four dissenting judges at the time insisted on adding the s after the apostrophe. And they were right – but we’ll come back to that
First, we need to pause and marvel at another thing I noticed while reading about this, in a story on a website called
It referred to a case involving the state of Kansas, wherein the matter had also arisen, and it noted that the ruling had attracted academic interest this side of the Atlantic, in the aforementioned university. The piece was headlined – wait for it – “In the Land of Guinness”. And it began: “Showing that Ireland is famous for more than beer, the students at the University of St Andrews took up the great ‘apostrophe’ debate at St Regulus Hall . . .”

Wow, as they say in America. Perhaps that was intended as a satire on the extent to which Guinness is the only thing Ireland is well-known for abroad. But then, thanks to St Andrews, Scotland is also world famous (or thought it was) as the home of golf. So maybe the marketeers of Scottish tourism should be worried too. Either way, it puts the misuse of apostrophes into perspective.

It must be partly because I live in the Land of Guinness – and not just in the broader, sea-straddling, Hiberno-Scottish empire sense of the term, as understood by some US lawyers, but in the localised sense of Dublin 8, where the brewery is – that I am a stickler for using the ’s in the possessive forms of singular words ending in s, something more and more people seem reluctant to do.

Aside from having Fowler’s Dictionary of English Usage in my corner on this question, my argument is this –that where you pronounce the extra s, you should write it. And as any Dubliner knows, we say pronounced “Guinness’s (with three syllables) Brewery”, which is on “St James’s Street”, at “St James’s Gate”, and so on.
Yes, the brewery is also near “Thomas Street”, but that’s all right because the name is adjectival there, so neither the extra s nor the apostrophe is required. Whereas the tendency these days is for people to drop the s while leaving the apostrophe, an abomination that annoys me beyond reason. When Boris Johnson was treated for Covid-19 this year and we had to watch nightly news reports from something called “St Thomas’ Hospital”, I swear, it made me ill too.
It seems ironic that the man who invented the apostrophe was named Geoffroy Tory.   And those who have since regretted his innovation included a hater of Tories in general, George Bernard Shaw. Shaw loathed apostrophes, possessive and otherwise. Because of their shape, he considered them language-infecting “bacilli”. Perhaps he had a point.

Someone who might agree is the comedian Kevin Gildea, who must also to be a spiritual graduate of the University of St Andrews. Earlier this autumn, he opened a new bookstore (itself a brave thing to do) in Dún Laoghaire. In the process, he faced down pedants – including, presumably, some of his customers – by naming it “Kevin Gildeas Brilliant Bookshop”, minus the apostrophe, a stance he defended stoutly on social media.

The shop reopened last Tuesday after the latest lockdown, but I see on Kevin’s Twitter account it had to shut again on Wednesday after a mishap. As he describes the current situation himself in a window sign: “Shop closed temporarily due to ceiling falling in”. There is no suggestion, I hasten to add, that this had anything to do with the missing apostrophe. In any case, I hope it will be open again soon.

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181348 - SSCON5150 - Brand Design Services
Publication date:  06-12-2020
Response deadline:  12-01-2021 12:00   Irish time
Procedure: OJEU Notice / PQQ
Description: The Brand Design Agency will be required to give guidance to each of the Business areas with respect to their interpretation of the visualisation of the brand. They will also be required to provide brand support as we enter new markets, new trade agreements, partnerships and joint ventures. In these scenarios, they will be required to provide ESB with the creative tools and guidance to protect our brand and brand identity.
Buyer: Electricity Supply Board ( ESB )
181546 - LLEO_EVENTS - LEO Events, Network and Student Enterprise Programme Coordination and Marketing
Publication date:  09-12-2020
Response deadline:  07-01-2021 12:00   Irish time
Procedure: 1. Open Procedure (NON OJEU)
Description: Leitrim Local Enterprise Office wish to contract for the following services: Delivery of Event and Network Marketing and Coordination Services for the following programmes: Leitrim Business Network Student Enterprise Programmes at Second Level Student Enterprise Programmes at Primary Level Leitrim Local Enterprise Office Events (12 events in calendar year)
Buyer: Leitrim County Council

