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April showers bring.....brand-new content in HeinOnline! As the temps continue to rise and the flowers begin to bloom, we have tons of exciting new updates, including new databases that we have been planting and existing collections that continue to grow like the buds on the trees. So put on your sun hat, strap on your sandals, and dig into HeinOnline's latest content release.

April Content Release Summary:
  • Updated databases: 61
  • New titles4,094
  • New volumes: 11,361
  • New pages added last month707,382
  • Total pages in HeinOnline: 207,398,016
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What's New in HeinOnline: April Content Release
May 1, 2023 | HeinOnline Blog

We've added a ton of content to some of our most popular HeinOnline databases! Check out all of the updates from this month, along with our favorite titles from each addition.
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New Journals Added to HeinOnline This Month!
April 27, 2023 | HeinOnline Blog

With the April content release, we added 11 new journals, 10 of which are active serials that cover subjects such as taxation, labor law, democracy, business and the law, and more. Keep reading to learn about these new additions.
Library of Congress
New Database—Law Library of Congress Reports
April 26, 2023 HeinOnline Database

Developed in collaboration with the Law Library of Congress, HeinOnline’s Law Library of Congress Reports is an exclusive database boasting a collection of more than 3,500 meticulously crafted reports on foreign, comparative, and international law.
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April 18, 2023 HeinOnline Blog

The Index to Foreign Legal Periodicals (IFLP), one of the American Association of Law Libraries premier publications, can help meet the never-ending need for accurate and diverse information from around the globe. Learn about AALL’s premier product firsthand from the editorial board of IFLP. Register for this free for the webinar today!

John F. Kennedy
New Content Added to the John F. Kennedy Assassination Collection
May 2, 2023 HeinOnline Blog

In adherence to President Joe Biden’s Memorandum, the National Archives and Records Administration (NARA) recently disclosed previously withheld records regarding the assassination of John F. Kennedy. More than 13,000 documents recently released from the NARA are now searchable within HeinOnline. All records are required to be released by June 30, 2023. We will incorporate any new content into our collection as soon as it becomes available.
Index to Foreign Legal Periodicals Updates
May 2, 2023 HeinOnline Database

680 new records were indexed with this month's update, with special collections in this issue including:
  • Gonthier collection
  • International investment law
  • McLachlin collection
  • Saleh collection
  • Scarcity and the state I
  • Shaughnessy collection
  • Thireau collection
  • Waelkens collection
Voices of the Library: Spotlighting Librarians for National Library Week 2023
April 25, 2023 HeinOnline Blog

National Library Week is one of our favorite weeks here at HeinOnline. Hosted by the American Library Association, National Library Week 2023 is being celebrated April 23-29, with the theme “There’s More to the Story”—referring not only to the vast variety of stories held within libraries, but also to all of the perhaps not as well-known services and resources that libraries provide to the community. This year, we thought what better way to celebrate than to ask librarians themselves about what they do and what they love about their library?
Donald Trump
Donald Trump’s Indictment Now in HeinOnline
April 5, 2023 | HeinOnline Blog

On Tuesday, April 4, Donald Trump appeared in court after being indicted by a New York grand jury on 34 felony charges related to hush money payments during his 2016 presidential election. The indictment, which covers each of the 34 counts, can now be found in HeinOnline’s U.S. Presidential Library.
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HeinOnline in the Classroom: Building Good Searches
April 20, 2023 HeinOnline Blog

Spring Break has passed, and chances are you’re entering the home stretch of the semester. Final papers are on their way, but summer is not far behind. This is a perfect time for another installment of HeinOnline in the Classroom! Keep reading for an in-class activity to help your students construct effective searches on HeinOnline databases, some advice on using our MyHein feature in your classroom, and some general tips and tricks. 
$1 bills

A New Deal on Banking Reform
April 14, 2023 HeinOnline Blog

Silicon Valley Bank’s failure immediately brought to mind the 2008 financial crisis, both in pundit talking points and in the minds of ordinary citizens. Terms like “bank run” may have brought to mind a specific scene in It’s a Wonderful Life, and may have caused some to wonder: weren’t laws passed to prevent this exact scenario after the Great Depression?
portrait of U.S. Army occupation of Mexico City in 1847

