Tefilah (prayer), teshuva (repentance), tzedakah-- we can help with the first two, but the last one's up to YOU.
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This year, let's do things differently.

Every year during Kol Nidre, we make an appeal for you to support Mishkan financially. You listen to two brave Mishkanites speak about how Mishkan has touched their lives and how this fast-growing community relies on your support. You put a sticker next to a dollar amount on a piece of paper and put it in a basket while
the Davening Team sings Leonard Cohen.

Or, like most people in the room, you skip that part. 

This year, we're challenging you to do things differently. And we're putting skin in the game! If this community can raise $50,000 in donations and pledges before Yom Kippur, we will skip the Kol Nidre appeal and do something else awesome and spiritually inspiring instead! So long, paper. Sayonara, stickers. Buh-bye, baskets. (Leonard Cohen, you can stay). 

We're aiming for 100% community participation, and we've got 34 days to do this! Are you in?
To participate, you can either give now,
or make a pledge
to fulfill by
December 1, 2016.
Make a High Holidays Gift or Pledge Here
Please give as generously as you can so we can keep bringing inspired, down-to-earth Judaism to Chicago, and keep on rocking in the free world. 
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