181348 - SSCON5150 - Brand Design Services
Publication date:  06-12-2020
Response deadline:  12-01-2021 12:00   Irish time
Procedure: OJEU Notice / PQQ
Description: The Brand Design Agency will be required to give guidance to each of the Business areas with respect to their interpretation of the visualisation of the brand. They will also be required to provide brand support as we enter new markets, new trade agreements, partnerships and joint ventures. In these scenarios, they will be required to provide ESB with the creative tools and guidance to protect our brand and brand identity.
Buyer: Electricity Supply Board ( ESB )

Belfast City Council logo
T1983 Framework Agreement for the delivery of various employment academies (this is a condensed version of the OJEU Notice sent on 24 November 2020) 12 noon on Friday 8 January 2021
T2124 Provision for the implementation and delivery of West Belfast District Policing and Community Safety Partnership’s Community Safety Initiative 12 noon on Monday 4 January 2021
T2054 Tender for the supply, fitting and maintenance of fire extinguishers 12 noon on Monday 11 January 2021

A Moldavian company producing frozen bakery products and sweet pastry is looking for partners to work under a distribution service agreement.

The Moldavian company produces premium frozen bakery and sweet pastry. Products require minimal heat treatment after thawing. This makes them convenient for both home use and public catering. Bakery products are bread and baguettes made according to French and Italian recipes. Pastry products are authentic Moldavian baked goods with sweet and non-sweet filling.

A Turkish company specialized in cranes looks for distributors and commercial agents.

A Turkish company specialized in steel construction and cranes has been producing big cranes, portal cranes, crawler cranes, jib cranes, purpose-made cranes and specially designed cranes. The company looks for distributors and commercial agents under distribution services agreement and commercial agency agreement in order to increase its market share.

A Turkish company specialized in manufacturing fire fighting equipment and energy efficiency products are looking for distributors.

The Turkish company is specialized in manufacturing fire fighting equipment such as cabinets, fire extinguishers, and its accessories. The company also manufactures valves insulation jackets which increase energy efficiency. The company is looking for distributors.

Turkish company offers a patented unmanned wingless aircraft, designed with a new hybrid technology for hours long flight time and heavy load capacity

The Turkish company offers a patented wingless aircraft design. It is designed to fly for an extended time period, to carry heavy-weight loads, to depart from and land to confined spaces even in difficult weather conditions. The company is looking for investors or industrial partners through financial, joint venture and technical cooperation agreement.

Turkish SME supported with SME Phase I award is looking for a Biotech company and a University research group for joint Eurostars grant application

A biopharmaceutical SME from Turkey is developing a Eurostars proposal to profile MEIS oncogene in patient derived tumor organoids and xenografts models and outline the potential of the first-in-class MEIS inhibitors. Partners sought: A company and a university research group with expertise in ex vivo cancer PDX models, organoids, in vivo efficacy in animal models and diagnostic development are sought.

Turkish manufacturer of honey products seeks distributers, wholesalers and trade intermediaries

The Turkish company is expert in packaging and exporting apiculture (honey) products in different varieties and weights of glass jars and plastic packages. The company offers different types of bee honey such as pine honey, multi flora honey and chestnut honey with its own brand as well as for private labels of business partners. The company is looking for distributors, wholesalers and trade intermediaries from all countries.

A blockchain-based system for registered electronic delivery of data offered for licensing

A Spanish research team specialized in the development of e-commerce protocols, has developed a novel blockchain-based technology to provide multiparty certified electronic delivery of data. It eliminates the involvement of Trusted Third Parties (TTP), usually an obstacle to extend those types of protocols, and guarantees compliance with the current European regulation. A company willing to implement the technology through a license agreement is being sought.

A Ukrainian manufacturer of glass bottles and decanters is looking for manufacturing agreements

The Ukrainian glass producer specialized in handcrafted, custom-made wine-decanters, gin/whisky bottles and beer glasses is seeking manufacturing agreements. They are very interested in manufacturing for companies that are processing beverages or are selling bottle figurines for special occasions, such as wine-tastings or birthdays.

A Ukrainian manufacturer of inflatable kayaks, catarafts and stand up paddle boards is looking for European partner under distribution services agreement

A Ukrainian company specialized in manufacturing leisure sports equipment such as inflatable kayaks, inflatable catarafts (catamarans), and inflatable SUP (stand up paddle board) is looking for distribution channels, wholesale traders/wholesalers and rental organizations of water sports equipment. Targeted type of cooperation is a distribution service agreement. The company has 19 years experience in designing, developing and manufacturing inflatable and frame kayaks and catamarans.

