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Weekend Quote:  

Only if the world’s “natural capital” is maintained will the earth avoid  tipping-points and irreversible damage.  

Sir Partha DasGupta
Cambridge University

Local Grandmothers Band Together to Advocate for Climate Action

As the women explain it, doing advocacy as a retired person has its benefits. For one, “we can say what we want because we’re not worried about losing our jobs,” Green says.  

“It’s quite exciting,” adds Holmes. “This is a women-led movement. There’s a feminist base to everything we’re doing.” 

“We’re older women; we’ve lived; we’ve experienced; and we have tons of wisdom acquired from that experience,” Clarke says. “We have seen because we have been around for such a long time, where society’s past behaviour has led us, and we have seen where we can learn from our mistakes.”

To anyone who finds the bad news overwhelming, Clarke has this to say: “These are exciting times. There is so much we can be part of. I would encourage people to get informed, to find out what’s happening in our communities regarding global warming. I don’t think there’s any better opportunity to meet our need to learn and to feel useful. There are different levels of engagement and there is something for everyone to do. Anything would be helpful.”

Inspiration recommended by Lorraine and Carole  

Earthrise - A Poem by Amanda Gorman  

Lorraine writes: “She’s so amazing!’

Nature Doesn’t Get a Paycheck
Ignoring the value of nature threatens  humanity itself, according to a new British report on biodiversity and  economics.  

The global system is built on buying and selling, but often, no one pays for  the most basic goods and services that sustain life — water to drink, soil  to grow food, clean air to breathe, rain forests that regulate the climate.


Marking 50 years of wetland conservation and loss - Feb 2 was World  Wetland Day  

Canadians need wetlands now, more than ever. Our northern peatlands  are global giants when it comes to storing carbon. Wetlands around our  cities and farms are one of our best natural defences to buffer  communities from extreme weather events and our rapidly changing  climate. They are the Swiss Army knife of ecosystems. The wetlands  around us store carbon, hold flood water, recharge creeks during drought,  stop storm surges and provide fire breaks. We can’t afford to lose them. 

The best use of wetlands is to have them remain as wetlands. We can  choose to be the new generation that values, conserves and creates  wetlands, or continue to pass on an ecological deficit to our children.

Nature Based Solutions  

Research shows one-third of the carbon reductions needed to meet the  goals of the Paris Climate Accord can be achieved by protecting,  managing and restoring natural landscapes. “That’s the equivalent of  stopping burning oil globally. It’s a very big opportunity,” said Hadley  Archer, executive director of Nature United. 

Canada’s Climate Performance in the World  

Why Canada needs to upgrade its climate targets, in 2 charts.


The  first chart  shows you where Canada and its G7 peers are now with their climate emissions and targets...Despite promising since 1988 to  reduce our oversized climate pollution, Canada has instead cranked it up. The U.K. - aided by its innovative and effective 2008 Carbon  Budget law -has managed to cut its climate pollution by more than 40 per  cent. 

As the 2nd  chart  makes clear, Americans and Canadians are the  super-polluters in the group. Both emit 20 tonnes of climate pollution per  person (tCO2) each year. That's twice as much as any other G7 country.
We need to strengthen our Targets and shorten our timeline to 2025 on C-12.

Jason Kenney VS. The Plimsoll Line  

And what did Kenney’s “one-trick pony” act earn Alberta? His provincial  treasury will be receiving zero future revenues from the phantom pipelines he promised, and less from existing tar sands/oil sands producers. Oil  majors have fled once-touted Alberta projects, and billions in sector  investment capital galloped away with them. Even real cowboys in  southern Alberta have openly rebelled against his reckless leasing of coal  deposits upstream from their ranchlands.

Natural gas vs. methane: How the name influences our view of this  fossil fuel  

Research shows people feel good about using natural gas but less so  when it’s called methane gas - its true nature. Methane gas provides close  to half of the energy used in Canadian homes and about one-third of all  energy used in the country, according to Statistics Canada.

"I hope my grandson will always know the other beings as a source of counsel and inspiration, and listen more to butterflies than to bulldozers." Robin Kimmerer

Speaking of Nature
Robin Kimmerer (Author of Braiding Sweetgrass)

'The language we speak is an affront to the ears of the colonist in every way, because it is a language that challenges the fundamental tenets of Western thinking—that humans alone are possessed of rights and all the rest of the living world exists for human use." 

