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Issue 531 - 15th Feb 2021
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At this Webinar Cathal & Kieran will discuss:
  • How to use Art Beamer as a sales tool for selling arts and crafts
  • How to set and use the FYUSE application for sales
  • How to establish your own Virtual Reality Art Gallery
Friday 26th February at 9.30am

Click here to register for the Webinar

16 Feb 2021    10am – 11.15am    Top Tips to Pivot in retail    
The Retail Advisor, Melissa Moore    

It’s a tough time to be a retailer. Join this webinar for hacks on what retailers can do to stay smart in 2021. We're delighted to welcome The Retail Advisor, Melissa Moore to co-host this webinar, addressing the following themes:
•    Your ideal customer, how they have changed and the impact on your business.
•    The entire customer journey, making the experience easy and exciting.
•    Communication and engagement across all channels.
•    Selling tips and ideas to help you smash your sales in 2021
Melissa has worked across Ireland and the UK with well-known high street brands, supermarket chains, credit unions, community groups and the hospitality sector.

Armagh City Banbridge and Craigavon Borough Council


This new programme of support will launch in mid-February and is designed to help you grow your business through a number of elements: 
•    Young Entrepreneurs Support
•    Early Export Support / First Steps to Exporting
•    Digital Transformation Action Plans for traditional businesses
•    Support for Digi-Tech firms
•    Social Enterprise Support
Target Audience 
Eligible businesses should be based in the Borough, employ less than 50 people and not be an Invest NI client company.
To register your interest and receive more information please email:

BT and Digital Boost launch free mentoring programme for small businesses in Northern Ireland

BT has launched a new mentoring programme to support small businesses in Northern Ireland during the pandemic, in partnership with Digital Boost, a free non-profit platform which unites digital experts with leaders of small businesses.  The new mentoring programme forms part of BT’s Small Business Support Scheme to assist small business during the pandemic and beyond by boosting their connectivity, cashflow and confidence

Small businesses interested in mentoring support can book a free one-to-one coaching session now by visiting:
SRC: Ready to Work Programme

Have you been impacted by Covid-19 and would like to gain new qualifications?
Southern Regional College are currently recruiting participants for a free 3 week Ready to Work Programme funded by the Department for the Economy. 
Participants will have the opportunity to gain recognised qualifications in IT & Leadership and Team Skills along with undertaking Job Search and Interview Preparation.

For more information CLICK HERE
InterTradeIreland Venture Capital Virtual Conference 2021
What can we do to increase availability of Seed Capital for start-ups on the island of Ireland?
Thursday 4th March 2021
9am – 1.15pm
Online : Free of Charge


For event queries, please email:
Breaking the infection cycle… Re Covid -19 disinfection 30-day treatment.

We are specialising in high level disinfection of buildings. The system is micro particle fogging, a very fine mist applied in a dry state. Safe with computers, paper and electronics. Safe and nontoxic in kitchens and dining areas. We are supported with COSHH and laboratory performance data for the products and procedures used.

During the application we open commonly used items that are easily accessible like fridges, microwaves, key & broom cupboards to expose Covid to the disinfection. Some dust disruption will be caused by the power of the fogging. We use two machines, a revolving standing unit and a mobile unit to ensure complete access and speed of application. This strategy ensures a comprehensive aerosol coverage and miniscule detail coverage. With 2 units working simultaneously we can cover the area of a tennis court in an hour, it typically takes between 1 to 3 hours to complete a treatment. If well ventilated the building can be re-entered in 1 hour. Charged at £100 (plus VAT) per hour per unit working inclusive of materials and 7 days a week call out. To put it in perspective traditional hand cleaning would take 10 times longer and is still not as comprehensive.

The product we use (Sterizar) will kill Covid 19 immediately on contact and will continue to work on non-porous surfaces for up to 30 days. After our treatment normal Covid precautions and cleaning routines need to be observed as friction and handling will wipe off the treatment.
We are currently treating actual instances of Covid and doing preventive treatments in schools, doctor’s surgeries, banks, gyms, laboratories, offices, places of worship, farms, pubs and hotels.
To help break the chain of infection we are offering high level disinfection to small shops and barber shops for as little as £20 for a room. mob O7795242173
For Northern Ireland specific contracts, there are a number of sources of information specifically for contracts within Northern Ireland. The Central Procurement Directorate (CPD) handles contracts for a number of government departments.

