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What you do today can improve all your tomorrows.
PHOTO: Paihia Dive
It's a bumper edition this month, our last for the year (until February 2016). There is just so much going on. Wow Paihia! What a year! Our community spirit thrives, our town is buzzing. Looking back over 2015 we've won awards, we've had workshops and working bees, community parties and public meetings, a new swimming pontoon, a new gate and seating on the Village Green, maintenance bees, the beginnings of the Bird Corridor, two Op Shop shows and a complete store renovation. We've seen Focus Paihia trustees depart and then the new in place. We've funded over 100 traps, helping to protect our wildlife. We've installed butt bins and we are building a mountain bike park! All of the above being achieved by volunteers - hours and hours of time and effort given freely, all for the love of our town. Our fantastic community. The team at Focus Paihia wish you all a safe and very happy holiday season. Thank you for making this such a great place to live, work and play. 
Sarah Greener is stepping down from her position as FOCUS PAIHIA TRUSTEE. It is hard to know how to thank Sarah for all that she has done for our community. But what we can do, is share with you some of the amazing work she has done, all the while behind the scenes... 
Sarah has been a highly committed and active Trustee since joining Focus Paihia. Her energy has covered volumes of paperwork and physical activities, all whilst juggling her own family and three businesses. She has been an integral board member and Treasurer on the Focus Paihia Communtiy Charitable Trust Board since 2010. In that time there have been a number of outstanding achievements including the creation of Horututu – Our Place, a project co driven by Sarah. She was one of the main facilitators of this project that has revitalised the local environment and is of immeasurable value to our town. It was the biggest Focus Paihia project to date and saw the waterfront carpark transformed into a community park. Horotutu – Our Place.  It is the jewel in the crown for Focus Paihia and the entire community is benefiting. As with all Focus Paihia projects this one required tremendous support from the community. Sarah helped to garner creativity, donated resources and volunteer people power, all which enabled us to achieve our goal. The park was built over a three month period. More than 250 volunteers contributed more than 9000 hours to the project.

Based on this project Focus Paihia won the Supreme Award at the Trustpower Far North Community Awards, in July 2014, outshining 63 outstanding entries. In March 2015 Focus Paihia took the national supreme title as the winner of the Trustpower National Community Awards, beating 24 other regional finalists. All finalists gave an eight-minute presentation and were judged on that presentation. Focus Paihia was represented by Sarah Greener and Grant Harnish.  Their presentation was exceptional and Focus Paihia were declared the winners. Trustpower community relations manager Suzi Luff said Focus Paihia was a great example of a group taking ownership of an opportunity and developing it for the best outcome for its community. Horotutu/Our Place, had revitalised the waterfront while lifting tourism and local pride. AND this award came just weeks after Paihia was named Community of the Year in the New Zealander of the Year Awards.
Sarah has made a tangible contribution to our town. She is well known for her immense work capacity and commitment to projects. She has participated and been involved in a number of communty organisations, working parties and project teams within Focus Paihia, Business Paihia, the Cruise Ship Ambassador Programme and most recently, the Waitangi Mountain Bike Park. The clearest example of this is Focus Paihia’s success with the implentation and triumph of Paihia Placemaking Projects. A concept of David Engwicht, a true talent, discovered and brought to Paihia by Sarah to help rejuvenate the look and feel of our town. With Focus Paihia, together the two have organised and presented a number of workshops over the past 4 years that have resulted in volunteer built, inspirational, user friendly spaces that have transformed Paihia. Over 20 projects have been completed with another 10 currently in progress.
The retail area of Paihia was suffering and the Mall at the centre of it all was in a delapidated state. This was a project the community has been crying out to do for years. Sarah recently helped facilitate a process whereby several landlords agreed to upgrade the precinct with input from the community. It was a significant task to get all of the interested parties together and agree, in order to complete a project that will lift the retail game in Paihia for the benefit of both the local community and visitors.

Sarah has given 100 percent commitment to all that she has done for Focus Paihia. Her involvement in the development of the Waitangi Mountain Bike Park highlights this commitment. This is a significant project, not only for Focus Paihia, but indeed for our entire region. She worked  with the project drivers through the Management Agreement process required with the Department of Conservation, to establish a non-commercial community mountain bike park in the Waitangi Endowment Forest. Sarah has been integral in the success of the project. She also put the original business plan together and  completed numerous funding applications.

