Forest Elephants enrich our world - ELP hopes for a better 2015
Infant male forest elephant cuddles up to his sister, Dzanga Bai, C.A.R. © Elephant Listening Project

Elephant Listening Project

Wishes You A Wonderful 2015


Splash-in 2015!

Celebrate Andrea's return to Dzanga and increasing commitments around the world to helping Forest Elephants.

We all can make a difference, large or small:
We know of a six-year-old whose first passion is elephants - he wants to ask folks in grocery stores to donate $5 to help save them. Chinese basketball star Yao Ming has been advocating a change in attitude toward ivory in mainland China - potentially one of the biggest hopes we have.

Tell friends and family what you know about forest elephants and their unique challenges. Awareness is the beginning of conservation - talk and discussion do help.

****HAPPY HOLIDAYS and best wishes for ACTION IN 2015!

Peter H. Wrege,
Director, Elephant Listening Project.
The Elephant Listening Project is dedicated to the study and conservation of elephants, with a focus on the forest elephants of Central Africa. Visit the project's website at

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