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Fair Game's Board Game Garage Sale Heads to Our La Grange Location September 26 & 27!

Hello Fair Gamers!  

Fair Game will be hosting our legendary Board Game Garage Sale on the weekend of September 26. While hosting the garage sale this year presents many new challenges, we know how much our community loves this event, and we wanted to find a way to host the event safely and successfully.

This event is a great opportunity for members of the Fair Game Community to sell their lightly used board games for store credit and also to get some amazing deals on lightly used games.

With 2020 being such an "interesting" year, we've had to make many changes to this year's event, so please review the information below carefully.

Submit Your Games to Sell Now
Register to Shop from 8 AM - 4 PM on Saturday

For Sellers

If you wish to sell games at Fair Game's 2020 event, please review the following.

Biggest change: We are only accepting games to be dropped off at our La Grange location.  

Step 1
Identify the games that you wish to sell. Each household is limited to submitting no more than 20 games. All games you submit should be complete and in lightly used condition. If a game is missing components or includes expansions/promos, please clearly write this information on a notecard and tape it to the outside of the box using painter's tape. We will also be requiring you to tape the box shut using painter's tape, so to speed up the check-in process, we ask that you complete this step before you arrive in store to drop off your games.
Step 2
Fill out this Google Form. It collects basic contact information and a record of the games that you want to sell. We will be accepting submissions for games starting Friday, September 4 and going through Friday, September 18. All games must be priced at $5 or higher.
Step 3
After filling out the Google form, you must wait two days.

Let's repeat that for good measure ... once you fill out your form with games you are wanting to sell, you need to wait at least two days before bringing the games into the La Grange location.

We need time to process your submission and make sure we're ready to accept the games. If you are uncertain when you submitted the form, please call the store (708-937-9066) before you leave to drop off your games.

Step 4
Drop off your games at Fair Game La Grange between September 6 and September 20.

We are only accepting games at La Grange.

We will check the games against the information you submitted on the forms and have you complete a small amount of paperwork.

Important to note ...
  • We will not be accepting any games after Sunday, September 20.
  • We will not be able to accept games at the Fair Game Downers Grove location. You must drop off your games at the Fair Game La Grange location.
  • We reserve the right to refuse any game for any reason.

Step 5
If a game you submit is sold on Saturday, you will receive 80% of the sale amount in store credit. We will be discounting all remaining games by 30% on Sunday. If your game sells on that day, you will receive 80% of the discounted price in store credit. You can use the store credit for any in-store purchase … event fees, new board games, booster packs and more.  

Please see the FAQ below if you have additional questions. If the FAQ does not have the answers you are looking for, feel free to contact the store at

Submit Your Games to Sell Now

For Shoppers

If you wish to shop at this year's event, please review the information below. We have put many precautions into place to keep our community safe.

Biggest Changes: Customers wanting to shop early in the day on Saturday will need to preregister. Time slots will be randomly assigned (based on stated availability). Shopping time will initially be limited to 15 minute slots, with the ability to come back later in the day and on Sunday.
  • For the first 8 hours of the Garage Sale, shoppers will need to preregister for time slots. If you wish to participate during those first eight hours, you must register for a slot by filling out this form. The form will allow you to designate specific times you are available to shop.  Submissions for time slots will close at the end of day on Sunday, September 20.
  • Plan to be in front of the store 5 minutes before your assigned shopping group time. We will be checking names off a list and confirming group time slots. 
  • Each of these shopping time slots will be 15 minutes long. At the end of the 15 minute shopping period, customers in that time group will exit out the back entrance of the store where we will have stations set up to handle payment. 
  • No more than 9 customers will be allowed in the store at any one time.
  • Each customer will be assigned only one time slot and these time slots are non-transferable.
  • You can designate a friend or family member that you would like to shop with on the form. If that friend (who must also submit a form) designates you as well, we will try to arrange things so that the two of you are assigned the same shopping period.
  • Priority for these time slots will be determined randomly. Additional information regarding this process is detailed on the preregistration form and the FAQ below.
  • The store will open at 8 AM on Saturday, and starting at 4 PM we will open the sale to walk-in customers. We will continue to keep in-store capacity at no more than 9 customers, so you might need to wait outside until capacity opens up. 
  • Sunday will be unscheduled and open to walk-in customers throughout the day and again, 9 customers max and you might have to wait outside before capacity allows you in. 
  • In keeping with our existing policy and local regulations, face masks will be required. If you do not bring one with you, we will have a selection available for purchase. You will not be allowed into the store without a mask.
  • We will continue to keep our heightened cleaning and sanitizing process in place and hand sanitizer will be available at the door and at checkout.
Register to Shop from 8 AM - 4 PM on Saturday


Can I drop off my used games at the Downers Grove location?
No. Because of the extra care and details required to host an event like this right now, we are only accepting games at the Fair Game La Grange location.  If getting to La Grange is difficult for you, we encourage coordinating with a neighbor or friend to help transport your games along with theirs. 