Sarah said she was… “Feeling a bit emotional after I stepped down from Focus Paihia after 5 years. It's been an incredible journey with the most giving, motivated and just plain awesome people. Not perfect people but good honest people who just want to see good things happen in our community for the benefit of everyone. Master plans, wavy seats, street parties, flags on footpaths, ripping up carparks, putting down new community spaces, opening opshops, redesigning them, cleaning beaches, CCTV installations, toilets, many more placemaking projects, award winning place to work, live and play, swimming pontoons, bird feeding stations, murals, crossings, fundraisers, fashion shows, mountain bike parks, plenty of home baking, sitting on concrete and painting and staining seats, working as a community to affect so much positive change and I am sure so much more to come in the future. It was sad but a little bit relaxing to step back after all it has been a pretty busy few years”
Sarah is a role model in our communtity. Her volunteer efforts have been nationally recognised. She has shown consistent commitment to our area for the betterment of all. Focus Paihia would not have been the success it is without her time and commitment. The Focus Paihia Board acknowledges and thanks Sarah for her tremendous efforts over the past 5 years and wishes her all the very best in future endeavours. You will be greatly missed.
Following the announcement of Sarah Greener's departure we will soon be calling for Trustee nominations for the BUSINESS REPRESENTATIVE on the FOCUS PAIHIA BOARD. Nominations will close at the end of January 2015. Details will follow shortly via email.
The FOCUS PAIHIA COMMUNITY CHARITABLE TRUST next board meeting is in Febuary 2016. The FPPCT Board usually meets on the first Tuesday of the month but moving forward will meet on the second Tuesday of the month, so the next meeting is Tuesday 9 February 2016.
It was another wonderful night at the Focus Op Shop Fashion Show held on 2 December. Over 120 people of all ages attended and a great night was had by all. Once again ALONGSIDE did us proud with their sponsorship of the evening, Thank you to SARAH, GAEL & MIKE, JONNY CASH and the ENTIRE CREW OF ALONGSIDE who worked extremely hard to get everything ready, after a busy 'cruise ship' day.   The nibbles were wonderful, thank you CHEF and the KITCHEN CREW. Wine for the evening was donated by HANCOCK WINES and local vineyard BYRNE NORTHLAND WINES (previously Fat Pig Winery) plus ALONGSIDE for which we thank you. To CAT LOGAN who is in Ireland, good luck and thank you too.
Thank you to the 'all star' models were DIANN and BOB GLEN,RHONDA BLAKIE, LUCY DOUL, KATJYA  CAULTON, TAUNAHA SMITH, SANDY JENSEN and GEOFF WILLIAMS.  And to the front of house 'all star' staff GILL SECCOMBE, MARGARET GREY, TERESA BOWATER, HELEN TEHARRA, SUE PIN, JENNY GEE, SHARON PABIROSKI, JEN BLANCHON and GLORIA HAWKINS. The show would not be possible without the support of these wonderful volunteers who not only do this, but work in the shop as well. Thanks to hair stylist LISA DOVE and to make up artist ANALISE BERGMAN (who stepped in at the last minute). Thanks to LARA KAY PHOTOGRAPHY for the great shots and to NICK LAIRD for the great runway tunes, perfectly selected for each look. Thank you to cat walk minder and mover BRUCE GORDON.  We know it is hefty work! Raffle prizes were donated by JILL & MURRAY JENKINS,  PAIHIA PHARMACY and by DARRYL & SHELLY HONEY, DARRYL'S DINNER CRUISE. Great prizes, thank you. As you can see there is a lot of work and planning to make an evening a success and it could not be done without the support of all of these wonderful people.

After the show visitors to the town said what a great evening they had had and were taking the idea back to their own local Op Shop.  They were blown away by the great community spirit we have. Good one Paihia, our fame is spreading!  Well done once again to show organiser extraordinaire KATH WILLIAMS and all of the OP SHOP SHOW TEAM for yet another superb night of fashion and fun. Look forward to the next!
If you enjoyed the photos above, to see more fun shots (in particular Bob and Geoff''s great catwalk moves!) click HERE for the full show album. ALL PHOTOS: Lara Kay Photography
KATH WILLIAMS reports that they have been busy in the shop with the cruise ship days and the staff have been working more hours. They still need more volunteers so if you have a few hours to spare and like meeting nice people, please pop into the shop with your contact details. Looking for Christmas presents that are not expensive? Call in and see what is on offer, there are some amazing evening dresses and designer wear at very good prices. Unfortunately they are still get rubbish
left at the door and handed in. Please don't be offended if the staff ask to check the bags to see if it's suitable for them to sell.   November costs for the tip were $200, that's money that could and should be spent on our town. Finally KATH would like to wish you a happy and safe Christmas holiday and thank you for all your support.
