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Stand Up for the Truth

If Technology Becomes Our Master
Oct 29, 2018 08:26 am | Stand Up For The Truth | Comments
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The world is changing rapidly and the capabilities of technology are increasing at an alarming rate. Technological devices that serve us today could one day be used to monitor and control us.

Patrick Wood of Technocracy News joins Mike and David to look at some of the frightening scenarios in the coming years. Once Artificial Intelligence is "let out of the bottle" can anything stop it from being used to enslave us?

In our final segments, we look at some sad and shocking stories including how professing Christians continue to fall for theologies and beliefs that the Bible warns us about. This is not a joke, but we'll discuss concerns about a self-proclaimed "Christian" Witch, and in another story, a modern-day "Prophet" of the Most High God.

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