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May 18th

Crafting-a-Life Books

Knit-a-Longs and More!

The Jumble Sale Kimono for the Widow Mayhew's Daughter

Next Up! The Jumble Sale Kimono for the Widow Mayhew's Daughter—this puppy is starting now, but as always with our KALs, they are as relaxed and pleasant as a comfy old sweater. Don't sweat starting right away and don't worry if it takes you some time to get your yarn. Head on over, let us know you're in, and chat with the marvelous Andi Smith while you enjoy a cuppa.

The Continuing Schedule—

June 2013 Like any good ninja, Kathleen Rogers will be defying the odds and hosting The Lady is a Ninja Knit-a-Long as we head into the summer months.

June-July 2013 keeping with the Woman in White theme, Heather Ordover will host the twisty-turny Fosco's Pret-Pret-Pretties socks Knit-a-Long.

August 2013 we have two KALs this month! Meg Warren's Counting Crows mittens will be running simultaneously with Kate Atherley's Anna Makarovna's socks. Two very different patterns that complement each other nicely and by knitting them now, you ensure warmth for you and yours during the colder months!

September 2013 for back-to-school, Jennifer Mauser brings you her Hester's Hope Knit-a-Longa good first-lace project as it's done with thicker yarn and needles, while giving experienced lace knitters some leeway with construction.  Julia Temisevä will also host her Foundling Mitts (colorwork and/or twistedKnit-a-Long giving you two design choices from one great story.

October 2013 as we move into shorter and colder days, Erica Hernandez's Land of Counterpane Knit-a-Long is sure to bring you comfort. And if you start now, you could easily have Todd Gocken's Ahab's Aran Gansey done in time for a stunning Christmas gift by joining his Knit-a-Long.

November 2013 AnneLena Mattison's Golden Gate Shawl Knit-a-Long comes right when you're going to need a warm hug, and  Saranac Hale Spencer's Knit-a-Long for Penelope's Shawl will remind us all to be steadfast as the days get darker.

January 2014 we skipped December, because... really, who has time? But we come bounding back at the start of the new year with Becky Greene's adorable Harriet Smith's Bag Knit-a-Long. In tandem with the color work bag we have a lovely lace shawl courtesy of Natalie Servant and her Marilla's Shawl pattern Knit-a-Long.

February 2014 during the coldest of months it is good to have a warm knitting project firmly in hand (and on lap) and what could be better than Becky Herrick's luscious Iseult's Dress Knit-a-Long to keep you warm and happy.

March 2014 Diane Trap will host The Misses Musgrove's mitts Knit-a-Long a great project to do with a young knitter who is dreamily in love. You can each knit secret messages into the palms. At the same time, Wendy McDonnell will host the Miss Jane Bennett's Fingerless Ball Gloves in a glamorous Knit-a-Long.

April 2014  Carrie Bradfield will host our first WEAVE-a-LONG Knit-a-Long for Trimalchio's Cushion. This gives you plenty of time to find a rigid heddle loom and go at it! (And will also give you a headsup as to why The Great Gatsby was nearly named Trimalchio in West Egg!)

May 2014  Penny Shima Glanz will help us Knit-a-Long in order to make our own springy little robins of love from the Ben Weatherstaff's Friend pattern.

We Might be able to squeeze a few more KaLs in, so keep checking the WWMDfK? group on Ravelry for updates.
* * *

Next Up in the series will be Madame Defarge's take on Shakespeare. Following that, the good Madame is going to go all Medieval on some yarn and get down with Chaucer (and fellow authors of that general time-period). Finally she will spend some quality time with Mrs. Hudson, Dr. Watson, and Sherlock Holmes (but mostly because she has a crush on Benedict Cumberbatch).

If you would like to submit a design to the Chaucer and/or Sherlock book, please feel free to toss your hat into our ring! The Pattern Submission form and details can be found on our WWMDfK site.

* * *
We're pleased to announce 
FREE CLASS DAY at Craftsy today!

Click here
Saturday 18 May only
and you can not only get a free class, but Craftsy will donate $5000 to Donors Choose to fund arts education in public schools. Everyone wins! (Did you know CP author Alasdair Post-Quinn is teaching a double knitting class on Craftsy? We also love Caro Sheridan's photography class Shoot It! and friend-of-CraftLit Gwen Bortner's class How to Teach it!

You can also join CP authors Kate Atherley, Anna Dalvi and Shannon Okey on a 7-day Caribbean cruise next January, starting from $1049 plus tax, including all classes. Email Linda at before July for details and watch for more.

* * *
Again, thank you so much for going on this ride with us. We hope it has been as much fun for you as it has for us and we hope you pass around the sign-up link for this mailing list so that we can let you know when the fun (and free goodies!) will begin for our Shakespeare book.

For all of this—and more—I am truly grateful.
Take care,

CraftLit * Just-the-Books

Heather Ordover • MamaOKnits

What's This All About, Then? 

We've learned from some of your emails that not everyone knows where or how these books started.

The Story Back in 2007, when CraftLit® podcast was working through A Tale of Two Cities, "What Would Madame Defarge Knit?" became the name of episode 45 — and a play on the WWJD? bracelets that were ubiquitous at the time (knitters needed a bracelet, too after all). Eventually the title of the episode became the title of a book series.

CraftLit podcast and its sister-show Just the Books—all the lit with none of the craft are both curated audiobook shows. In each episode the host discusses any tricky bits in the chapter before and after the book audio, making sure that even the most obscure joke can be gotten by a modern listener. Crafty content precedes book-talk in  CraftLit episodes. The host believes in "teaching to the joke" so unlike any dread memories of lit class, the show is a light-listen. The Ravelry group is active, smart, funny, and ever-growing.
Premium Audio is also available in smart phone streaming or downloadable formats and collected and edited versions of some of our books are available as Audiobooks with Benefits™ in our Shoppe.

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