Earlier this year volunteer LINDA WHYTE / HABITS - HANDY ACCOUNTING, BOOK KEEPING, INFORMATION & TRAINING SERVICES LTD began supporting our Treasurer managing the Focus Paihia accounts. She gives many hours each month preparing the financial statements, keeping the accounts and bill payments up to date. Dealing with the numerous invoices alone, is a significant job whist the many projects are underway. Thank you Linda for your time, efforts and contribution to this community. With Sarah's departure we will need you more than ever!
A familiar sight is to be seen back on the streets of Paihia for the Summer season. The TOWN CUSTODIAN TEAM are underway. VERN WITEHIRA and his new crew, are doing the rounds 7 days a week until 9 February 2016. Their day starts after FNDC Rec Services finish their morning shift. You'll see the team on duty from 12pm - 6pm working hard at keeping our town tidy. The Town Custodian programme is funded by the FAR NORTH DISTRICT COUNCIL and is managed by FOCUS PAIHIA.
PHOTO: Town Custodians - Janina Zeigler, Vern Witehira, Julia Reuffurth.
The Paihia Review 2015 has a sub-heading 'Celebrating Our Community' and that is largely what it is about, listing the marvellous things that are happening in Paihia and around. The contents include… Local Politics, Paihia Community of the Year 2015 Application - Recent Initiatives, Substantial Works in Progress, Highlighted Organisations In Revitalisation and finally the Handbook of Community Organisations and Services.  $20. Available from The Focus Paihia Op Shop
, The I-Site, 
The Paihia Bookshop, 
Boots Off
, Friends of Williams House Book Garage, Paihia Ex-Servicemens Club and Bay Physio.
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It has been hot up there on there on the hill but with the fine weather the diggers have been moving steadily, making great progress. Zone 2 of the Park is taking good shape. SOUTHSTAR TRAILS, supported by the CORRECTIONS CREW have completed all of Descending Track 2 (1.4km, grade 2) a portion of Track 1 (grade 3) and almost all of track 3 (1.4km, grade 4)  the Native bush section of this track was completed over the weekend. Southstar have excavators working on the Family Cross Country Track (Track 4) around the wetland, and will complete this before the Christmas break. So by the time the crews sign off for the silly season we will have over 12km of single track! Awesome! Following the Christmas break Southstar return to work on Climbing Track 7, followed by more downhill trails 5,6,1 - which have already been marked out, wIth many more in the pipeline after that - so make sure to ask Santa for a bike for Christmas! PHOTOS: Southstar Trails
PHOTOS: It's been hard going due to the nature of the ground in the WEF.  A veritable slash fest at times.  A  portion of track had to be filled with rocks last week, to build up the level. Southstar and Corrections both attacked this!
Yahoo! We have enough money to keep the crews going after Christmas. Also there are sizeable funding applications lodged with NRC and Foundation North and we will know the outcome of these at te end of February.  In the meantime we are still chasing funds form our community to match the Rotary Challenge...

The BAY OF ISLANDS ROTARY CLUB are right behind us and will match every dollar up to $15,000 if it is donated before Christmas! Please help us reach this goal. We are over half way there with $8000 donated since the announcement. Only 10 days to go! If you a have been thinking about donating please, do it now, or pledge now (and pay in January) as per the details below.  DONATE via GIVE A LITTLE.  CLICK HERE to Give A Little
Alternatively if you are a 
BUSINESS and keen to be part of the "Keep it up Club" ($1000) receiving acknowledgement in the Focus Paihia Newsletter and on the Waitangi Mountain Bike Park website (website yet to be developed) please click on the link below to print the Keep it Up Club FormAny completed forms received between now and 24 December will also count towards The Andrew Thomson Rotary Challenge. Complete and return as soon as possible. There is the option to pay by instalments or in full at the end of January 2016. CLICK HERE FOR A KEEP IT UP CLUB - FORM

The Waitangi Endowment Forest is a hive of activity with the construction of the Mountain Bike Park. SOUTHSTAR TRAILS currently have three 1.7 tonne diggers and a team of six staff working on the trail construction team. But thanks to some good planning and committed individuals, park progress does not mean our native species are being put in danger. 
