I give myself the gift of freedom of the past, and move into joy now. 
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Getting to know Source Studio!      

We are a safe haven for the community that opened 1/1/11 in the heart of Riverside, at the base of Mount Rubidoux and we have gratefully served our Yogic community for almost six years now! We love to be the Studio everyBODY fits into and to support students looking to be beautiful from the inside out; improving lifestyles   all-around.
Our team of ten knowledgeable and caring Teachers support students of all ages in our FREE Sadhana, Beginner’s Yoga, Slow Flow Yoga, Ashtanga Yoga, Kundalini Yoga, Prenatal Yoga, Senior Yoga, Aerial Yoga, Cardio Tribal Belly Dance, Zumba and Cardio Pilates fitness classes and specialty meditations and workshops, making us proud to be the only Yoga Studio in the area that also provides fitness classes and Aerial Yoga!
Together, Source Studio's community provides great acts of service (Seva) by supporting the nearby butterfly garden and feeding the homeless at the river bottom. Source Studio is serving new Yogis of this era; who are out making the world a better place to live by reminding each other of the beauties of life through daily conscious actions.
Yogis today are not hiding in a meditative cave, both figuratively or literally. They are householders with families, raising conscious children, creating their own businesses based on passion and compassion, reminding people daily that love is a good place to be in and that life is for living, purposefully and healthfully. With a focus like this, the only option is abundance.
We are grateful to Guru, living enlightened master, Acharya Shree Yogeesh for his guidance and teachings! Scroll down for the many beautiful opportunities to get in on the fun and click here to learn more on how Source started and what it offers:
Click here to see and order the delicious juice for sale at Source through Jennifer’s Juice
Meet and learn more about Acharya Shree

May all hearts be open and full, 
Mohara Devi

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End of the Year Special!price-list/c1rs9

Schedule & Prices

This special class uses an aerial yoga hammock that swivels freely on a single point, taking your practice to a higher level. It allows you to deepen your stretch, be fully supported in the air, and serves as a tool you can hold on to for balance and a deepened practice. Whether you are a seasoned practitioner or just starting a Yogic practice, all sizes, styles and levels will gain strength, defy gravity, release fear and float to a deeper understanding of health and vitality. You will leave class feeling empowered, replenished, and lighter as you'll uplift your self and your practice.

CLASSES HELD * Wed 9:30am * Sat 8am * Sun 9am
Please register in advance to reserve space on a hammock
by calling (951) 500-5009 or online at!aerial-yoga/awut6

$15 Studio Member
$20 Welcomed Guest
$78 6-class pass
$144 12-class pass

Music: Nameless Energy

RSVP Here :!specialty-classes/cmzg
There is nothing like going deeper in class from the support of conscious, live music.
Join us in this special Yoga + Live Music class guided by Mohara Devi + DTO
Listen to the yoga album, Nameless Energy, that was recently endorsed by Deepak Chopra.
$11 Member 
$15 Guest 

* All Students who attend this class may have their
Aura Photo taken after at the discounted price of
Photos are only $10 for students who take 10:30am Yoga+Live Music class this Sunday!!
As available in the Parks and Recs City Guide ~ 


Is designed specifically for those with physical limitations and seniors. Chairs & modifications are offered so that the needs of each student are met. Yoga helps: Improve sleep quality and improve depression, reduce stress, help control blood sugar in people with diabetes, enhance respiratory function, help alleviate arthritis pain, increase bone density and prevent osteoporosis, improve balance and help with moderate chronic pain, and much more.

~ Please register in advance to ensure we'll have class ~ 

September 2nd - 23rd 

Fridays 11:00 ~ 11:45am

$44 Members
$55 Guest 
4 Sessions

*Call (951) 500-5009 to register without an online fee or come by during any class time to register in person :)!senior-yoga/w6tmb

For more information visit!specialty-classes/cmzg or call (951) 202-7266

Tue 12:15pm
* Wed 11am
* Fri 5:30pm
Strong, centered and devoted are words we'd use to describe Dorien. She completely reinvented her diet and outlook on life when she found us seven years ago and has since completed teacher trainings and now leads Tue lunchtime Yoga and Wed / Fri Intro to Yoga series. Students feel cared for in Dorien's class and gain profound understandings of Yoga as Dorien shares all she learns! The end of the year she will be studying in India and we are so grateful to have her back now!

Siri Adi
Thur 12:15pm
Siri Adi is a servant of love and a beacon of peace. She completed her Kundalini Yoga teacher training in Sedona three years ago and has been shining her light at Source ever since. Siri's Thur lunchtime Kundalini classes are complemented by the gong bath, transcending students into peace and bliss. Siri has a heart of gold. We're grateful for all she has done and that she is back at Source Studio!
Upcoming Specialties

September Schedule  ::  A month of Opportunity

Visit our website for more information
Save the Date :: 10/8 Elevated Awareness 12-3pm
Are you ready to Elevate your Awareness?
Join us in the elevation of your life with Yoga + Live Music + Nutrition.
Learn about the soul. Discover ancient teachings.
FREE Webinar with an Enlightened Master.
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