184479 - JH/MSIE/02/21 - Meat Shopper Insight Europe
Publication date:  12-02-2021
Response deadline:  12-03-2021 14:00   Irish time
Procedure: 2. Open Procedure (OJEU)
Description: Meat Shopper Insight Europe
Buyer: Bord Bia (Irish Food Board)

184524 - JH/DMSIM/02/21 - Digital Marketing Support – Irish Market
Publication date:  12-02-2021
Response deadline:  12-03-2021 14:00   Irish time
Procedure: 2. Open Procedure (OJEU)
Description: Digital Marketing Support – Irish Market
Buyer: Bord Bia (Irish Food Board)

184392 - 2841 - Multi-Party Framework Agreement for Business Consultancy Services for SMEs for Local Enterprise South Dublin
Publication date:  09-02-2021
Response deadline:  02-03-2021 16:00   Irish time
Procedure: 1. Open Procedure (NON OJEU)
Description: Tender to Establish a Multi-Party Framework Agreement for Business Consultancy Services for SMEs for Local Enterprise South Dublin
Buyer: South Dublin County Council

A Belgian company offering artificial intelligence (AI), cloud computing, data science and business intelligence services is looking for partners under a subcontracting or outsourcing agreement

Belgian SME uses end-to-end development&integration for AI and cloud computing to serve clients active in any industry, e.g. retail, banking, telecom, healthcare, pharma or technology; that need to design&implement advanced data-driven automation solutions. The SME is looking for companies or universities that would like to use AI, machine learning, data science, and data management to improve their efficiency. The preferred way to cooperate would be under outsourcing or subcontracting agreement

French SME specialized in polymer synthesis offers functional monomers, polymers and materials with enhanced performance

Small company based in south of France is offering research and development services and supply of functional monomers, polymers and materials with enhanced performance, all suitable for needs of public or private centers, or suppliers of high demanding sectors. Their expertise is valuable in any application field (biomedical, aeronautic, material science, petrochemical, chemical industry, energy...). The company is looking for research cooperation agreements or technical cooperation agreements.

French company is looking for exclusive distributors for an innovative watercraft (e-foil)

The French company developed an innovative watercraft. It is an inflatable board equipped with water wings and two electric motors that allow users to "fly" over the water of a lake, a river or the sea. The company is looking to offer exclusive distribution rights to partners that have a network and clients portofolio in marine, sailing, tourism sectors.

German company offers a high-porous spherical filter media with a unique crystalline structure for efficient pre-filtering of oils, hydrocarbons, heavy metals and radioactive elements from industrial waste water

A German granulate-specialised company offers a highly porous filter material for the separation of oils, hydrocarbons, heavy metals and even radioactive elements from wastewater based on the principle of coalescence – contaminants accumulating on the filter media surface. It has highest sorption/extreme retention capacity, gets completely regenerated by backwashing, non-clumping due to natural impregnation of the filter granules surface. Seeking commercial agreements with technical assistance.

German experts for microdispensing, microarrays and multiparameter analysis offering development and production services to diagnostic, biotech, food/feed and pharma companies and university research groups

A small German company specialized in microbiology and biotech for life sciences has established an advanced technology platform for microdispensing, microarrays and multiparameter analysis. Applicable to diagnostic, biotech, pharma companies and food/feed safety labs. Seeking partners from industry and research for its microdispensing technology platform including all-round services under manufacturing or technical cooperation agreements.

Italian company with an innovative appliance for waste separation and collection is looking for a partner to establish a joint venture

A small Italian company has developed an innovative appliance for separate waste collection. The appliance is able to differentiate and compact up to 7 types of waste; it was realised for private household use, hospitals, schools, companies and other similar types of organisations. The company is looking for an industrial and financial partner to establish a joint venture agreement and develop the prototype appliance it has designed.

Italian agrofood and tourism consultancy offers market and product research and intelligence via outsourcing agreements

An Italian strategic management company, with +10 years of experience in agrofood and tourism sectors, is offering market and product research and intelligence, trend analysis and anticipation services to foreign companies, business associations and consortia. The company is offering its services via subcontracting or outsourcing agreements.

Italian SME working with wastewater and waste-to-energy plants seeks commercial agents

The Italian SME has over 20 years of experience in designing and building biogas and biomethane plants with waste-to-energy and wastewater treatment technologies. Its portfolio covers every aspect of the waste-to-energy and wastewater treatment value chain with efficient, sustainable and economically viable solutions. Partners are sought under commercial agency agreement or financial agreement.

Italian company specialized in designing and creating of simulations tools for assessment, training and employer branding is seeking for international partners under commercial agency and license agreements

The Italian company is specialized in designing and developing of managerial simulation tools used for recruitment, training and employer branding. It is also an ideal "laboratory" where ideas and projects are used to favor creativity and experimentation on interconnected systems related to technological, human resources, and management innovation. The company is looking for international partners, for cross-border cooperation under license and commercial agency agreements.

