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Published Wednesday 07 September 2016
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Typhoon for Tokyo

07SEP Tropical Storm Malou is tracking towards Tokyo and expected to intensify. Multiple Japanese airports are likely to be affected ... Read the article

New Shanwick/NAT procedure

07SEP Shortly all FANS 1/A flights will get a "CONFIRM ASSIGNED ROUTE" message from Oceanic ATC (Shanwick, Reykjavik, Gander) shortly after entering their OACC, to mitigate against Gross Nav Errors. Read the article


Wednesday 7th September

 These are new items for this week. "Active Bulletins" from previous weeks are in the full briefing summary further down. 

HHZZ/Eritrea The US State Dept has issued a Travel Warning for Eritrea which warns of the risks of travel to Eritrea due to the unpredictable security situation along Eritrea’s borders and restrictions imposed by local authorities on travel within the country. All foreign nationals, including U.S. government employees, must obtain permits to travel outside of the capital Asmara. This restriction limits the ability of the U.S. Embassy to provide consular/emergency services anywhere outside of Asmara. This replaces the Travel Warning dated May 6, 2015. Avoid travel along all border regions. In June 2016, fighting in the Ethiopia-Eritrea border region reportedly caused several deaths. Continued political and military tensions between Eritrea and the neighboring countries of Djibouti and Ethiopia pose the threat of possible renewed conflict. Due to regional sensitivities, the State Department also recommends against travel to the border region with Sudan.

WSSS/Singapore will be super busy during the Grand Prix weekend 14-18SEP. Ask for a slot before operating, if you don’t get one, use Seletar instead. 

RPLL/Manila has a couple of new procedures for non-scheduled flights. First, traffic arriving between 2200-0400Z daily - the peak period - should look for a slot from Manila FSS - who are at mfss.staff@gmail.com, or call 2 944 2098/99. Once you have the slot, get your EDCT from Manila ATC. If operating domestically, file the flight plan between 2 and 24 hrs prior departure.

DNBC/Bauchi is a new airport designator in Nigeria for the Tafawa Balewa International Airport. 

VLVT/Vientiane, Laos The 28th and 29th ASEAN Annual Heads of State Summit is being held in Vientiane from 5 to 9 September; there will be road closures and delays in arrivals and departures of both international and domestic flights at Wattay International Airport.

FOZZ/Gabon has seen multiple security warnings in the last few days, following a disputed election result. Widespread, violent demonstrations, rioting, looting, and road blocks continue, both in Libreville and other cities throughout Gabon. At this time the airport in Libreville is open and operational and commercial flights are available. The US Embassy recommends U.S. citizens remain in a safe location and avoid non-essential movement. 

MMSD/Los Cabos, Mexico Hurricane Newton has passed and Los Cabos airport has officially re-opened its commercial operations, no major damage reported.

EBOS/Ostende Air BP is no longer providing Jet A1 fuel here.

EKOD/Odense will be closed on 22SEP due to an event. Jet fuel not available. You can email twr@hca-airport.dka for further.

HELX/Luxor Radio, which previously operated on HF5859 and 2562, is now off the air.

LZIB/Bratislava will required slots for all operations 15-17SEP, small GA aircraft not welcome on these days. Email slots@bts.aero.

FNZZ/Angola The WHO has provided an update on the yellow fever outbreak in Angola and the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC). The WHO estimates that there have been 6,000 suspected and 1,000 laboratory confirmed cases of yellow fever since the outbreak began in Angola in December 2015. More than 400 people have died from the mosquito-borne disease since that time. However, the last confirmed case in Angola was on 23 June and in the DRC was on 12 July, which the WHO believes is an encouraging sign. Nevertheless, the organization still characterizes the outbreak as “serious” and as requiring “sustained, controlled measures.” Thus far, 22 million people in Angola and 14 million people in the DRC have received vaccinations against yellow fever as part of a large-scale initiative that was prompted by this outbreak.

SARI/Cataratas is permanently downgraded to RFF Category 6.

URRR/Rostov wins the prize this week for clogging up the Notam system; the runway there is closed 29 times between now and October 21st, and they have therefore issued 29 Notams. Perfect.  

SPQU/Arequipa, Peru is not allowing overnights until 11SEP due capacity. Non-scheduled flights limited to 3 hours parking.

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PUBLIC HOLIDAYS For the coming week

08SEP Andorra - National Day, Liechtenstein - Nativity of Our Lady, Macedonia - Independence Day, Malta - Feast of Our Lady of Victories
09SEP North Korea -National Day
10SEP UAE - Arafat Day, Gibraltar - Gibraltar Day
11SEP Turkey - Sacrifice Feast, UAE - Eid-al-Adha, Gibraltar - Gibraltar Day, Ethiopia - New Year
12SEP India, Indonesia,Pakistan, UAE - Bakr Id/Eid ul-Adha, Kuwait, Libya - Waqfat Arafat Day, Malaysia, Singapore- Hari Raya Haji, Turkey - Sacrifice Feast, Cabo Verde - National Day
13SEP Suriname, Bahrain, Iraq, Jordan, Kuwait , Lebanon, Oman, Pakistan, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Sri Lanka, Syria, UAE, Uzbekistan, Yemen, Kosovo, Algeria, Burkina Faso, Burundi, Cameroon, Central Africa, Chad, Comoros, Gbon, Ethiopia, Eritrea, Gambia, Ghana, Guinea, Guinea -Bissau, Libya, Mali, Morocco, Niger, Nigeria, Somalia, South Sudan, Sudan, Togo, Tunisia, Uganda - Eid al-Adha, Afghanistan - Eid al-Quran, Azerbaijan, Albania, Egypt - Feast of the Sacrifice, Iran - Eid-al-Ghadir, Kazakhstan - Kurban Bairam, Kyrgyzstan - Kurman Ait, Malaysia - Hari Raya Haji, Turkey - Sacrifice Feast, Benin, Senegal, Sierra Leone - Tabaski, Cote d'Ivoire - Aid el-Kebir,
14SEP Nicaragua - Battle of San Jacinto, Bahrain, Iraq, Jordan, Kuwait, Pakistan, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Algeria, Comoros, Libya, Nigeria - Eid al-Adha, Turkey, Egypt - Sacrifice Feast


