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Creative Juices Bubbling

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I don't know about you, but autumn is my favorite time of year-for everything. The cooler air, fires at night, rides on Boone over crunchy leaves, and watching the animals devour giant pumpkins.

It also is when I feel my creative juices bubbling beneath my skin and I have been painting again, and writing.  I've added some new work to the shop, including originals, prints and cards.

The main site is all new, and was created to not only let you see my art and illustration, but to feel the essence of Apifera and my life here.


Books and Writing

I'm very excited about a book proposal I have out -I can't say any more than that right now, and it will be some time before I know if it is accepted somewhere, but I am hopeful-stay tuned for that.

My two illustrated books are being sold nationally by the wonderful Ellie & Friends-they are being placed in wonderful indie shops all over. I'd love to hear your comments on the books and thank you to all who write me.


Animal and Farm News

Lots of new Misfits!! And let us not forgot-it is pumpkin season and The Misfits and the pigs have gone wacko for pumpkins!

We welcomed three new elders this summer-Floyd, a very noble elderly sheep; Victor, a very crippled and malnourished goat and his lady friend also crippled, Sophie.

We are building a new barn! The barn will help me separate the elders out for proper eating-many of them need special diets and meds, so a new barn will help with the chaos. It will also help with my hospice work and one on one healing sessions I hope to increase in the coming years.

We also have piglets, thanks to Earnest, and his ladies Doris and Pearly June.

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"Donkey Dream"
{A Love Story
of Pie & Farm}

Misfits of Love

Healing conversations between woman and animal helping her work through grief with the guidance of Nature

Art Cards

12 designs now
available at the Etsy Shop

Meet Pig and Pup!

Raggedy Sewing

Lavender stuffed charmers
are for sale at the shop.

Buy Apifera Farm's dried lavender bundles and bud. No pesticides and naturally fertilized by the farm's sheep.

Visit my work at Sundance

The Healing Tree

Read about how Marcella
and I had a healing moment
by our newly christened
Healing Tree


Smile of the Moment

How can anyone resist the face of Raggedy Man? Meet him and other at the blog.
Not a technical 'how-to" book, instead my goal
was to show you how I think as an artist and stay inspired with
144 pages of art and inspiration. At Amazon>

Buy a book!
A worn out bucket
seeks a new purpose
in life, and a little donkey
fits right in.
Katherine's new website showcases both her art and her emotive photography. More and more she is delving into photos to explore essence, and story..

My goat is a Notary

Yep, that's right. The Head troll is in charge of all official business in the barnyard.
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