At the DEPARTMENT OF CONSERVATION’S  (DOC) request, marked tracks are being checked daily for kiwi by FOCUS PAIHIA Employed by Focus Paihia, Kiwi contractor STEVE MCMANUS and his kiwi dog FLOW, have been working in the forest for the last 2 months. There had been no sightings of kiwi until last Friday morning, when Flow located an adult female roosting under a thick clump of pampas along a track. “She gets very animated when she knows a kiwi has crossed the track in the night or is roosting nearby” said Steve. “Fortunately the bird was about 60 meters ahead of one of the diggers, so the guys downed tools and Scott and Johnny from the digger crew had a look at where the bird was roosting. They were stoked to see a wild kiwi up close. It’s surprising how few kiwis have ever seen a kiwi in the wild, and the incident showed just why we need to take these precautions to keep these birds safe”. PHOTO: Southstar Trails crew member Scott Taylor, following guidance from kiwi safe expert Steve McManus, holds a kiwi in the correct way. A lifetime memory for both Kiwis.
The Waitangi Endowment Forest is a pine forest which is managed by DOC and harvested when the trees reach maturity. Steve said “Kiwi numbers in the forest are tracking upwards and their continued survival can be put down to ongoing pest control in the forest and our contractors following kiwi-safe harvest practices during logging and roading operations”.
“We have learnt a lot about the ecology of the kiwi living in Waitangi Forest. We know they rely on the wetlands in the forest as safe areas to feed and retreat to, particularly during a drought. When we get heavy and prolonged rain, they retreat to the edge of the swamp and make their nests up higher, away from water courses and swamps” said Steve.
Agitated by her early Friday morning wakeup, the kiwi was released to the safety of the swamp. It’s sure to be a morning the kiwi, and the track building team, won’t forget.
The crew are operating daily in the forest, Monday to Friday, 7am-5pm, with some weekend work possible, weather dependant, until 23 December. They are working in the valleys to the east of Bledisloe Rd, and along the southern side of Te Wairoa Rd, from Manuka Rd towards the Quarry. Beware Machinery Operating - Signage is placed on the roadside to indicate if the crews are working ahead. A new page is up on the Focus Paihia website that will be kept up to date with information regarding Waitangi Mountain Bike Park works. Please click HERE to link to the page.
There is still work yet to be done to complete these world class trails. All Waitangi Mountain Bike Park trails remain closed until the Park officially opens. Riding on Waitangi Mountain Bike Park trails, whether they be under construction or complete, is currently strictly prohibited. 
The Forestry roads are shared by many recreational users - horse riders, mountain bikers, walkers and hikers. SAFE RIDING ETIQUETTE is a must! STOP STAND SPEAK. Below is a link to the approved Safe Riding Etiquette for the Waitangi Endowment Forest and the Waitangi Mountain Bike Park. If you are currently utilising the Waitangi Endowment Forest for recreation as a horse rider, mountain biker, walker or hiker, then reading this document is a must. Also linked below is '"RULES OF THE TRAIL"'  These are guidelines for trail behaviour that are recognized around the world. The International Mountain Bicycling Association developed the "Rules of the Trail" to promote responsible and courteous conduct on shared-use trails. (Shared use trails are the forestry roads in the Waitangi Endowment Forest) It is important to keep all users safe and happy in the Forest.
Dogs, motorbikes and hunting are prohibited in the Waitangi Endowment Forest.
Link to RULES OF THE TRAIL, developed by IMBA.
Please click on the links below;
The working bee held on Saturday 28 November saw hard core volunteers BRIAN RAPHAEL, BRUCE GORDON, GARY LUCAS and HENK KUIPER working away in the rain. They built the first seat, a 'relax and climbing project' on the PAIHIA VILLAGE GREEN next to the shops. Digging the holes, pouring in the concrete to make a solid foundation before they could start building. Luckily there were several people that brought in lunch to give the workers more energy. That was much appreciated. Brian and Henk kept on working on Sunday and then finished later that week with the help of NICK GALAMA & ROB and DAVID RAPLEY. Within minutes of the volunteers finishing the project there were people all over the seat/s. TOP ENERGY is working on the electricity transfer station near the roadside edge of the Green so the phantom group will finish the other projects later in the summer. Well done to all of you for your great efforts the fruits of which will be enjoyed by many! Thank you.
PHOTO: Stage one of the project all done! A great place to have lunch. Thanks CRAIG SALMON and TEAM!
The project is progressing well for a large roadside wooden carving to commemorate the COMMUNITY OF THE YEAR and TRUSTPOWER AWARD wins and celebrating our magnificent community spirit.
The trophy Focus Paihia received for winning the Trustpower Awards is the design. The concept of the piece is about community looking after those who need assistance. The sheltered and smaller koru to the right are the citizens who need assistance. The koru to the left are the grass roots of community who support from within, the people on the street level. The delicate weaving pattern running down the left depicts the weaving together of individuals to form strong community bonds.