..  so that every time we speak of the living world we breathe out respect and inhale kinship..
Robin Kimmerer

In the US, no more public funds from agencies such as the Export Import Bank will flow to fossil fuels  

 John Kerry, who is coördinating the Administration’s global climate policy,  made clear in a speech to virtual Davos that this dictum applied to natural  gas. “The problem with gas is, if we build out a huge infrastructure for gas  

now to continue to use it as the bridge fuel—when we haven’t really  exhausted the other possibilities—we’re going to be stuck with stranded  assets in ten, twenty, thirty years,” he said. “Gas is primarily methane, and  we have a huge methane problem, folks.”

Note: In Canada, Our Export Bank is still bailing out oil and Gas:
"The federal government is promising more than $1.6 billion — most of it in loans —  to support the ailing energy sector, Dec. 2020"

Canadian Government quietly made 'backdoor' agreement with U.S. that could  undermine treaty on plastic waste  

Environmental groups are accusing the Trudeau government of acting in  bad faith after it quietly signed a bilateral agreement with the U.S. that  could allow it to evade some of its obligations to stop shipping plastic  waste to poor countries around the world.

How to Fight Plastic Pollution  

Left unchecked, petrochemical giants and fast-moving consumer  companies are on course to cover the planet in plastic – all for their profit.  The fightback starts here. We’re uniting with a diverse, global movement  that’s working to create a future free from plastic pollution, a future in  which people and planet come first. 

We have a plastic problem and Loblaw is part of it  

You may have heard that plastic in our ocean will soon outweigh fish and  that each of us eats a credit card worth of micro plastic each week. Here’s  another stat: The packaged goods industry – my industry – is responsible  for one-third of all that plastic waste...If we’re one-third of the problem, we  should be at least one-third of the solution.


February 2021 Calendar
Free Webinars Coming Up

Seth Klein, Donald Gutstein , Jim Stanford ! Top thinkers in Canadian Climate Movement!



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Thursdays Feb 11    
Part of 9 week “Pathways to Zero” webinar series offered by CAN-RAC  (Climate Action Network)

Check out taped previous episodes.
Our member Nancy used the segment from Place Base Ambition with Sustainability Solution's Yuil Hebert starting at the 1:18 mark to inform her letter on Sprawl to City Councillors. 

Stories from the innovators, culture changers and frontline champions  building our resilient future. Learn from innovators how we can progress to decarbonization. Feb 11’s theme is Indigenous Soveignty & Energy Justice. To register: 

Wednesday Feb 17 
12 noon 

 Fixing Canada’s car conundrum

According to the International Energy Agency, Canadians drive the most polluting cars in the world. And over the past 20 years, carbon pollution from transportation has gone up. But there are recent signs of change, with a few major automakers announcing plans to bring EV production here.  Join Clean Energy Canada for a conversation to explore these topics with experts Colin McKerracher from BloombergNEF, Flavio 
Volpe from the APMA and Jerry Dias from Unifor.  To register:

Wednesday Feb 17   
7 pm  

Discussion of the film Kiss the Ground

Raise questions, discuss solutions, and share experiences along with our guests, Ralph Martin, Alyson Baker, and Jane Fogal. This is part of a Film Festival curated by GASP member Daisy Radigan! Watch it on Netflix. 
Register for the Zoom discussion by Feb 16 -   COPY AND PASTE TO Email 

Saturday, February 20 - Saturday, February 27 -

Halton Garden Week

Halton Food is co-hosting a virtual Halton Garden Week to inspire and encourage local residents. See schedule:
To register for ALL ACCESS PASS for Halton Food's week long online celebration of spring and gardening workshops!:

Petitions - Let your voice be heard! 

If thousands of us flood Trudeau’s inbox with our demands to make Bill C-12 a world-class climate law, and call on him to deliver on his commitments to bold climate action, it could capture the attention of the Prime Minister in time to make critical changes to the bill.
Send a message to Prime Minister Trudeau now.

Don't let Premier Ford fast-track two massive highways through Ontario’s Greenbelt, rivers and forests!
Tell the federal government we need a real environmental assessment. The Ontario government has revived two long-dead proposals for new 400-series highways, Highway 413 and the Holland Marsh Highway (Bradford Bypass), which would carve through the Holland Marsh and slice up sections of farmland and the Greenbelt between Vaughan and Milton. And they have yet to complete a full environmental assessments.

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