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Dear Valued Customer,

It's beginning to look a lot like new content has been added to HeinOnline! Have a holly jolly research session scouring through all of the new releases within our databases last month. It's the gift that just keeps on giving!

Content Release Summary:
  • Updated databases: 55
  • New titles: 856
  • New volumes: 1,391
  • New pages added last month: 545,037
  • Total pages in HeinOnline: 197,889,682
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What's New in HeinOnline: November Content Release
December 3, 2021 | HeinOnline Blog

We've added a ton of content to some of our most popular HeinOnline databases! Check out all of the updates from this month, along with our favorite titles from each addition.
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New Journals Added to HeinOnline This Month!
November 30, 2021 | HeinOnline Blog

With the November content release, we added eight new journals, five of which are active serials. Learn all about these new journals, including an exciting publisher update!
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New Database: Bremer-Kovacs Collection: Historic Documents Related to the Administrative Procedure Act of 1946
December 2, 2021 | Database Webpage

This new database, compiled by Kathryn E. Kovacs, Emily S. Bremer, and Charlotte D. Schneider. is a comprehensive database designed to make the history of the Administrative Procedure Act of 1946 (APA) more accessible and understandable.

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Our Air and Space Law Database Has Launched
November 10, 2021 | HeinOnline Blog

We are excited to unveil our newest database, Air and Space Law! HeinOnline’s Air and Space Law database illustrates the history of air and spaceflight through the programs and people that made these dreams possible. Through the collection, users will see how governments and regulators reacted to new technologies, the accidents and disasters that prompted reform, and the new frontiers that await as technology advances at an improbable speed.

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Citation Style Update on HeinOnline
December 1, 2021 Knowledge Base

Now, when you grab a citation from any document within HeinOnline, you'll see that we have updated the ALWD citation style to the 7th edition. Check it out next time you're researching!

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HeinOnline's World Constitutions Illustrated: November 2021 Update
November 22, 2021 HeinOnline Blog

Since our last content news update, we have updated 48 countries and added 231 new titles to the World Constitutions Illustrated database. This blog post covers all the new documents that have been added to this ever-growing database.

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The 101 on Author Profile Pages and Scholarly Analysis
November 23, 2021 HeinOnline Blog

This past September it was announced that U.S. News & World Report will not be proceeding with a scholarly impact ranking for law schools. We appreciate all the hard work and time librarians spent curating and editing their faculty's Author Profile Pages within HeinOnline. Although U.S. News will not be releasing a new ranking, we continue to be committed to quality control and preserving the integrity of our data, including citation counts. Author Profile Pages provide a wealth of data, which is why we are considering enhancing our scholarly analysis next Fall.

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Education & Empowerment: The History of HBCUs
November 16, 2021 HeinOnline Blog

Prior to the Civil War, African Americans weren’t allowed to receive an education. Black children weren’t allowed in schoolhouses. Many Black adults were unable to read, or even spell their own name. The Emancipation Proclamation may have freed the enslaved according to legislation, but truly, African Americans couldn’t achieve equality without education. And that’s where HBCUs, or Historically Black Colleges and Universities, came into play.

image of Guard at the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier

100th Anniversary of the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier
November 19, 2021 HeinOnline Blog

This year is the 100th anniversary of one of the United States’ most solemn monuments, the Tomb of the Unknown Solider at Arlington National Cemetery. The marble tomb, containing the bodies of three unidentified American servicemen, has remained continuously guarded since 1937 and serves as a poignant reminder of all those American servicemen and women who have given their lives for their country—and never returned home. In honor of this memorial’s monumental anniversary, let’s learn more about the Tomb with HeinOnline.

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Lend Hein a Hand
December 1, 2021 | Newsletter

Help us find missing titles to add to HeinOnline. If your library is in possession of this type of material and is willing to donate to us for digitization, please contact Chris Czopp at 716-882-2600 or cczopp@wshein.com


LibGuides Added This Month
Bremer-Kovacs Collection: Historic Documents Related to the Administrative Procedure Act of 1946

This LibGuide explains the breadth of content within the Bremer-Kovacs Collection, while exploring how to use the unique, interactive timeline feature of the database that helps users navigate and contextualize the information. Plus, learn more about the Editors' additional bibliography and other help resources.

U.S. Statutes at Large

This LibGuide details the convenient content organization and plethora of browse options that reside within HeinOnline's U.S. Statutes at Large database. Explore search tips, related blog posts, help resources, and so much more!


HeinOnline's author profile pages help to showcase, promote, and contextualize the scholarly work of individual authors. In this LibGuide, you'll learn how to locate author profile pages, all of their handy features, how to edit an author profile page, and more.


Knowledge Base Articles Added This Month

Did you know that each month we update our Knowledge Base to bring you trips and tricks, FAQs, and relevant training videos? Check out our newest articles below.

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