There are more than 3 people in my shopping group, can we all come together?
We cannot include more than 3 people in a group to shop at the same time. We would recommend breaking into smaller groups.

I will be running late for my assigned shopping time slot. Can my time be extended?
We cannot extend the 15-minute shopping period. If you miss the window that you were assigned, you are welcome to shop during the walk-in period after 4pm on Saturday and also on Sunday. 

My availability has changed, am I able to request a different time slot after it has initially been assigned?  
If you're schedule changes, please reach out to us at and let us know that you can no longer make your assigned time slot, and information around what new time slots would work for you.  We will do our best to get you into a new pre-assigned slot, but can not make any guarantees. 

I, or one of the members of my group, can no longer make my assigned time slot. Can I substitute someone else for that time slot.
The time slots are non-transferable. Only the individuals named on the form can show up for the scheduled time slot.

What types of items can I sell at the garage sale?  
Any lightly used game that is priced at $5 and above. Historically, we have not allowed miniatures and miniature games (Warhammer/Warmachine/etc.) that require assembly and painting. If you have a game that fits this description that you'd like to submit, please send us an email with the details and we can discuss. As mentioned above, we reserve the right to refuse any game for any reason.

How should I go about setting prices on my games? 
We always recommend that people “price to sell”. Keep in mind that we’re AUTOMATICALLY going to make all games that haven’t sold on Saturday 30% off on Sunday.  Remember that most people don’t come to the Garage Sale looking for a particular item, they come looking for a good value.  So price it to sell on Saturday.
Why do I only get 80% of sale price as store credit?  
In 2019, we had over 1500 submissions to the garage sale, which is a HUGE amount of games to receive and process for the Garage Sale.  (For a visual reference click here or....imagine a UPS truck, then fill it full of games)  The entire process consumes a significant amount of time and resources and we needed to make this change in order to have the resources available to devote to continue hosting this event for years to come.

What happens if a game doesn’t sell on Saturday or Sunday? 
It happens ... if any of your games do not sell, you will have until October 10 to pick up your unsold games from La Grange, at which point in time they will be donated to charity or to local schools.

My game is really unique – how can I help people browsing the games to understand that? 
We are encouraging people to provide some context and/or color commentary about the games they are selling.  Maybe you added some extra accessories, a custom box insert or there’s a story behind how you acquired this particular gem ... feel free to add those details on an index card sized piece of paper.  Use painters tape to tape it to the box when you bring it in.

How and when do I use my store credit from games I sold? 
Our computer system is able to handle all of this electronically and for the items that are sold, we will add that amount of store credit to your account. No papers or gift cards to keep track of ... just purchase what you want and if there’s available credit on your account, you’re free to use it. We fully intend to have all the accounting wrapped up within a week and in the event we finish significantly before then, we’ll send out a notice that everything is loaded and ready to be used.

What if a game I purchase has pieces missing or damaged components? 
While we hope that anyone bringing in a game to sell will make note of any issues like those, everything purchased at the Garage Sale is sold AS IS, and would be similar to any other flea market or garage sale purchase you make with no warranties, etc. If parts are missing, you can reach out to the manufacturers directly, as most are very good about sending out replacement pieces. We are NOT checking any of the games for quality/completeness or providing any representation of completeness or condition (however if we do get complaints on a game after the fact, we will be keeping track and it will impact that seller’s ability to participate in future Garage Sales).

I found a box of old Magic cards when I was looking for games to sell – do you buy cards? 
Yes – if you have any cards that have been sitting in the closet (under your board games) for a while and you’re interested in selling them, please bring them in. If you have higher value cards pulled out, we can price those up individually otherwise we’ll be able to give you a “bulk” price for the unsorted/less valuable cards. We have many customers who have recently swapped their Magic cards for new games. It’s a fun transaction for them.

Why can't I sell my game for less than $5?
While there are many great small, inexpensive games available, we need to put some limits in place to make sure we are able to efficiently received and process the games that come through. We are allowing people to create up to 2 "Bundles" of games, if you would like to package together several smaller games that you think would be interesting for community members to acquire together. 

I still have some questions that you didn’t answer. Who can I talk to?
If you still have some things you’re not clear on, feel free to give the store a call (630-963-0640), email ( or send a Facebook message. We will be happy to help.
Submit Your Games to Sell Now
Register to Shop on Saturday

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