Water282 Update  |  June 2016
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Water 282 : Monthly Update

June 2014

During June, the Water 282 team concentrated on Pump Repair Training. It is very important for village members to understand the process on how to fix and repair broken or damaged pumps they have been provided. The water committee in the villages choose two village members from each community to undergo the special training. They are provided with training manuals and the Water282 team goes through, in detail, exactly how to repair and maintain the hand-pumps. These Area Pump Minders (APM) will work with the water committees to repair broken pumps and the water committees collect a little bit of money from each household which is then used to pay for spare parts and the APM labor. This ensures that the community is self-sufficient and taking care of the wells that we provide. The Water 282 team continuously does follow-ups and gives any additional training that may be required in order to keep the hand-pump in perfect working condition. 

Sustainability is the most important part of the entire process of giving a village clean, safe drinking water. It is a long, tedious process, but training APMs from every village is a big step towards long-term sustainability in the areas where we work.
Pump Repair Trainings are in full swing. (Image)
Our media team spent most of the month making “Thank-You” videos for each village we drilled last year.  You can have a look at one of the sponsor pages they created here:

You can see most of the videos we created on our Vimeo page here:
This video is from Chataluka Village. We provide thank-you videos to each partner who funds a well. The videos show how life is different with CLEAN water.
Below is a story from a villager from Mkatunya Village who received pump repair training explaining how he was empowered by the training.
Sostani Banda is a member of the Mkatunya Village and appreciates the knowledge and skills he has acquired from the pump repair training offered by Water 282 in his area. Sostani now believes that he is equipped to take on any broken well and bring it back to life! Sostani had an opportunity to learn the skill of fixing water wells once upon a time, but he never took it because he thought it was a waste of time. To this day, he regrets the decision he made because it came back to haunt him: the only water well his village could rely on for clean, safe water had broken down and there was nobody in the village with the skills to fix it properly. He and other village members had to contribute financially in hope of finding someone who could help them. Sostani is among the lucky ones who received a second chance; he was nominated by his village to attend the pump repair training held in Chatuluka village (a central point for the surrounding villages, including Mkatunya) and is a now certified hand pump technician in his area. Sostani says he learned the hard way and he now pledges to help his village as well as other villages with the knowledge he has acquired through participating in actual repairs and trainings. He is a now a representative of proper water well usage in the area so that people can continue having access to safe drinking water!  Sostani says thanks to Water 282 and Robertsdale UMC, who sponsored his village, as they are building a chain of knowledge and skills on important ventures which all lead to access SAFE DRINKING WATER!
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Water282 is tackling the world's leading health problem one well at a time, by connecting a local organization to an African village in extreme poverty to supply clean, safe drinking water.

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