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Active Bulletins Summary

Your check of critical flight information for each region

We've improved this section recently: it's shorter, with more concise bullet points, and only the critical information you need to know if operating to the region.
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EHAM/Amsterdam The military will help provide security at the airport, sharing responsibility with border patrol officers for inspecting trains and vehicles. Expect delays of approximately 30 minutes.

URSS/Sochi, Russia has some kind of International Song Contest from 3-9 Sept. The line up is musically questionable, but evidently there’s going to be enough additional traffic to warrant a bunch of restrictions: max parking 2 hours, slots required - see NOTAM 3553.

LIRA/Rome Ciampino will be completely closed from 14-29OCT for runway maintenance and upgrades. According to CIA, maintenance work will be carried out on a 24/7 basis on parts of runway 15/33, at various junctions and taxiways.

LTBA/Istanbul has issued a long list of restrictions to discourage additional flights from operating to LTBA. New requests for charter flights are denied. LTBA cannot be carried as an alternate on your FPL.

ESSA/Stockholm has a CDM Trial (Slot control locally instead of via Eurocontrol) at present. Start up according to TSAT+5. The current list of CDM airports is: Brussels, Düsseldorf, Frankfurt, Helsinki, London Gatwick, London Heathrow, Madrid, Milan Malpensa Munich, Paris CDG, Oslo, Rome Fiumicino, Stuttgart, Venice, and Zurich.

LOWW/Vienna has published a helpful list of rush hour periods - worth avoiding these times as holding is common at VIE. The times are: 0530-0750, 0920-1030, 1140-1240, 1340-1500, 1615-1800, and 1840-1940Z.

EPZZ/Poland has reinstated Border Controls within the Schengen zone. Best advice is to treat each country as having full Border Controls for the moment (so think Passport, GenDec, etc.)

EGZZ/UK Much has been written about Britain’s departure from Europe this month (and we’re talking Brexit, not football), but if you’re having trouble figuring out how this will affect you as an operator, that might be because it won’t. Read the article.

LGZZ/Greek Islands Now that summer is here in Europe, the annual capacity challenge at Greek Islands is most acute on weekends, expect healthy slot delays if operating to LGIR (Iraklion) LGKP (Karpathos) LGMK (Mikonos) LGZA (Zakinthos) LGSR (Santorini) LGSK (Skiathos) or LGSA (Chania).
BGBW/Narsarsuaq Current hours are Monday to Saturday 1000-1900Z. If you want to plan a visit outside these hours, or even use BGBW as an alternate, get permission from bgbw@mit.gl in advance. There will be additional costs, especially heavy on a Sunday.

CYFB/Iqaluit Another NAT alternate favourite, CYFB has some runway closures throughout July.

EINN/Shannon and EICK/Cork will be testing a new Remote Tower system from 06JUN until September, where at quieter times the controller in Dublin will provide the ATC service to flights at Shannon and Cork.

BIKF/Keflavik beginning 01MAY, BIKF is imposing a new Terminal Navigation Charge.

EGGX/Shanwick and Oceanic NAT FIRs - revised definition of Gross Navigation Error, changed from 25nm to 10nm.

North Atlantic Effective 04FEB MNPS Airspace is replaced by HLA/High Level Airspace on the North Atlantic. RNP4 or RNP10 now required. Read our International Ops Notice 01/2016 or our blog post: Did you know MNPS is over?and download the new NAT Planning Chart.

CZQX/Gander FIR / EGXX/Shanwick FIR / North Atlantic Multiple airspace and procedural changes took place 14DEC2015 with RLAT/Reduced Lateral separation in the NAT region. Flight Service Bureau has issued International Ops Notice 11/15 "NAT Track Structure", with a simple summary of the changes.

NAT/North Atlantic To assist Aircraft Operators with the changes on the North Atlantic, we have produced a new Aircraft Plotting Chart effective 03MAR16. A copy is available here. 
EZZZ/Europe Eurocontrol has confirmed the date of 01JAN18 for all aircraft to be 8.33 kHz compliant. Currently 8.33 kHz is required only above FL195 but as of 01JAN18 it will be required below FL195 to the surface. Europe has an ongoing shortage of voice communication frequencies.

EGZZ/Scotland Glasgow ATC - at both EGPK and EGPF - has sporadic closures overnight at present due to staffing issues. Keep an eye on Notams.

EZZZ/Europe Due to the introduction and continuation of border controls in the European Union, travellers to Denmark, Belgium and other EU countries will need to present travel documents to enter from another Schengen country. Expect delays.

UZZZ/Simferopol FIR EASA published an updated SIB 2015/16 regarding the use of Simferopol FIR on 17FEB. This airspace provides routes UL851 and UM856 (Odesa South Sector), which since 17FEB are suggested by EASA for use by overflying traffic.

