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There's Nothing Like a Velvety Soft Touch

Formulating a viable soft touch coating has consistently been an elusive target in energy-curing applications.  Soft feel is a very subjective property that is affected by a formulation's glass transition temperature and the specific fillers used to generate this coveted texture.  Typically, waxes improve the surface feel while silica-based matting agents combined with higher Tg acrylates increase smoothness and scratch resistance.  A balanced combination of the two surfaces can produce the desired haptic quality with good scratch resistance performance.

However, high inherent crosslinking and limited shrinkage (versus solvent-based coatings) make it challenging to formulate low gloss and soft feel energy-cured coatings. In addition, the high filler loading necessary to achieve soft touch can result in lack of good coating flow and poor scratch resistance.

GENOMER* 7287 – the provider of "soft" solutions for your challenges

If this is the challenge confronting you, RAHN may have help for you. Low viscosity GENOMER* 7287 combined with the correct choice of fillers can bring this problem to a very "soft" conclusion. Starting Point Formulation 1348 (below), GENOMER* 7287 works wonders utilizing only small amounts of an aerogel silica and matting agent to produce a respectable soft touch and low gloss while maintaining excellent scratch resistance.

SPF 1348

Product %
GENOMER* 4212 40
PEG400DA 40
GENOMER* 7287 13
Dyserbyk 2008 1
Enova MT 1100 2.5
Acematt 3600 2.5
TOTAL 100.0
Viscosity (mPa*s) 870
Dose (Hg-UV 300 W/cm) 250 mJ/cm2
Film thickness (µ) 7.6
Gloss (60°) 25
Pencil Hardness 7H
Surface Texture Soft and Smooth

See what GENOMER* 7287 can do for you in terms of soft touch and reduced gloss performance? It's a hard world out there. Any opportunity to add a bit of velvety softness to it is a beautiful thing!


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