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Director's Message

 A major area of research at CEPAR revolves around resources in retirement - how ageing populations across the world prepare financially for the gradually increasing period spent in retirement.
CEPAR, in partnership with CESifo, a major German think-tank, has spearheaded a major initiative to tackle one of the most contentious aspects of retirement incomes – how they are taxed. Late last year we held a conference in Sydney, and this was followed up with a meeting in Munich early this month. more
CEPAR Research: projects, people, presentations and publications
CEPAR People 
Professor Michael Keane
CEPAR Chief Investigator Michael Keane shares his time between UNSW and Oxford University, where he holds joint appointments.  He recently spent time at CEPAR’s UNSW office working with researchers, attending conferences and presentations, and considering new ways to model choice when people are faced with complex options.

Professor Keane is internationally lauded for his work in choice modelling, an important contributor to projects in our Research Strand:  Cognition and Decision Making  more

Visiting CEPAR in August, Associate Professor Moshe Milevsky of York University, Toronto, delivered Equitable retirement income tontines: Mixing cohorts without discriminating, in our Pensions and Superannuation Seminar, series. 

Research Fellow George Kudrna presented on Pension reforms: The experience of Australia at the International Seminar on Social Security Reform  Providing Adequate Benefits for All and Adapting to Future Megatrends.  The event, 19 - 20 August, was organised by BPJS Ketenagakerjaan (Social Security Board on Employment), a newly reformed organisation in Indonesia initiating a world-wide knowledge exchange in social security reform. 

Associate Investigator Kate O'Loughlin  presented Australia's baby boomers as the future older generation at the International Symposium on Ageing and Old Age in Asia Pacific, Kyushu University, Japan 20-21 August. This paper, co-authored with Helen Feist and Hal Kendig, will be included in the collated presentations for a Handbook on Ageing and Old Age in Asia Pacific for publication in 2016. 

Deputy Director Professor Peter McDonald led a number of  CEPAR researchers and students to the  Asian Population Association's  3rd International  ConferenceMalaysia where they participated in oral and poster sessions.

CEPAR's website features four new Working Papers:

Taxing Pensions of an Internationally Mobile Labor Force by Honorary Professor Dr Robert Holzmann

Informal Long Term Care in China and Population Ageing: Evidence and Policy Implications by Bei Lu, Xiaoting Liu and John Piggott

The Australian Retirement System: Seven Alternatives by Associate Investigator Cagri Kumru, Jessica Loke and John Piggott
ECRs off site, on topic 
CEPAR's Early Career Researchers (ECRs) gathered in Bowral recently for a weekend of information sharing, discussion and planning. Researchers spent two days presenting their research,  and participating in exercises to explore ways to increase multidisciplinary collaboration and end user engagement.
Professional Partnering
Dee Bryant is CEPAR's recently appointed Stakeholder Relationships Manager. In this new role for CEPAR, she will further develop strategy and initiatives supporting two-way engagement with industry, government, academia and the not-for-profit sector. more

2015 Diary

Pensions and Superannuation Series

How portfolios evolve after retirement: Evidence from Australia by Olena Stavrunova
21 September 12-1pm

Super and Not So Super: Confessions Based on the Empirical Research of an American Pensions Law Professor by Paul Segunda 
28 September 12 -1pm 

**Full Program Available**
APRU Symposium
Sydney 27 - 29 September

UNSW Australia and CEPAR co-host the APRU Ageing in the Asia-Pacific Research Symposium.  Keynote presenters will include

James P. Smith, Chair, Labor  Markets and Demographic Studies, RAND Corporation
Henry Brodaty, Director, Dementia Collaborative Research Centre, UNSW 
Philip O’Keefe, Lead Economist Human Development, Asia Pacific, The World Bank

Several papers will be presented in each Session, which, as well as Plenaries, include :
 - Aged Care
 - Elderly Wellbeing
 - Economics & Demographics
 - Physiological & Biological


ERA 2015 Conference
Melbourne 7 - 8 December
The theme is 'Bringing Research to Life' more



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