EZZZ/Europe New Wake Turbulence Categories began a slow introduction in Europe on 22MAR where the current four (Light, Medium, Heavy, Super) will become six: Light, Medium (with Lower and Upper), and Heavy (with Lower, Upper and Super). Read full article.

LTZZ/Turkey. We've been alerted to a change in Overflight Requirements - aircraft with M- and VP- registrations, and any other countries without a bilateral agreement, require an Overflight Permit. See the new Turkey Lowdown for full information.

EZZZ/Europe as of 05APR Eurocontrol as been publishing Target Time information together with Calculated Take-off time (CTOT) in the Slot Allocation and Slot Revisions Messages (SAM and SRM), to show your flights planned time at the congestion point in the air, rather than solely providing the CTOT.

Italy Due to Zika virus, a “Certificate of Residual Disinsection” is now required for all aircraft operating in Italy, and some other countries. Check requirements with handler.

United Kingdom The UK Registered Traveller Service, which is the equivalent of the US Global Entry program, was expanded to include a few more countries: Hong Kong, Singapore, South Korea and Taiwan. Additionally, Bristol and Cardiff will be added to the list of participating airports.

UKZZ/Ukraine Effective 25OCT2015 Russian aircraft will be banned from flying through Ukraine airspace due to current political situation. In return, Ukrainian registered aircraft will be unable to fly through Russian airspace.

UKZZ/Ukraine FIR's There are two distinct areas at issue in the Ukraine. Simferopol FIR is closed to international traffic since 03APR14 due to a dispute between authorities over control. Dnipropetrovsk FIR has had the eastern half closed by the Ukrainian CAA on 18JUL following the shootdown of MAS17. Most operators are avoiding the entire FIR. The remainder of the Ukraine FIR’s are open (L’viv, Kiev, Odessa) with majority of airlines operating through. Heaviest Traffic flows are via G724 (North) and UL852 and UP975 (South).

UMMM/Minsk FIR will accept scheduled flights that avoid Ukraine airspace via Belarus airspace based on FPL. Operators should insert the following note in field 18 of the FPL: (RMK/THIS FLT REROUTED DUE TO AVOID UKRAINE) Other flights operating in Belarus airspace shall be guided by Belarus AIP (GEN 1.2-3).


NAT/North Atlantic Phase 2 of the North Atlantic datalink mandate began with Phase 2a on 05FEB2015, at which time flights within the North Atlantic Tracks (NAT) between FL350 and FL390 must be equipped with Fans 1/A controller-pilot datalink communications (CPDLC) and ADS-C systems. The program expands to these altitudes in the entire ICAO NAT region on 07DEC2017, and to all flights in this region above FL290 on 30JAN2020.


NFNA/Suva, Fiji is closed during September for runway repairs. Available wirh 30 mins PN in an emergency. Call them on 9906102.

NWWW/Noumea has ongoing staff shortages in ATC, and therefore interruptions in opening hours for the airport. Check before operating.

NVVV/Port Vila has finished the temporary repairs to the main runway, but it’s apparent that it’s only a temporary fix to a larger problem with the surface. The airport will conduct an inspection after each landing by an aircraft heavier than 35 tons (about half the weight of a 737). 

NZQN/Queenstown open for night traffic but only for airlines that meet CAA approval to operate to very specific RNP procedures. 

YZZZ/Australia A last minute relaxation on 25MAY by CASA has exempted Foreign private operators from having to be RNP2 compliant, ahead of many Navaids being switched off. Eff 26MAY around 180 different VOR’s, NDB’s, and other ground-based Navaids are switched off. All international operators will be required to have GNSS/GPS as primary navigation. Read the article.

NCRG/Rarotonga, Cook Islands has new hours of ATC service, see NOTAM. Raro is an important diversion airport in the South Pacific, especially for Easter Island and Tahiti. ATC is avail with 30 mins PN outside these hours (call +682 25890/71439).

PAZA/Anchorage ARTCC has new procedures and systems in place effective 17DEC15, including 30/30 RNP4 separation, an update to the Track Advisory program for westbound Russian Tracks, and standard routings. Check the current PAZA NOTAMs for complete information.

PGUM/Agana, Guam, PGSN/Saipan, and PKMJ/Majuro have intermittent fuel shortages at present. Confirmation of fuel supply is generally only available within 72 hours of flight.

PKMJ/Majuro Construction is planned at the eastern end of RWY25; authorities have notified expected delays of up to 30mins including airborne holding.
KTEB/Teterboro Landing Fees here are to increase by about 25% on September 1st. Comments regarding the fee changes can be submitted to The Port Authority of New York and New Jersey, and must be received by 10AUG2016. 

KZZZ/USA Check your passport! Effective 01APR16, if you're travelling to the United States under the Visa Waiver Program, you will also need to have a valid e-Passport along with your ESTA.

KZZZ/United States the FAA has updated its list of Critical DME's. When these critical DME's are not available, it results in navigation service which is not sufficient for DME/DME/IRU operations along all or portions of a specific route or procedure. This is mainly an issue for Non-GPS equipped aircraft.

CZZZ/Canada The new Canada Entry Rules - requiring most visitors to have an eTA before departing - came into force on 15MAR; with a caveat. Visa-exempt foreign nationals can enter and exit Canada by air without an Electronic Travel Authorisation until 29SEP2016. Read the full article.

KZZZ/USA The requirement for foreign operators to obtain a TSA Waiver for domestic flights within the US has been dropped, but only for aircraft under 45 tons.

