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Flexibility + Hardness = Toughness = GENOMER* 4277

Are you a 3D printing formulator looking for that magical combination? This aliphatic urethane dimethacrylate may be the answer to your search. When used alone, the viscosity is unprintable by conventional VAT 3D, but mechanical properties are impressive. When formulated into a 3D printing resin with a workable viscosity, it offers excellent, versatile performance based on loading.

In a hard 3D resin formula, it can achieve properties that approach "the gold standard" for UV 3D printing resins – ABS performance. Yet, formulated into a flexible 3D resin, the toughness that GENOMER* 4277 offers can result in a tough, flexible product with high elongation and work (area under the stress/strain curve).

GENOMER* 4277 exhibits both low shrinkage and exotherm during cure, making it an outstanding oligomer for bringing toughness to your 3D printing resin.

Below are two starting point formulations that exemplify these two alternate sides of GENOMER* 4277.

Product SPF N3 SPF 1W5
GENOMER* 4277 60 50
GENOMER* 1122   4
GENOMER* 1117   16
GENOMER* 1120 39  
ACMO   28
TOTAL 100.0 100.0
Viscosity (mPas @ 25ºC) 1,805 1,869
E-Modulus (psi) 111,700 250,280
Tensile Strength (psi) 1,535 4,973
Elongation (%) 59.2 29.0
Work (J) 5.3 2.53

0.012% Carbon Black was added to each formulation to 3D print them successfully.

If toughness is what you're looking for in your 3D printed parts, why not give GENOMER* 4277 a try? It may be just what the doctor ordered.


For more information on GENOMER* 4277 or to discuss which product might be best for your application, please contact your RAHN-Sales representative.