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Tips for Dealing with Stress
Each year, I feel like the holiday season comes upon us earlier and faster than in the past. 

This year, I saw Christmas decorations before Halloween! All of the chatter about supply chains and buying early create an even more stressful tone to this season where we could benefit more from gratitude than consumption. 

Consumption can come in many forms: over-eating or indulging, purchasing too much or even binge watching tv, news or scrolling through social media constantly. 

The article below outlines 14 Ways to Deal with Stress. These are not new ideas, but may be a good refresher.

They were certainly good reminders for me!
  • Get outside-Nature heals
  • Move a little more-Every bit counts
  • Stick with a routine
  • Do something with your hands (besides mindless nibbling!)
  • Connect with your spiritual side
  • Visualize yourself calm-imagine a favorite place
  • Take a bath (or warm shower)
  • Make gratitude a regular practice 
  • Watch your vices
  • Get 7-9 hours of sleep every night 
  • Tune into your problems instead of tuning them out
  • Try the perspective of talking to yourself like a treasured friend 
  • Pay attention to your eating
I recently attended the Water Lantern Festival in Tempe where we created messages to launch in community. My messages were Love, Peace, Gratitude and Balance. It feels like everything can fall into these categories. 

However you celebrate, I am Wishing you and yours a season of Love, Peace, Gratitude and Balance. 

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