The wood has been delivered and the carving is being done by the
NORTHERN REGION CORRECTIONS FACILITY. It will take some time, as all good things do, but here is the beautiful TOTARA wood they are working with...
The project to erect ‘bird boards’ in respective places along the foreshore (to enable people to identify the species they see) is almost complete. Many of the signs will be up by Christmas. 
TUTURIWHATU - NEW ZEALAND DOTTEREL. Paihia's endangered dotterels are nesting on the mainland near the Yacht Club for the first time in many years. It will be great to have the signs up to let visitors know what to look for. The chicks are very small and look like fluffy bumblebees with long legs. They too are well camouflaged and very hard to see and they can run from the day they hatch. Please stay well away from them so they don't get stressed.  
The PAIHA CHRISTMAS PARADE 2015 was a fabulous evening albeit a little damp, though failing to dampen the christmas spirits of all those involved. It was a great turnout of magnificent floats, the standard of creativity growing year after year making our Paihia parade the most spectacular in the north! No bias here! The BEST COMMUNITY FLOAT was jointly won by PAIHIA KIDS MUSIC CLUB with their super mums & dads and PAIHIA WAITANGI KINDERGARTEN, with Maui and a beautiful sun. Taking out the BEST BUSINESS FLOAT was PAIHIA EARLY CHILDHOOD CENTRE with a homage to the Fire Service and Police which was an impressive display of float building skills. We will look forward to what this talented group bring us in the furture. Taking out the GRAND PRIZE for best overall float was PAIHIA 'SUPER HERO' SCHOOL for another year running. Principal JANE LINDSAY made a breathtaking sight 'flying' above and the enthusiasm of the students is what always gets them over the line. Great Stuff! Thanks to BUSINESS PAIHIA INC for organising this great community event. Cant wait for next year! PHOTOS: Peter de Graaf/Northern Advocate
The Paihia Friday Night Street Food Market is up and running! The inaugural night on 4 December, was a great night with many delicious delights on offer - Mexican, Chilean BBQ, mussels, whitebait fritters and much more. Thanks to all of the visitors, locals and volunteers who came to support the very first night of the Street Food Market. It was incredibly well received and great to see so many people enjoying this part of town again. Most of the vendors sold out before closing time which was fantastic. Look forward to many great evenings to come and to evolving our local street-food culture into a vibrant gastronomical feature of the region. Come along and check it out! The market operates  every Friday 5pm - 10pm offering Food, Music and Positive Vibrations! 
The PAIHIA LANES are almost complete. It is now hard to remember the fright that was there before. The Lanes team have been getting excellent feedback, with not only the locals loving it. Already there are more
and more people 'hanging out' enjoying the space, something not seen in there for years! The Friday night food festival is a roaring success with many more fun events planned to come. The space is shaping up to be a great party venue - FULLERS GREAT SIGHTS held their Christmas Party in The Lanes last week, the space performing well beyond expectations. CHARLES PARKER, GM of Fullers Great Sights spoke, saying that if he had said they were having the party in the mall a year ago people would have thought him mad, where as now it was a credit to all involved. 
Paihia's blessed again with yet more great work from DAVID ENGWICHT and PATRICK CRAWSHAW. Well done you guys for all of your efforts, giving us back the centre of our town. And thank you to all of the PAIHIA LANES LANDLORDS for heeding the cries of their community and for making this upgrade possible.
Our annual 6th of February TIRITI O WAITANGI COMMEMORATIONS provides a great opportunity for us as Kiwi’s to showcase our nations culture, history and heritage. The Dawn Ceremony, Navy parades, Waka demonstrations, discussion forums, food outlets, trade stalls, carnivals, performances and concerts, all create an electrifying atmosphere that draws an estimated 30,000 visitors from all over the country.
WAITANGI MARAE plays a key role and is the main focal point leading up to this epic event. The local families carry on their shoulders the tremendous responsibility of hosting the nation. If the Marae doesn’t have a sufficient number of helpers, the massive workload is often left to the few same old faces whose task it is to manage the administration, logistics, security, health and safety, media, toilet cleaning, rubbish disposal, laundry and Marae stay sleeping arrangements. But the most exhausting job of all, that requires major effort, is in the kitchen. Peeling potatoes, cutting up meat, cooking, serving meals, clearing plates, washing dishes, setting up tables in the dining room etc. The amazing thing is, the public are so distracted by the politics in the media that people are oblivious to the fact that, behind the scenes, there is a group of voluntary workers providing all this man power, without pay, to make it all possible.
