Priority Notice from the Maine Department of Education

Grants Available to SAUs for Learning Management Systems

The Maine Department of Education is excited to announce that funding is available for School Administrative Units (SAUs) to purchase licenses for a Learning Management Systems (LMS) for their district.

SAUs who choose to opt-in of this subgrant will be reimbursed by the Department after an approved application for LMS licenses. The application can be found here

To opt-in, the SAU must complete the following application by August 1, 2021. Prior to completing this application, it is important to conduct a needs assessment to determine priority areas, identify student needs, and develop a plan of how to self-select the appropriate LMS. Within this application, you will find a list of assurances, project-based questions, and a budget section. You can find your Learning Management System allocation amount here, which can be used to purchase LMS licenses for the LMS approved on the application through September 30, 2024.

If the SAU does not currently have a LMS Subgrant Allocation due to the lack of student enrollment and would like to opt-in to the subgrant, enrollment documentation for October 1, 2020 will need to be emailed to Beth Lambert at