A Ukrainian SME offers an odor remover under distribution services agreement

A Ukrainian company specialized in manufacturing of odor remover after animals, wants to expand its customer's portofolio. The company is looking for partnership with distributors of pet care products for the supply of its product. It is interested by distribution services agreements.

Ukrainian producer of cosmetic products and sanitizers is looking for distributors and commercial agents

The Ukrainian company is a manufacturer of registered and certified cosmetics products such as shampoos, balms, lotions, sanitizers. The company has done its own research and development and is producing unique products, such as antibacterial hand sanitizer. Ukrainian producer can make a customized sanitizer according to customers' request. The company is offering a distribution agreement and commercial agreement.

UK SME seeks distributors for high speed inspection system for pharmaceutical, food and beverage sectors

This UK SME solves complex industrial problems using the latest computer vision technology and machine learning techniques. They have developed an online induction seal system for retrofit onto existing bottle packaging lines. They are seeking distributors in the pharmaceutical and food and beverage sectors.

UK company specialised in hempcrete technology is looking for distributors and construction companies involved in eco-building.

This UK company is offering a new modern eco-material which can be used in the construction of eco buildings. Hempcrete panels are made from hemp, lime, water and wood and other eco building materials, and offer a sustainable alternative in energy efficient construction projects. The company is looking for distribution or commercial agency agreements.

UK producer of massage wax products using natural ingredients seeks distribution partners

A UK company manufacturing under its own brand a range of massage waxes and balms using 100% natural ingredients and recyclable packaging. The company wants to increase sales into the European market and are looking for distribution partners with opportunities in the sports and remedial, physiotherapy, osteopathy, massage, and reflexology markets with a view to establishing long term relationships and a regular supply of their products.

Seeking private or academic proposals for sustainability open innovation challenge

Singapore industry leading companies are interested in findind provider partners with relevant technologies to co-innovate in solutions for key sustainability areas such as waste reduction, green transport, green packaging, renewable energy and resource efficiency. The MNEs are interested in research cooperation agreements, technical cooperation agreements or commercial agreements with technical assistance with startups, SMEs or research institutes. Deadline of the call: 19 Feb 2021

Slovak research institute has developed a new way of carcinogenic acrylamide prevention.

A new method on how to prevent non-desirable, potentially carcinogenic, acrylamide from forming in extruded and puffed cereal products has been developed for the food industry by a Slovakian research team. The institute is looking to license the method to producers and processors of acrylamide-affected foods.

Spanish biotech looking for partners to carry out preclinical development and manufacturing/formulation studies of a live biotherapeutic product for respiratory diseases (next EUROSTARS call)

Spanish biotech developing novel recombinant live biotherapeutic products for respiratory diseases is looking for SMEs with expertise in developing animal models for safety and efficacy tests, and also in the field of health treatment formulation and delivery processes to carry out the preclinical development and manufacturing/formulation studies. The company wants to submit the project to the next Eurostars call once it is published.

Platform to measure the health and biological activity (functionality) of soil

A Spanish biotech startup performing biological functional soil analysis has developed a platform able to provide a functional interpretation of soil by using soil microbiome as a biomarker in order to benefit crops and measure the effects of agricultural inputs on soil. The team has expertise in digitalization, DNA sequencing, machine learning, bioinformatics and ecological computing. They seek partners to develop/use this platform under commercial, license or research cooperation agreements.

Remote and contactless tool for monitoring or surveillance of both fresh/fluvial and marine water parameters

A Spanish deep tech start-up based at the intersection of disciplines biology, AI and IoT, aims to help water pollution managers by bringing to the market one scalable and cost-effective technology of remote water monitoring and take care of watery ecosystems sustainability. The SME is seeking technical cooperation or research cooperation agreements and joint venture agreements with SMEs or R&D institutions in fields of wastewater treatment, water surveillance, environment or earth observation.

A Dutch company is looking for commercial partners in Europe for their air sterilization systems against COVID-19.

A company with a location in the Netherlands, other European countries and the US, is looking for commercial partners in Europe for selling their air sterilization systems against COVID-19. The systems can be used in professional and residential areas to avoid infectious diseases caused by viruses, bacteria or moulds transmitted through the air. The company aims at a commercial agency agreement or a distribution services agreement.

Polish manufacturer of herbal mixtures is looking for partners under a distribution services agreement

Polish company specializing in production of natural herbal mixtures, offering ready-made and customized products is looking for business partners to expand their sales channels to other countries under a distribution services agreement.
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