FOCUS PAIHIA MAORI REPRESENTATIVE, NGATI KAWA TAITUHA is calling for VOLUNTEERS to support the Waitangi Marae. If you have a spare hour or if you have 50 hours, register your interest and then you will be rostered on any day that you’re available, between 2nd of February to 7th of February 2016. It’s not a glamorous job but the most meaningful thing you may get out of it is getting to know these gracious local families who do all this work without ever expecting any recognition or acknowledgement for what they’ve done for years and years. So, if you are genuinely interested in this opportunity to have a unique behind the scenes experience on the internationally renowned, Waitangi Marae, please get in touch with Ngati Kawa via  Hey and you never know, you might be able to get a quick selfie with the Prime Minster, Governor General, Rear Admiral of the Navy, Chief Justice of New Zealand, Cabinet Minister, Member of Parliament, Councillor or a famous Celebrity, as they are often part and parcel of the Waitangi Marae Commemorations Powhiri, CLICK!
BAY BUSH ACTION the local pest control group working to restore the forest behind Paihia are celebrating after the discovery of three new native birds in the pest controlled area. A LONG TAILED CUCKOO, a WEKA and a SPOTLESS CRAKE have all been seen or heard for the first time here in many years.  The weka was first heard then later was snapped by a trail camera which was placed in the forest. The camera takes photos day or night whenever it senses movement.
WEKA (above) have not been seen in the area for well over 30 years.  In the 1940 they had disappeared from Northland and most other parts of the North Island except the Gisborne area. People tried releasing them in the Opua State Forest in the 50’s but with no pest control they soon all died off. The LONG TAILED CUCKOO (photo below) and the SPOTLESS 
CRAKE (photo above right) are very secretive birds and were both heard but not seen. The Long Tailed Cuckoo is a summer migrant to New Zealand. During winter, long-tailed cuckoos occur in an arc of Pacific islands extending 11,000 km from Palau in the west to Henderson Island in the east. They are much larger than the common shinning cuckoo.  The Spotless Crake make weird bubbling sounds, live in the wetlands and is only about half the size of a blackbird.  
Are you worried about rates... the ever increasing cost against ever declining services? The PAIHIA AND DISTRICT RESIDENTS AND RATEPAYERS ASSOCIATION's main purpose is to monitor the activities of our local councils - both Regional and District, and of Council Controlled Organisations (CCOs), and to provide
an advocacy role on behalf of local residents and ratepayers. Local includes Opua, Te Haumi, Paihia, Waitangi, Haruru Falls, to Puketona, out to Pakaraka (and back to Opua, via Oromahoe Rd). The Committee meets in the Paihia War Memorial Hall on the 2nd Monday of every month - 7pm (till 9pm). All residents and ratepayers are welcome to attend, and to join in the open floor session. Recent submissions to FNDC were about the Freedom Camping Policy Review, and about proposed Plan Change 20 - on the Transportation chapter of the District Plan. We are currently reviewing Annual Reports (to end of June 2015), and preparing an advocacy statement to contribute to the drafting of the next Annual Plan (applies from July 2016) - given what wasn't done last year and isn't being done this year, that we think is important.

Join the Facebook group page we have set up, where you will find a copy of the Constitution, Agenda and Minutes, as well as past submissions. 
The Paihia and District Residents' and Ratepayers' Association look forward to growing their membership this year, and increasing their advocacy for this area, in the lead up to the next local Government election to be held in Sept or Oct. Visit Dianne Quinn in the Ray White Real Estate Office to pick up a membership form - or ask any of the other Committee members.
Thurs 17 Dec 2015, 6pm social/bar, 6.30pm talk, Scenic Hotel, Paihia  | Koha | Families welcomed
The second of the  VOICES OF LAND AND SEA PUBLIC TALK SERIES  featuring STEVE & RILEY HATHAWAY from the TV series YOUNG OCEAN EXPLORER. Listen to Steve Hathaway and his daughter Riley, a passionate 14-year-old ocean ambassador, tell you about their world as Young Ocean Explorers. Their passion is to create stories to inspire kids to love our ocean. In February 2015 they self-published their first book called ‘Young Ocean Explorers - Love Our Ocean’ and in August 2015 gave a copy of the book and video series to every school in NZ and the Cook Islands (approximately 2560 schools). They have recently produced Series 2 of the show which screened on What Now on TV2. Riley’s larger than life personality lights up the room …and keeps her dad on his toes!