Japanese plastic drainage parts manufacturer for kitchen sinks and bathrooms is seeking licensees and commission manufacturers in the EU, especially Germany and Italy

A Japanese manufacturer of plastic drainage fittings and drain traps is looking for partners in the EU, especially in Germany and Italy. They wish to engage in license and manufacturing agreements. The drainage parts offered by the company aim to achieve high customer satisfaction and durability in a market where most competitors’ main focus is to cut costs. They wish to pro-actively work with EU partners and offer a high-end alternative in a stagnant market.

A Maltese fine artisan health and beauty company urgently seeks ecological raw materials and accessories in the EU to conclude a supplier agreement

The Maltese eco-friendly health/beauty boutique focuses on offering their clients fine artisan beauty products such as handmade soap for all skin types and ailments, various lotions, balms and scrubs, hair care products, men care products and baby products. Most of their products are vegan, with some exception of a handful of products which use ethically sourced local honey, beeswax and goat's milk. They are seeking suppliers of raw materials and accessories to conclude a supplier agreement.

Dutch-based internationally operating company within the automotive sector is looking for a solution to down-size electric motors of automotive auxiliaries through efficient rotor and stator stacks.

Dutch-based internationally operating company known for its innovative solutions in the automotive sector, is looking for a solution to down-size electric motors through efficient rotor and stator stacks in order to make them lighter and cheaper. The company wants to contribute to reducing the amount of emitted carbon dioxide (CO2). This request refers to an innovation challenge published on an open internet-platform.

New technologies sought for heavy metal removal from waste activated sludge from municipal wastewater treatment plants

A Dutch international engineering and project management consultancy is looking for new technologies to selectively remove heavy metals from waste activated sludge in order to recover resources safely and/or more efficiently. Cooperation is envisaged within the frame of a license agreement or a technical cooperation agreement. Other types of agreement may be considered. This request refers to an innovation challenge published on an open innovation platform.

A Polish manufacturer of luxury pillows and quilts seeks distributors

A Polish company operating in the down industry offers its finished products in the form of luxury quilts and pillows. The products are filled only with natural duck or goose down. The offered form of cooperation will be based on a distribution serives agreement. Partners sought in all European Union countries and also in Japan and South Korea.

Romanian company selling household and kitchen accessories made of stainless steel, copper and brass is looking for suppliers in the EU and beyond, based on commercial agency and distribution services agreements

Romanian company experienced in distribution activities is seeking to increase its portfolio of products, by importing new models of products, mainly household and kitchen accessories made of stainless steel, copper and brass, based on commercial agency and distribution services agreements. Also, accessories and devices used in the preparation and storage of wine, distillation and storage of natural alcohols and essential floral oils are of major interest.

Looking for European partners interested in raw sea buckthorn produced in North-East Romania to be used for functional food and pharmaceutical products, under a distribution services agreement

Romanian company located in North-East Romania is offering raw ecological sea buckthorn to European producers of functional food and pharmaceutical products/supplements, based on distribution services agreement.

A Romanian company, producing beehives, cages for dogs, birds houses and crates (boxes with different destinations) seeks manufacturing agreements

A Romanian company, located in the South Muntenia region, is mainly active in the production of beehives, frames, diaphragms, pollen collectors, etc. The company is also involved (to a small extent) in the production of cages for dogs, houses for birds, and crates (boxes with different destinations). The company is looking for partners to establish production agreements on the European market.

Romanian company producing natural and eco-friendly soil fertilizer is looking for distributors

A Romanian company specialized in the extraction and processing of zeolite minerals is looking for a partner to distribute one of its products – soil fertilizer – on the international market. The product is 100% natural and eco-friendly, with proven results in increasing production and cost reduction of the agricultural works. The collaboration would be in the frame of a distribution services agreement.

A Romanian ESCO (Energy Services Company) offers integrated services and solutions to optimise energy consumption and reduce operational costs, through an outsourcing agreement

The Romanian ESCO company, with over 15 years of experience, implements turnkey energy-saving projects (identification of the feasible solutions - implementation – monitoring the energy savings) - whether it is the industry, buildings, public authorities, energy infrastructure operators or utilities. The company will always look for sustainable, feasible solutions tailored to the client’s needs. The collaboration should be in the form of an Outsourcing agreement

Romanian ICT software development company supplier is looking for long term partnerships, under an outsourcing agreement, in the field of the following technologies/frameworks: TYPO3, native iOS development, native Android development

A Romanian SME with more than 10 years of experience as a software development supplier is looking for long term partnerships in the field of the following technologies/frameworks: TYPO3, native iOS development, native Android development. The company is interested in collaborations with ICT entities in need of such services, under an outsourcing agreement.
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