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Happy belated Thanksgiving to all you Canadian readers! I hope you all had as spectacular a day as I did. My son and his family entertained all the in-laws! OMG! What a brave pair. We really had a lovely time and yours truly got into the Sambuka. If you like licorice, it's a liquor you should try. It's wonderful!

As you all know, I've been really struggling for the last few months, if not more, with writer's block because of the condition I've developed. Nothing much has changed and I've decided, after a lot of discussion with my husband, and some tearful searching on my own, to simply give myself some time away from the craft. This really has been an enormous decision for me. I have been writing for as long as I can remember, and to not have that spark in my life is enormous. I won't simply walk away, I don't think I could ever do that. But, as of this writing, the last new release, Jazz, will be coming out in January 2012. Doc and Jazz will be put into print later on, and I will definitely be around to yodel about it. I'm also hopeful I'll be able to get out a short story or two, perhaps even more than that in the near future.

Sounds ominous there, doesn't it?

Let's hope this is just a temporary set back... an extended vacation, or a hiatus that will see me back in a month or so with a myriad of new ideas and the stamina to write them! Yes, I do like that.

Having said all that, I plan to make this newsletter a quarterly thing, for now. So, that means, for the next two months, there won't be a Wanton Quill in your mail box, but there will be one in January. I'll continue like that, unless things change. If I do have news, new book, writing picks up or something I'm sure you'll want to know, you'll receive a special notice in your email. I'll also be around in the groups, litergagasm, theeXfactor, my group and a few others I poke around in. Please, don't be shy, if you do catch sight of me, say hi. I'd love to chat with you all.

On to what's happening. Jenna Byrnes and I are again working on the next enstallment of our Kindred Spirits series. You may recall my mentioning the title, Frankie's Flame, to you a couple of months ago. Well, it's back in the 'working on' folder, so cross your fingers. LOL  I'm also working on editing a book for her, as well as wading through the pile of stories from Darker Pleasures.

Now to my animal friends: The bucks are heading into the rut. Heck, they're pushing at each other and anything that's not nailed down. It's an interesting time for them, and for me. The weather is getting colder, the leaves are changing, and the animals seem to move so easily into their next season. I've got at least 8 raccoons visiting now, and one who seems to have moved in. He spends a couple of hours a day lounging in the yard, then filling his tummy with whatever cat food he can beg from me. Everyone is doing well. Let's hope the winter is kind to them all.

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Jesse's Homecoming

Publisher: eXtasy Books

Genre: f/f, western, romance

Genre: f/f, western, romance


Jesse returns to the ranch to find her lover, Meg, in trouble—raped and beaten by her ex. It's up to Jesse to rescue her and to see that justice is done.

Peeping Johnny
Publisher: Darker Pleasures
Genre: Erotica, BDSM, Fetish, F/f

Life in the city was great. With buildings crushed against each other, his curvy, kinky neighbor lived just a few feet away. Separated only by two windows that gave him a hell of a view, he enjoyed a nightly show of tortured female flesh and masturbation. But on this night, just when his peep show had passed from clamps to needles, another woman walked into view. That's when it really got good.

Sam, the Man

Publisher Total E-Bound

ISBN: 978-0-85715-639-6

Genre: m/m, contemporary, mild BDSM

 When Gregg Jackson’s wife passes away after a prolonged illness, can the care giving, flamboyantly gay, Sam Nicholson, convince him that being a bad boy is a good thing?


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A Matter of Patience
© Jude Mason

Jacob Mansfield held his hands firmly at his sides. Actually he'd curled his fingers tightly into fists to keep from reaching for the attractive red-headed doctor between his legs. His wide spread legs. The nurse had been ever so kind, helping him into the stirrups and buckling the straps around his ankles and knees so he'd be ready for the upcoming examination. She'd even made sure he was covered decently with the proverbial, ultra thin, crisp white paper sheet, to wait for the doctor to arrive.