KZZZ/USA Several changes to the rules for the US Visa Waiver program are now in effect, restricting the moment of travellers having visited Iran, Iraq, Sudan, or Syria in the last 5 years. Read more here.

KZZZ/USA the FAA has provided its NextGEN update for 2016

KZZZ/USA has issued Advisory Circular 00-30C, describes the various types of CAT (Clear Air Turbulence) along with avoidance techniques and future forecast systems for helping Dispatchers and Pilots.

CZVR/Vancouver ACC will begin to use ADS-C on 18APR In their Oceanic sectors, for both alerting service (SAR) and improved ATC separation purposes. 

KZZZ/USA The FAA has now activated 11 of the planned 56 Airports offering CPDLC-DCL. Next up are KTEB/Teterboro and KLAS/Las Vegas on 28MAR.
SUEO/Montevidedo Air Traffic Controllers strike until end of September, closures and departure restrictions in place. Info is sketchy, got some updates? Let us know … bulletin@fsbureau.org.

SOCA/Cayenne, French Guyana has staff shortages, and from September 1st will not accept any diversions unless in an emergency. Do not plan SOCA as an enroute alternate. If inbound, with an ETA for SOCA 0200-1100Z, you need to call for an arrival slot. If you need it, ATC phone is +594 594 35 9372 or 9302.

SPZO/Cuzco, Peru is busy at the moment; non-scheduled and GA flights cannot park overnight, and there are Traffic Management procedures inbound. Don't forget if operating to Cuzco that special crew training is required.

SECU/Cuenca, Ecuador Operations at Cuenca airport will be suspended from mid-August 2016 for 3 weeks to 1 month due to the need for additional runway works. 

SBGR/São Paulo/Guarulhos is not available for selection as an alternate to SBSP or SBKP, nor will they be happy if you change your destination in flight to SBGR. Apron capacity issues ongoing.

SEGU/Guayaquil, Ecuador will close its Airport each day from 0615-1025Z due to runway maintenance, on these dates: 29AUG-03SEP, 05-10SEP, 12-14SEP.

SBZZ/Brazil The Canadian government has issued a helpful health notice for crew/passengers planning to travel to Brazil for the upcoming Olympic Games, which has advice on how to contend with the Zika virus.

SKZZ/Colombia is introducing ADS-B, with associated new phraseologies that crew should be aware of. ATC may ask “Notify capacity ADS-B”; response “ADS-B transmitter”, “ADS-B Receiver”, or “Negative ADS-B”. Full AIC.

SBZZ/Brazil Tourists from Australia, Canada, Japan and the United States will be eligible to travel to Brazil for the upcoming Olympics without a visa for up to 90 days for visits between 01JUN and 18SEP16.

SEZZ/Ecuador Non-scheduled aircraft can now land without a Landing Permit as long as the aircraft is operating under private ops, will not stay longer than 72 hours in Ecuador, and visits only one location in Ecuador. The official document is here (in Spanish).

SPJC/Lima, Peru Struggling with Airport capacity. A variety of significant restrictions for General Aviation, Non Scheduled, and Cargo flights in effect. Check carefully with your handler or dispatcher as all movements should be co-ordinated at least 24 hrs in advance.

VVVV/Hanoi FIR If you’re cutting a line through the Hanoi FIR on the W1 airway, you’ll be held down at FL290 unless you have RNAV5. ATC says so.

WIZZ/Indonesia has warned its neighbours that haze from forest fires is beginning to cross the Malacca Strait. In 2015 the smog affected Malaysia, Singapore, and Thailand, causing disruptions throughout the region, closing airports and delaying flights.

KZZ/North Korea elevated to Level 2 in our Unsafe Airspace Summary. In 2016, there have been increased instances of No Dong and No Dong-2 medium-range ballistic missiles (MRBM) launches without prior warning. 

VVZZ/Hanoi ACC reports that a lot of flights operating through the Hanoi ACC area of responsibility have not been submitting flight plan messages to VVHNZRZX or VVHNZQZX. In order to avoid missing / delay of FPL messages, copy these AFTN addresses when submitting your FPL's.

LTZZ/Turkey Per new dictat from the DGAC in Turkey, all Ambulance flights entering Turkish airspace are to report “ACTIVE AMBULANCE FLIGHT” on first contact with Turkish ATC.

VABB/Mumbai continues their Continuous Descent Approach trials in the TMA. Interestingly, part of the procedure calls for pilots to call in on 121.9 after landing and report the total amount of fuel saved (how do you work that out?), and then send a detailed brief by email to cdomumbai@aai.aero. We forecast a relatively empty inbox.

ZHHH/Wuhan, China has a new runway - 04R/22L, and some new procedures that go with it. See AIC 09A.

VTBB/Bangkok have an agreement with the Singapore ATFMU/Flow management unit. If operating BKK-SIN on a Saturday, then you’ll get a CTOT and must contact Bangkok ground/clearance 20 mins in advance to confirm you can make it.

WSZZ/Singapore Qualifying citizens of Singapore are now eligible to apply for US Global Entry membership - and benefit from expedited entry to the United States at designated airports. Similarly, qualified U.S. citizens are eligible for enrolment in Singapore's enhanced-Immigration Automated Clearance System (eIACS).

VHHH/Hong Kong The CAD issued a reminder to operators this week that the airport is under strain, and slots issued must be strictly adhered to. It would seem that the Slot Adherence procedure issued earlier in the year isn’t really working. Any local operators have feedback? Let us know.