You will be able double your weekly fix of fresh local produce over Christmas and New Year from the BAY OF ISLANDS FARMERS MARKET on the PAIHIA VILLAGE
GREEN. They will be operating on Tuesday 22 Dec & Thursday 24 Dec and Tuesday 29 & Thursday 31 Dec from 2pm to 5.30pm. After the New Year, the market will operate as normal on Thursday's. Get your summer berries, fresh
fruit salad ingredients and other holiday treats. THE BOI FARMERS MARKET wish to thank everyone for supporting them over the last year and would like to wish you a Merry Christmas and happy New Year.
Wednesday 24 December, from 6.30pm, Horotutu - Our Place, Marsden Rd, Paihia. Join in for a sing along! Bring a picnic & blanket if you like. All welcome. Organised by the Churches of Paihia. Contact Pastor Daniel Flanagan 402 7019.
THE BUSINESS CHRISTMAS DECORATION COMPETITION: In December last year the town looked bright and festive with the businesses making a great effort decorating their shops. Business Paihia would love to create the Christmas spirit again. The whole town is looking amazing with the changes in the Lanes so it won’t be too hard! The judging will be on 23rd December, the judges will wander through in the afternoon and also come back in the evening around 8.30pm. This year judging is based on a combination of things;
 1. The Christmas decoration of your shop and window 
2. Christmas lighting at night - could be outside your shop or in your window. There is a hamper full of goodies for first, second and third place, plus a trophy for the winner!
: Last year people got so much pleasure driving around to look at the lights and decorations up on the houses.  If you would like to enter your house in the competition please register by emailing Residential judging will on the evening of 21st December.  There is a hamper full of goodies for first, second and third place.
3 - 10 January 2016. BUSINESS PAIHIA INC again bring us the SUMMER FESTIVAL which has been run ever summer for 20 years now! It is a fantastic event – Visiting families are known to tie in their annual summer holiday with the Summer Festival dates each year as they enjoy it so much.  Each year there are new events - this year the FLYING KIWI PARASAIL PIRATE DAY, ANNE OF CRAICOR CARDBOARD CREATIONS! And a DANCE WORKSHOP with DDF DANCE STUDIO. Look forward to...
Bay of Islands Rotary Club “Beach Dig and Fun Day out!”
Northland Age “Monster Mural Painting” 
Dance Moves Workshop!  
Bay Beach Hire – “Fun On The Green” 
Paihia Photos “Digital Photography Safari”
Bay Beach Hire – “Kids Multisport Event” 
Anne of Craicor “Cardboard Creations!”  
Cellini’s – “Street Smart Funky Art Pavement Drawing” 
Flippa Ball - Panorama Haruru Falls Resort
Paihia Dive – “Kids Fishing Competition”
Flying Kiwi Parasail “Pirate Day” 
ITM Bay of Islands and Wattyl – “Build a boat!”
Harcourt’s Real Estate “Sandcastle Competition”
Monday – Friday,  11th January - 29th January 2016. Looking for some holiday entertainment? Head to Waitangi Treaty Grounds and join their school holiday programme. It’s fun, it’s educational and it’s FREE! Please note: All children must be accompanied by an adult, regular adult entry fees to Waitangi Treaty Grounds for adults apply. See more at:
6 February 2016 Waitangi Day at the WAITANGI TREATY GROUNDS starts at 5am with the traditional Dawn Service in Te Whare Rūnanga, the carved meeting house. Throughout the day there is continuous entertainment at three different areas of the grounds: Upper Treaty Grounds, Waka Stage and the Sports Field opposite the Treaty Grounds. Some 150 market stalls have art, craft, clothing and a large variety of food for sale. Children’s activities include bouncy castles, kids racing cars and sports games. - See more at
6 February 2016, 1:30pm - 4:30pm @ St Paul’s Anglican Church, 36 Marsden Road, Paihia. Listen to significant New Zealanders ‘tell their story’ about their journey in history and engagement with justice issues.
BRADFORD HAAMI is a Maori Writer, and a TV and Film Producer, Director and Scriptwriter. Brad’s passion for storytelling and expertise in Māori culture has seen him produce exploratory works on Māori knowledge systems, history and biography. His book Ka Mau Te Wehi Taking Haka To The World (The life of Bub and Nen Wehi) won the 2013 Ngā Kupu Ora Best Māori Biography of the Year Award. Brad is of Ngati Awa and lives in Auckland.
ELIZABETH LUDBROOK is a great-great grand-daughter of Henry and Marianne Williams, who came to New Zealand as Missionaries in 1823 and formed the Paihia Mission Station. Elizabeth is passionate about the project that she works on in Paihia, together with a team of dedicated people, to build/create a Museum and Mission Village in Paihia that gives light for all time on the lives and the effect that these early Missionaries had, together with leading Maori figures, on the foundation of European settlement in N.Z.  