That had been nearly thirty minutes ago. When the doctor opened the door, he had a mouthful of pent up frustration and embarrassment on the tip of his tongue, all ready to
fire at him. He'd promptly swallowed it. The person, who entered, was a gorgeous young woman he figured to be in her early thirties.

Where was Doctor Scott? Who in hell was this—this woman?

She entered the small office with what he presumed was his medical chart in her hands. He hoped she didn't notice his initial reaction.
"Mr. Mansfield?" She glanced up from her perusal of the chart, and extended one hand.

"Yes," he answered in a husky voice, and reached for her slender fingers. They shook hands; he gulped and tried to encourage his prick to remain sleeping. His gaze traveled from her soft doe-brown eyes to her mouth, its puffy redness too ripe to be natural, to her long slender neck and then to his undoing—her breasts. Her starched white shirt with its delicate lace collar and front panel did absolutely nothing to hide or diminish the luscious cleft separating the two beautiful mounds. Deep, and mysteriously dark, he found his mouth suddenly watering for a taste of that smooth flesh.

"I'm Doctor Heart, Vivian Heart. I'm filling in for Dr. Scott while he's on vacation."

He snatched his gaze from her tits, just in time to see her quick, easy, smile. Unaware of his internal struggle, she looked back at his chart. "Your records indicate that you're here for the preliminary examination prior to minor surgery." She flipped the page, then dropped the folder onto the cart next to the examining table. She tossed the sheet up over his chest, leaving him naked from the waist down.

He managed a weak, "Yes, that's right," before he was again fighting his body's natural inclination. His cock rebelled. It twitched. He willed it to keep still, prayed the exam would be over soon.

Ignorant of his trials, Dr. Heart stepped closer and bent forward, her face as close to his groin as any woman's ever had been. He could just see the top of her head, his pubic bush pretty much obscuring the rest of her. And then she said the dreaded words, "I can't see much with this forest of pubic hair. A shave seems in order." She rose a little, enough for him to see her eyes over his thick mat of hair. "You'll need to be shaved for the procedure anyway."
He was suddenly hot, and knew his face had just flushed a deep shade of red. Not trusting himself to speak again, he simply nodded and closed his eyes, trying to shut out the embarrassment.

"I'll get the shaving kit ready," she said. "Just hold still."

A soft draft against his inner thighs was all the notice he got. She didn't cover him again, and he decided that to do it himself was ludicrous and would only cause further embarrassment when she had to pull the damn paper sheet off him again. Vowing to act his age, not like some teenager with runaway hormones, he took a deep breath and tried to relax. At thirty-five he was damn capable of controlling himself, or should be.

A clanking sound to his right made him open his eyes. He turned and blinked. Dr. Heart, all five and a half feet of her luscious curves, was bent over, rummaging in one of the cupboards on the lower shelf. Her ass faced him. He'd always been an ass man, and hers was well worth looking at. Clad in a snug white skirt, tight now that she'd bent forward, and only a few feet away. The tops of her white stockings were just visible below the skirt. The line of her panties drew his eyes like some perverted magnet, and he was powerless to fight it.

His cock twitched. He stifled a groan and tore his eyes away. Too late, his slumbering penis pulsed with each beat of his heart, swelling, lengthening. His balls shifted. He closed his eyes again and tried to think of horrible things: dead rats crawling with maggots, headless chickens piled high in the hot afternoon sun, the stench of them making him want to vomit.

"Mr. Mansfield," the doctor's deep, feminine voice interrupted his desperate attempt. "Are you all right?"

Opening his eyes, Jacob licked suddenly dry lips and nodded. "Yes," he croaked, and felt like that school boy he no longer was.