ZZZZ/China The new 144 hour visa-free rule is extended to Nanjing Lukou Airport of Jiangsu, Hangzhou Xiaoshan Airport of Zhejiang, and all air, sea and railway ports of Shanghai, including Pudong Airport, Hongqiao Airport, Shanghai Port International Cruise Terminal, Wusong Passenger Transport Center and all railway stations in Shanghai.

VDPP/Cambodia Political tensions are high in Cambodia following contested national elections in 2013. Arrest warrants have been issued for the leaders of the opposition CNRP party and the situation is unpredictable. On 30 May police blocked roads in southern Phnom Penh to prevent opposition CNRP supporters from carrying out a planned protest march. Further disruption is possible if the remaining leader is arrested. The opposition party has announced it will hold mass, non-violent, demonstrations and a number of unions have said they will strike in support.

LLLL/Tel Aviv FIR has updated their security procedures for entering the the LLLL FIR. Please see AIC 2/16

RJTT/Haneda the airport authority has changed the number of slots available for general aviation aircraft. Effective 25APR, slots for GA during the daytime (0600-2259 local) will be increased to 16 total for arrival and departure (from eight in the past). Note that there are no slots restrictions for night time operations (2300-0559 local).

ZBAA/Beijing is not available for Non-Emergency diversions or planned as an alternate due to gate/stand shortage daily from 13-23Z daily until 28OCT16.

RKSS/Gimpo is opened South Korea’s first purpose-built FBO on 01MAY. It includes a passenger terminal with customs and a large hangar that can accommodate up to eight large jets.

ZKPY/Pyongyang FIR Many reports that North Korea is jamming GPS signals, also reported by South Korea. Signals have been reported as unreliable or lost when operating in or near to North Korean airspace. Read our DPRK Overflight Risk article from a few weeks ago.

VIAR/Amritsar has suspended all night operations for 1 year due to the planned reconstruction of the airports runways.

VHHH/Hong Kong is taking a close look at Airlines and AO's that depart outside their allocated slot times. Airport capacity is critical. See of AIC 02/2016 - or Read full article.

VOZZ/India has expanded its e-Tourist Visa (eTV) program to applicants from 37 additional countries. Nationals from a total of 150 countries are now eligible for the program.

OYAA/Aden, Yemen Airport closed and all flights cancelled since 21FEB due to security concerns.

ZZZZ/China Chinese officials stated on 01FEB that they will allow departing flights from Chongqing, Nanchang and Kunming to transit through Taipei (RCTP/TPE).

ZFMMM/Antananarivo has a new disinsection procedure for flights arriving from Mauritius; also, all flights from Mauritius must operate to FMMM first before other airports in Madagascar.

DIAP/Ivory Coast issued a Notam last Friday advising of ‘serious risks to safety’ when operating through the Tripoli FIR. Not many operators are entering this airspace, but it’s unusual for a non-adjoining country to issue advice like this, so we’ll mention it.

HKZZ/Kenya With the UK Dept. for Transport listing Kenya for the first time in it’s warnings, Flight Service Bureau increased the warning level for Kenya to Level 2 : Assessed Risk, the second highest level. Read the article

OYAA/Aden, Yemen
 is open to traffic once again following a closure caused by intensified Saudi Coalition activity. The airport has been intermittently closed during the conflict, which began in March 2015.

DIZZ/Cote D’Ivoire Effective 15SEP2016 Ivory Coast will withdraw the following HF frequencies: BOUAKE 5710KHz, 1578KHz; DALOA 5701KHz, KHOROGO 6673KHz; Man 5710.5 KHz; ODIENNE 6673 KHz; SAN PEDRO 6012KHz

DZZZ/Lome UTA Following changes last year to the airspace over Benin and Togo (the two long thin countries squeezed between Ghana and Nigeria) - there’s still some confusion over who does what. In simple: Low Level (FL240 and below) is controlled by Cotonou Approach. High Level (FL250 and above) is controlled by Lome ACC.

FLFI/Lusaka ACC have called out some AFTN addressing issues, if you are operating to land in Zamabia, then file to FLKKZAZX and FLHNZAZX respectively. OMMM/Muscat ACC has a radar-less day on 18th August, 0600-1700Z. Turn that TCAS up.

GFLL/Freetown, Sierra Leone Updated contact details for ATC and Permit requests. For ATC, contact number is +232 78529329. For permits, email idris.fofana@slaa.sl.

DNZZ/Nigeria Several Nigerian commercial carriers have issued notice that the worsening shortage of Jet A1 fuel in Nigeria could lead to a grounding of all flights. International Operators are being advised to tanker wherever possible.

DRRR/Niamey ACC has a new HF frequency: 8873 KHz. This will replace the frequency 8894. There have been long standing interference issues with 8894 as it was close to another heavy traffic frequency 8903.

DZZZ/Africa Hajj routes in effect from 21JUL. ATC in the FIR’s most affected put in place standard routings to help flow traffic. Read full article

GUZZ/Guinea has updated contact information for overflight and landing permit requests through the Air Navigation Agency (ANA) of Guinea. Primary email is now ana-dg@ana-guinee.com, and we suggest to copy diante223@yahoo.fr. Telephone is +224 622 68 44 52

FHSH/St Helena has reportedly delayed the airport opening indefinitely, due to safety concerns - severe turbulence and windshear were commonplace during testing trials by a B737-800.

HSZZ/Sudan has warned it will shoot down any aircraft that infiltrates it’s airspace that has not obtained the proper permission and/or following proper procedures. If you need to transit this airspace please make sure you have all the required documentation.