KEITH NEWMAN is a journalist, writer, poet and occasional radio producer with 40-years experience in mainstream and trade media. He has published two books on the Māori prophet T.W. Ratana, and the books Bible & Treaty – Missionaries Among the Maori (Penguin, 2010) and Beyond Betrayal – Trouble in the Promised Land (Penguin, 2013). Keith and his wife, Paula, live in Haumoana, Hawke’s Bay.

This is a free event, but a koha/donation is appreciated (at door or via the website) 
Brought to you by registered charity Karuwha Trust: ‘Know the story you are a part of'.
Held 8:30am to 10am, the first Sunday of every month. Coming dates - 3 Jan 2016 and 7 Feb 2016 on the Paihia Village Green. Classic Cars, Hot Rods and Custom. Free admission. All welcome! For more details contact Tracy 0274 983 557.
BAY BEACH CLEAN Every second Sunday of the month. Coming dates 10 Jan & 14 Feb. This local group make a real difference to the community we live in. Bay Beach Clean does not require donations, they only need locals to lend a hand. You can help as often or as little as you like.For more details or to register visit their website
Held on the Paihia Village Green when cruise ships are in the Bay. Coming dates - 15, 17, 18, 23, 27, 30, 31 Dec. 2, 11, 13, 18, 20, 26, 27, 28 Jan, 1, 7, 8, 9, 12, 13, 15, 20, 22, 27 Feb 2016.
The PAIHIA FARMERS MARKET is on from 2:00pm - 5:30pm every Thursday afternoon on the Paihia Village Green. Please see note above for Christmas/New Year dates.
PAIHIA KIDS MUSIC CLUB  is a great opportunity to interact with your child and watch them interact with others. On every Friday from 10am to 11:30am (excluding primary school and public holidays) at the Uniting Parish, 35 Kings Rd, Paihia. Please bring a a little plate/light snack and $2 Koha per family.
PAIHIA TENNIS CLUB INC. McMurray Road, Paihia. 3 all weather courts. Annual Subs: Senior $85.00, Family $170.00, Junior (under 15) $40.00, Corporate (Motels etc.) $300.00 Casual court hire also available $20.00/hour. Keys are available and fees can be paid at the I-Site and at Admirals View Motel opposite the Tennis Courts. Subs can be paid to Gary Sherwood/Casa Bella Motel, next to the Tennis Courts. For any information about the Club please contact: Basil Umuroa 09 4028389 or 027 2804689
Free ads for anyone with a small unique new business venture or event. The same station also runs in Kerikeri, so anything about Paihia gets heard over there too. For details please contact Peter 0274937025.
SEA BREEZE TOASTMASTERS is looking for new members. Toastmasters is a great forum for learning communication and leadership skills. Sea Breeze Toastmasters meets on the 1st and 3rd Thursday of each month. For more information contact Debbie 402 5639,
ST PAULS CHURCH is a Local Shared Ministry Unit. Often referred to as "The Stone Church", it is built opposite Taiputuputu Pahi Beach on Marsden Road. It's position, history and appearance, make it one of the best known churches in New Zealand. Services are every Sunday at 10am.  The first and third Sundays of the month are Morning Service and the other Sundays are Holy Communion . 
Upstairs on the corner of 150 Marsden Road & Davis Cresent, Paihia.
 Sunday Service 10am. Bay of Islands Christian Fellowship has been part of the local community since 2002. Pastors Daniel and Susan Flanagan  - Ph 4027019. Also on Facebook 
Did you know that the big island several hundred metres out from the Paihia wharf is called MOTU MAIRE? Prior to the signing of Te Tiriti O Waitangi 1840, MOTU MARIE was a place where the Ngapuhi Tohunga Priests would hold their waananga or school of higher learning to train their students in the disciplinary arts of witchcraft and wizardry. MOTU means island. MAIRE is the name of a native tree, one of NZ’s hardest woods. The heart is black due to its denseness. By reciting ancient subatomic genealogies, Ngapuhi Tohunga Priests would bend time, space and matter to not only kill the Maire tree with the power of the mind but to also bring it back to life. Many great Seers, Prophets and Visionaries, such as the chief Te Kemara, graduated from this school of higher learning. MOTU MAIRE is the Ngapuhi tribes enchanted island that is protected by a sacred and powerful veil to preserve the encoded secrets of a multidimensional universe.


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