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Dear Valued Customer,

What are the most important summer essentials? Water, sunscreen, and new content added into HeinOnline, of course! Your midsummer's research just got a whole lot better, because we've got lots of new additions and updates within our databases this month. It's as refreshing as a dip in the pool on a hot and humid day. Be sure to log into HeinOnline to see everything that's new—we've got 25 titles added to Reports of U.S. Presidential Commissions and Other Advisory Bodies, 142 new titles in Legal Clasics, and so much more!

And a special thank you to everyone who came to visit our booth at the AALL 2022 Annual Meeting & Conference! It was so great to be able to see you all in person for the first time since 2019. We're already looking to next year's conference in Boston!

 Content Release Summary:
  • Updated databases: 58
  • New titles: 986
  • New volumes: 1,744
  • New pages added last month: 546,760
  • Total pages in HeinOnline: 201,959,602
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What's New in HeinOnline: July Content Release
July 29, 2022 | HeinOnline Blog

We've added a ton of content to some of our most popular HeinOnline databases! Check out all of the updates from this month, along with our favorite titles from each addition.
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New Journals Added to HeinOnline This Month!
July 28, 2022 | HeinOnline Blog

With the July content release, we added 15 new journals, 14 of which are active serials and 10 of which are from our recent agreement with Springer. These new journals cover subjects including gender and the law, criminology, health, human rights law, international law, and more! Keep reading to learn all about these publications.
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Bremer-Kovacs Collection Receives Joseph L. Andrews Legal Literature Award
July 21, 2022 | HeinOnline Blog

We are proud to announce that the Bremer-Kovacs Collection: Historic Documents Related to the Administrative Procedure Act of 1946, a database we unveiled in December 2021, has received the 2022 Joseph L. Andrews Legal Literature Award from the American Association of Law Libraries (AALL). Compiled by Emily S. Bremer, Kathryn E. Kovacs, and Charlotte D. Schneider, this comprehensive database is designed to make the history of the Administrative Procedure Act of 1946 (APA) more accessible and understandable.
National Survey of State Laws database on a laptop

The Easiest Resource for Comparing Hot Topic Laws by State
July 7, 2022 HeinOnline Blog

In the past few months, debates about gun regulation, abortion, and voting rights have been the center of news outlets due to recent mass shootings and Supreme Court rulings. To help users better understand some of these timely topics, HeinOnline contains National Survey of State Laws (NSSL): an invaluable print and online resource that allows for quick state-by-state law comparison using an interactive chart. This is the easiest way to stay informed on current state law.
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5 Simple Tips to Improve Your Research
July 14, 2022 | HeinOnline Blog

It’s the morning and you’re well rested, sitting down at your computer with your iced vanilla latte, ready to jump into HeinOnline and start your research. And suddenly you hit a roadblock. Where do you start? Government documents? Scholarly articles? What’s the best way to find relevant, authoritative work? No reason to fret—we’re here to share some quick tips to improve your research.

HeinOnline’s World Constitutions Illustrated: July 2022 Update
July 22, 2022 HeinOnline Blog

Back in March, we updated researchers on the content that was released in the World Constitutions Illustrated database from November 2021 to March 2022. Read below to find out what new documents have been added to this ever-growing database.

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New Issue of IFLP Available Now
August 1, 2022 HeinOnline

Index to Foreign Legal Periodicals is now releasing a monthly issue on the first Monday of every month. Be sure to check out the latest issue, and receive tailored email alerts based on your research interests by signing up for the new IFLP Alerts feature!

the HeinOnline team at AALL

AALL 2022 Annual Meeting & Conference Recap
July 29, 2022 HeinOnline Blog

After three long and lonely years, we at the Hein Company were SO thrilled that the AALL 2022 Annual Meeting & Conference was in-person this summer. Seeing our customers in real life, beyond the limits of a computer screen, for the first time since 2019 was an incredibly rewarding experience. We are so grateful to AALL for hosting yet another amazing conference, as well as to everyone who stopped by our booth to listen to our demos, see what’s new in HeinOnline, and to provide suggestions and feedback.
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Secrets of the Serial Set: The Wounded Knee Massacre
July 26, 2022 HeinOnline Blog

From Indian relocation and the Trail of Tears to various wars and battles, unknown numbers of indigenous people perished at the hands of Americans seeking to achieve manifest destiny, expanding from Atlantic to Pacific and driving the native peoples out with it. One such example is the Battle of Wounded Knee, which is now widely referred to as the Wounded Knee Massacre to acknowledge the gunning down of more than 150 indigenous people, including women and children.
U.S. Capitol Building

The Power of the Filibuster
July 13, 2022 HeinOnline Blog

It’s a word we hear in the news all the time: the filibuster. Whether it’s politicians calling for an end to the filibuster, worrying about an impending filibuster, or praising the merits of the filibuster, the filibuster is both a loved and feared word depending on who you ask. It has the power to make or break any bill that passes through the Senate doors. So what is a filibuster, where did it come from, and why do we still use it today? 

Where in the World Is Hein?
August 1, 2022 | Tradeshow Calendar

Tradeshows are BACK, and we couldn't be more excited! Check out our tradeshow calendar to see where we are going to be in the next couple of months!
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Lend Hein a Hand
August 1, 2022 | Newsletter

Help us find missing titles to add to HeinOnline. If your library is in possession of this type of material and is willing to donate to us for digitization, please contact Chris Czopp at 716-882-2600 or cczopp@wshein.com
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Notification of Title Changes
August 1, 2022 | Newsletter

Review new title and publication changes so you can accurately update your records!
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