FNZZ/Angola A yellow fever outbreak has caused 301 deaths so far this year. The number of suspected cases is 2,536. The outbreak began in Luanda and has since spread to areas throughout the country, particularly along the coast and in the central regions, despite a large-scale vaccination program.

HEZZ/Egypt notified operators on 25MAY that GPS jamming is a concern to HECA/Cairo arrivals and overflights, and warned against conducting RNP/RNAV arrivals or approaches. Read the article.

FHSH/St. Helena has received its certification to begin commercial flight operations. However - concerns remain about windshear which is currently delaying acceptance of traffic.

HKZZ/Kenya The U.S filed an advisory with IATA stating that Kenyan airspace is unsafe due to a possibility of extremist or militant activity.

HLLL/Tripoli FIR, Libya. Overflight Risk due MANPADS. Recommended to avoid entire FIR. Airspace entry prohibited for UK, US, French, US Carriers.

GABS/Bamako ACC, Mali. Overflight Risk due surface weapons. FAA A0004/15 recommends FL260 minimum. Highest risk in North near Mopti.

HZZZ/South Sudan UK NOTAM V0049/15 issued for potential risk to aviation from dedicated surface to air weaponry. Operators are strongly advised not to enter the territory and airspace of South Sudan.

HSZZ/South Sudan The UK FCO issued a travel warning 15APR against travel to South Sudan and in particular to Juba.

FMMM/Madagascar CAA have issued a reminder to inbound operators that a Passenger List must be sent 24 hrs prior to departure for Madagascar, by email to gdpx@acm.mg.

DIAP/Cote D’Ivoire has reduced the passenger departure tax by 50% and have also removed the solidarity contribution tax levied on airline tickets.

GABS/Bamako began renovations 01MAR16 to increase the airports capacity. The project is expected to be completed by the end of the year.

FAZZ/Nigeria Fuel shortage ongoing, check with handler. Tankering highly recommended.

HKZZ/Kenya A visa on arrival is now available again at Nairobi, reversing the previous procedure established last year forcing all visitors to obtain one prior to flying. Online visas are still available. http://evisa.go.ke/evisa.html

HUEC/Entebbe ACC, Uganda. ATC in Uganda is reporting a significant increase in the number of flights entering their airspace without prior coordination from Sudan and Congo (Khartoum and Kinshasa FIRs). Regional ATC in Africa is known to be challenging, but this warning deserves attention. Crews should make all efforts to contact each FIR 10 mins in advance - HF 11300, or relay on 126.9 if unable.
OIZZ/Iran has approved the use of its airbases by Russian fighter aircraft; Russia has notified intention to launch missiles in the direction of Syria from the Caspian Sea fleet. The Russian Air Force has deployed six Tu-23M3 BACKFIRE bomber aircraft and multiple Su-34 FULLBACK strike fighter jets to Hamedan Air Base (OIHS/NUJ).

ORBB/Baghdad FIR/Iraq The Iraqi government has given permission to the Russian MoD to use its airspace in support of air operations in Syria. Russian media outlets are also reporting the Russian MoD has requested use of the FIR for the “passage of cruise missiles” as well, highlighting the potential for such activity to occur in the coming days from the airspace over the Caspian Sea.

LTZZ/Turkey The FAA has cancelled KICZ Notam A0015/16, thereby lifting all the restrictions that were put in place on Friday night last. There are now no restrictions on US operators or FAA licensed crews operating to Turkey. Read full article

OMAE/Emirates FIR has some updated peak times. Departures need a slot between 0630-0730Z and 1700-0000Z. Arrivals will be spaced 5 mins apart during these times also, as will aircraft entering the OMAE FIR from nearby airports like Muscat, Isa, and Baghdad.

OEZZ/Saudi FIR 02JUN - Saudi Arabia has intercepted a ballistic missile that was fired from Yemen, after which Saudi aircraft bombarded the missiles platform. A Saudi official stated that the country may reconsider the kingdoms truce with Yemen, as a result of the strike. The missile launch was the second strike in May.

Arabian Peninsula on 11MAY the Centre for Disease Control CDC issued an Alert Level 2 for MERS in the Arabian Peninsula. 

OAxx/Kabul FIR, Afghanistan overflight risk due MANPADS. Germany recommends min FL330, FAA FL260, French FL240.

ORBB/Baghdad FIR, Iraq. Overflight Risk due conflict. Recommended to avoid FIR Entirely. FAA Prohibits US Carriers A0065/14. Most operators avoiding.

OYSC/Sanaa FIR We’ve received input from a number of US Airlines that although Yemeni landmass airspace is prohibited, operations through the OYSC/Sanaa FIR Oceanic portion are available in accordance with FDC5/5575.

HESH/Sharm el-Sheikh remains open but subject to multiple advice notices from international Authorities, after increasing suspicions that a bomb was loaded here onto the A320 which crashed into the Sinai Desert.

OMZZ/United Arab Emirates It has been advised to us, that the new requirement for TCAS 7.1 also applies to the Emirates FIR. All aircraft must be compliant since 01DEC15, or a re-route around UAE airspace will be required. UAE AIP ‘Gen Carriage of ACAS-II’.

OIIX/Tehran FIR Overflight Risk: German DFS Authority recommends overflying the general region of of OITT/Tabriz, OITL/Ardabil, and OIGG/Rasht  at FL260 or higher. A6875/15.

HLLL/Libya FIR All Italian aircraft operators have been prohibited from flying through HLLL FIR. Prior Permission to operate into HL available aerodromes also required from Libyan CAA. A8382/15.

