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Sometimes less is more

Do you need to obtain lower viscosity without sacrificing performance? Try GENOMER* 4212. Typical urethane acrylates deliver high performance at the cost of high viscosity. GENOMER* 4212 is an exception. At just 14,000 mPas, GENOMER* 4212 still delivers outstanding chemical and abrasion resistance, toughness, weatherability and more. It also offers excellent adhesion on a wide range of substrates.

The formulation below compares the performance of GENOMER* 4212 to GENOMER* 4267 in an experimental coating for steel tool parts.

Percent by Weight Formulation A* Formulation B*
GENOMER* 4212   27
GENOMER* 4267 27  
CO-RESIN 02-819/M22 27 27
GENOMER* 1121Y 40 40
GENORAD* 40 2 2
TOTAL 100 100
Physical/ Mechanical Properties    
Viscosity (mPas @ 25ºC) 1052 451
Cure (300wpi Hg) 3x @ 50 FPM 3x @ 50 FPM
Adhesion To Steel 100% 100%
Adhesion To Aluminum 100% 100%
Adhesion To Stainless Steel 100% 100%
Adhesion To Glass 100% 100%
Impact Resistance (1 kg) No cracks No cracks
Mandrel Bend No cracks No cracks
MEK (Double Rubs) 38x 46x
IPA (Double Rubs) 110x 129x
* This formulation has not been optimized for performance, cure speed or stability.

As you can see, the formulation containing GENOMER* 4212 exhibits much lower viscosity while delivering performance equal to or better than that of GENOMER* 4267.


For more information on GENOMER* 4212 or to discuss which product might be best for your application, please contact your RAHN-Sales representative.