Secrets of the Serial Set: The Mexican-American War
April 21, 2023 HeinOnline Blog

In the early 1800s, the United States was a lot smaller, and Mexico was a lot larger. But when America’s pursuit of Manifest Destiny collided with Mexican interest, all out war broke out, leading to the Mexican-American War. The conflict only lasted two years, but it would shape the future of both of these neighbor nations.
pride and transgender flag

The Controversy Surrounding Laws Affecting the Transgender Community
April 11, 2023 HeinOnline Blog

From laws preventing mentions of gender identity or sexual orientation in classrooms, to proposals to ban gender-affirming care for youth, to even prohibiting drag shows, there are new laws cropping up designed to restrict rights for transgender people across the country. Historically, LGBTQ+ members of American society have been marginalized, and transgender individuals have faced decades of discrimination. 
paper money
The History of Student Loan Debt in America
April 4, 2023 | HeinOnline Blog

It’s a topic that is brought up in the news weekly, if not daily: student loan debt. President Biden made cancelling student loan debt a major part of his presidential campaign, and he recently announced a plan to cancel a significant amount of debt—but it is being fought tooth and nail in Congress and the courts. Today, student loan debt adds up to more than $1.6 trillion. So how did we get here, with so many Americans drowning in debt?


Where in the World Is Hein?
May 2, 2023 | Tradeshow Calendar

Check out our tradeshow calendar to see where we are going to be in the next couple of months!

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Lend Hein a Hand
May 2, 2023 | Newsletter

Help us find missing titles to add to HeinOnline. If your library is in possession of this type of material and is willing to donate to us for digitization, please contact Chris Czopp at 716-882-2600 or


Notification of Title Changes
May 2, 2023 | Newsletter

Review new title and publication changes so you can accurately update your records!
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5 New HeinOnline LibGuides Added This Month
May 2, 2023 | HeinOnline LibGuides

This month, HeinOnline created LibGuides for the following databases:
Check out these guides for search tips, helpful resources, and more!
Comprehensive List of Databases That Grew This Month
Database New Titles
ABA Law Library Collection Periodicals 2
Air and Space Law 3
American Enterprise Institute (AEI) 4
American Law Institute Library 51
Association of American Law Schools (AALS) 2
Civil Rights and Social Justice 5
Congress and the Courts 2
Criminal Justice & Criminology 5
English Reports 1
Foreign & International Law Resources Database 4
Foreign Relations of the United States (FRUS) 3
GAO Reports and Comptroller General Decisions 60
History of Bankruptcy: Taxation & Economic Reform in America Part III 3
History of International Law 13
Immigration Law & Policy in the U.S. 1
LGBTQ+ Rights 2
Labor and Employment: The American Worker 17
Law Journal Library 11
Legal Classics 64
Military and Government 1
New York Court of Appeals Records and Briefs 6
New York Legal Research Library 8
Prestatehood Legal Materials 5
Preview of United States Supreme Court Cases 193
Religion and the Law 6
Reports of U.S. Presidential Commissions and Other Advisory Bodies 9
Scottish Legal History: Featuring Publications of the Stair Society 3
Selden Society Publications and the History of Early English Law 3
Slavery in America and the World: History, Culture & Law 3
Spinelli's Law Library Reference Shelf 3
State Constitutions Illustrated 3
State Statutes: A Historical Archive 1
Subject Compilations of State Laws 1
Tax Foundation Archive Publications 8
Taxation & Economic Reform in America Parts I & II 1
U.S. Congressional Documents 2
U.S. Congressional Documents - Committee Prints 13
U.S. Congressional Documents - Congressional Research Service Reports 176
U.S. Congressional Documents - Hearings 147
U.S. Congressional Serial Set - Congressional Documents 15
U.S. Congressional Serial Set - Congressional Reports 35
U.S. Federal Agency Documents, Decisions, and Appeals 2
U.S. Presidential Library 2
UNC Press Law Publications 13
United Nations Law Collection 2
Women and the Law (Peggy) 4
World Constitutions Illustrated 10
World Treaty Library 4
World Trials Library 2
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