HLLL/Tripoli FIR Additional new southbound route available via RASNO UY751 LOSUL, for those operators using the airspace.

HLLL/Tripoli FIR Libya has issued updated advice regarding airport availability - HLLQ, HLTQ and HLZW are only available for international arrivals, daylight hours only. PPR and Permit is required prior operations.

OZZZ/Middle East Russian military launched 26 missiles on 06OCT15 from 4 ships in the Caspian Sea at targets in Syria, routed through the airspace of Azerbaijan, Iran, Iraq and Syria. We have published International Ops Notice 10/15 as a summary. To obtain a copy, email intl.desk@fsbureau.org.

LTxx/Turkey FIR Please be advised that any Operator flying through the South East part of Turkish Airspace along Iraq/Iran border should check the current NOTAMS published by Turkish Authorities.

OYSC/Sanaa FIR, Yemen Closed to overflights due to fighting; US aircraft specifically prohibited by FAA from overflying by Notam A10/15. Some countries have noted that the overwater portion is safe for use but this is to be carefully assessed by the individual operator.

OSLK/Basel al-Assad closed to civilian traffic effective 13OCT due to Russian military operations in Syria. Flights will be diverted to OSDI/Damascus.
MWCR/Cayman recorded its first local transmission of the Zika virus on 08AUG. Several other people on the Cayman Islands have reported symptoms of the virus; however, authorities stated that in these cases the patients contracted Zika during travel abroad.

MKJK/Kingston, Jamaica is carrying out work on its Comms lines until the end of the week, and is expecting to lose some Flight Plans. The outage is 0415-1100Z daily. If you are operating to Jamaica, or through the FIR, it’s worth sending your FPL early, and not during that time. Maybe send it a few times to be sure, should minimise delays due to missing FPL’s.

TNCC/Curacao has daily work on the main runway throughout August. Some closures and shortened lengths. Check for latest with Airport operations on CAP OPS(+5999) 8391030/31/32.

MTZZ/Haiti The US Department of State has issued an updated Travel Warning about the lack of adequate emergency medical facilities, and the security environment in Haiti. Haiti’s emergency response network, along with the continued presence of serious crime and civil unrest, should be carefully considered when planning travel.

MTZZ/Haiti The State Department has revised the Travel Alert last updated on 11MAR2016 concerning the presidential election period in light of the announcement by Haiti’s Provisional Electoral Council of a new election calendar with a first round of elections on 09OCT2016 and a second round on 08JAN2017. This Travel Alert expires on 15FEB2017.

Jamaica is now charging a $35 US departure tax for all air passengers.

MDZZ/Dominican Republic Business visitors and tourists who extend their stays beyond 30 days are now subject to an exit fee.

Zika Virus The Centre for Disease Control (CDC) has listed the ZIKA virus as an "Alert Level 2". You can find more details on which countries are specifically affected through the CDC website

MUZZ/Cuba From 27JAN, flight crews of US based aircraft can now remain in Cuba with their aircraft when traveling to the island nation, instead of having to reposition immediately after offloading passengers. 

MKJK/Kingston FIR Jamaica, has ongoing issues with radar coverage and serviceability, leading to ad-hoc flow management procedures including 15 minute en-route separation, and 10 minute arrival separation at international airports. Delays ongoing.

MHTG/Central America FIR reminds operators that a CENAMER notification by AFTN is required for all flights planning to enter the airspace.

MUHA/Havana, Cuba Hotel Capacity in Havana is under severe strain at present. With increased traffic to Cuba, finding a hotel room is now a regular challenge. Some airline crews have had to be accommodated in Varadero instead, as there were no hotel rooms left in the city. Book well in advance, where possible.

TTZP/Piarco ATC has issued a request for operators to include KNYCZZZX when filing plans entering New York Oceanic airspace from the Piarco FIR, or operating east of 58W within the Piarco FIR, in order that New York has details of the aircraft.

MHTG/Central America FIR now has operational CPDLC with logon MHTG. FPL should contain D1 and either J2, J5 or J7 to indicate the type of datalink capability.

FSB/OPSGROUP is running a limited-place Opsathon in New York City at the end of September - a get-together of pilots, controllers, and dispatchers to talk about Ops Stuff - share, exchange, learn. It will be over a weekend - all of Saturday and a little bit of Sunday; these are some of the topics. It will be fun. If you want to come, email opsathon@opsgroup.co.


ARTICLES International Ops

End of Canada Leniency

Earlier this year Canada introduced a requirement for an eTA - like the US Esta. For a while, it was OK to travel without one. That’s ending in September - from which time you need one. Read the article.


Zika Map

A few weeks back, we reported that Zika was on the decline, thanks to winter in South America and a declining mosquito population. Turns out, that optimism was premature. Read the article.


What is OPSGROUP, exactly?

Well, we’re not exactly sure yet. The question mark may well be part of the name, because to us it represents both a lack of constraints and limitless possibility. A beginners mind? Read the article.


Intercept Avoidance and Missile Evasion

One of our OPSGROUP members, James Albright, has kindly provided us with this informative piece. James will be familiar to many of you as the author of the amazing Code7700.com ... Read the article.


Elevated Warning: Kenya

We have changed our guidance for Kenya from Level 3 - Caution; to Level 2 - Assessed Risk. Flight Service Bureau publishes a regularly updated guide to Unsafe Airspace for Airlines and Aircraft Operators. Read the article.


Minimum Cockpit Occupancy

EASA has published a new Safety Information Bulletin with recommendations on Minimum Cockpit Occupancy... Read the article.


Ukraine ban on Russian flights extended

Ukraine has extended the ban on Russian registered operators until November 10th, 2016...Read the article.


Turkish airspace: Air Ambulance Flights

The Turkish DGCA has issued a notice relevant to Air Ambulance Operators...Read the article.


Heading to St Kitts? 

An unfortunate naming conflict has been discovered by ATC Authorities in the Caribbean...Read the article.


Fake ASECNA Fees

Be aware of a new take on fake invoices. Read the article.


US Customs and TSA fines increased

Be careful when you're filing your eAPIS, is the message. Read the article.


Typhoon Nida - or is it the end of the World?

With forecast average winds of around 40 knots (that’s a wet Wednesday in Ireland), and maximum maybe 70 knots – the impending doom depicted in the graphic seems overstated  Read the article.


What are Hajj Routes?

Every year, millions of pilgrims travel to Mecca and other sites in Saudi Arabia - and this changes the predominant traffic flow over the African continent. Read the article


Hijack: It's dark and we're scared

Approaching Gander VOR, the crew typed 7500 into the box before coasting out. Around the same time, they sent a routine ACARS message to Dispatch, with a P.S. “It’s dark and we’re scared”. Read the article


The annual NOTAM battle

Have a look at the Greece-Turkey great NOTAM argument of 2016. This is an almost annual performance, the equivalent of a street argument between two kids.. Read the article


Avoiding the pain of a ramp check

Here’s how a ramp check normally goes down: The flight selected will be the arrival from a gruelling 12 hour jetlag-inducer. As you pull on to the stand, you will notice more yellow vests than normal hanging around. Read article.


Comms problems in Kabul FIR

Aircraft in the eastern sections of the Kabul FIR can expect some radio issues, as a comm unit (VSAT at Ghanzi) is out of action... Read the article


South Sudan off limits

The security situation in Juba, and South Sudan, has deteriorated in the last week, with HSSJ/JUB becoming off limits due to fighting. The ceasefire announced on 11 July is holding; Juba International Airport (HSSJ/JUB) is open to charter operations... Read the article


Oceanic Errors

Over one weekend in April there was one Gross Navigation Error, and two close calls reported on the North Atlantic. Read article.


VHHH capacity problems

The Hong Kong CAA has issued a couple of warnings to operators to stick carefully to their allocated slots, but it’s not making much of a difference to operations there. Read the article


Berlin's Air Corridors - still alive?

It's a generation ago, and the airway chart landscape is unrecognisable today. For 40 years however, there were only three tiny corridors that allowed a flight into East Germany. Read the article


A lesson in emergency handling from Aer Lingus

A 757 departing JFK suffered a hydraulic failure; the subsequent handling of the emergency provides a lesson on professionalism and communication, from an outstanding crew ... Read the article


Brexit for Aviation: Meaningless

If the media were to be believed, the impending doom of Brexit - Britain's Exit from the European Union - will change the aviation landscape in the EU for ever. But what if it won't? . Read the article


US Entry requirements updated

The US has updated entry processing through ESTA (the online visa system for countries using the Visa Waiver Program).Read the article


We couldn't find a good Airports Database ... 

So we built one - into what we think is the best database for Ops Controllers, Pilots, Airlines, Software developers, and service providers. Best of all, you will get a free copy if you join OPSGROUP with an Annual Subscription ... Read the article


Sudan "will shoot down" aircraft

We are concerned at the language being used by the respective Sudanese governments. In response to aircraft operating without a landing/overflight permit, Khartoum and Juba have said they will "take decisive action" and "shoot down aircraft".  Read article.


What is this, 20 questions?

Yep. If you missed the first lot, test your knowledge with this series of International Ops questions! Read article.


EASA New rules for 'Suspect Aircraft'

EASA has published new guidelines for inspectors to assess which aircraft should be prioritised for SAFA ramp checks in Europe and SAFA compliant states. Read article.


Fake Navigation Fees

It’s a concern: instead of sending your Nav Fees payment to Eurocontrol, you’ve actually sent it to a suburb of Lagos. And you’re not going to get it back. Read article.


Overflights without a full Airworthiness Certificate

New deliveries, ferry flights to a new operator, maintenance flights, or positioning to storage, may all have special circumstances that normally result in the aircraft operating with a Special Airworthiness Certificate. Read article.

The three sisters: Shanwick's Tango Routes

With the changes in February this year from MNPS to HLA, the normal confusion over what is required to operate on T9, T16, and T213 has increased. Read article.


Australia Navaids are now off the air

For International Operators, in short, Australia wants you to navigate with GNSS as your primary means of navigation . Read article.


FL200 – or 2,000ft? International differences

The key to this incident in Ireland, just published by the AAIU, is the wording of a departure clearance to a corporate jet departing EIKY/Kerry. Read article.


Ferry Flight From Seattle: Boeing 707

This Flight Log is from the Delivery Flight (KSEA/Seattle-EGLL/London Heathrow) of Boeing 707 G-APFN, which took place on 18NOV1960. Read article.


Most expensive ATC in Europe?

For an hour’s worth of ATC on the Ocean, it’s 50 bucks. Next up, you’ll talk to Shannon – about $300 an hour in your B737. As soon as you enter London’s airspace – it's $1000 an hour. Read article.


IFBP: Belt and Braces for African ATC

ATC in Africa is steadily improving – investment in radar and CPDLC is helping – but vast swathes of airspace remain where ATC, quite simply, is not to be trusted to the same degree as in other parts of the world. Read article.

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