"This will just take a minute or so." She placed a metal bowl on the wheeled cart beside the examining table, and he noticed it was more than half full of steaming water. A disposable razor and a pair of scissors lay on a towel beside the bowl. "Now, just lay back and relax. I've done this hundreds of times. I'd normally get a nurse in here, but we're short staffed at the moment. Holiday season and two more off because of illness, and another is on maternity leave." Taking the scissors, she deftly pruned his pubes while bantering on about mundane issues that he neither heard or cared about. Holding his prick up, she snipped the longish curls away from the base, taking as much of the bristly hair as she could. She twisted his cock, eliciting a soft groan from him.

He bit the inside of his cheek, anything to drive the excitement away, and keep from getting a full blown erection. He felt himself thicken a little more. The doctor seemed oblivious to his discomfort, and for that he was grateful.

"You and your wife had all the children you want?" the lovely doctor asked. She kept getting him to return his attention to her, and his eyes continued wandering to places that made him horny. Hornier. He couldn't deny the attraction.

"I'm not married," he replied, again checking out the cleavage she offered so unselfconsciously. "Divorced with no kids. I don't want to add to the population boom. I also figure I'm getting toward the time when it's not a good idea to 'begin' a family. I really don't want to be in my sixties with teenagers driving me crazy." His little speech was halted when the top button on her blouse popped open. He felt like a kid who'd been caught with his hands in the cookie jar, or in his pants. His prick pulsed again, rising out of her hand.
Without a word, and without bothering to refasten the escaped button, she reached for a can of shaving gel. She filled her palm with the menthol scented foam, then placed the can on the cart. With her clean hand, she grasped his prick and held it up, while with her gel filled palm, she worked it into his groin, creating a thick lather.

He lost it. His mind sank into a wild fantasy world of lust. He fought it, tried in vain to keep from pushing his hips up, from clenching his ass or groaning his need, but he'd been without for too long. No matter how hard he tried to focus on the coming surgery, how much it was going to hurt, his pulse raced and his cock pulsed into a full and glorious erection—which the gorgeous doctor seemed more than able to ignore.

With his legs strapped into the stirrups, he couldn't even close his knees. His balls churned, moving higher in their sac. Her hand was like silk that had been soaked in oil, so slick and warm; he couldn't help but focus on it sliding over his flesh. The one holding his cock soon joined the other in its teasing, tormenting task  Slipping and sliding around the base of his cock, ensuring the hair was liberally coated with the gel was just the beginning of the excruciatingly sensual encounter. He gasped when one of her hands slid down over his testicles, manipulating them carefully, anointing them with the fragrant foam while gently pulling the balls down lower in their sac. His inner thighs, the delicate flesh separating his buttocks, all got the same deliciously wicked teasing.

Somewhere in his mind he knew the lovely Dr. Heart wasn't purposely exciting him, but it didn't matter. The end result was a hard-on that rivaled any he'd ever had. It also meant he was more embarrassed than he could ever remember. It was one thing to perform well in the privacy of his bedroom, or that of his lovers, but here—in a doctor's office— was something he wasn't expecting.

Her touch amazed him. So soft and gentle, not like a doctor's at all, he thought. He fought to control his hips and the intense need to clench his ass between strokes—but failed miserably. When she suddenly released him and turned to the sink to rinse her hands, he nearly cried out.

"Ready in just a moment," she said, and washed the gel from her hands. She dried them, and he sweated. His cock throbbed uselessly between his legs. When she turned back to face him, she glanced down at his erection, smiled, then looked up into his eyes.

He felt the blush return, ten-fold if the heat in his face was any indication. To keep his hands away and hopefully to appear less self-conscious than he was, he forced them to remain at his sides. His breathing was another thing though, and he knew he must sound as if he'd run ten miles. The panting, gulping of air was a dead give-away.
Dr. Heart picked up the disposable razor and again stepped between his thighs. The smile remained on her face, but that was all. She made no attempt to ease his discomfort. In fact, she seemed to be enjoying it.

"Be good now and don't jerk or try to pull away." Reaching down, she took firm hold of the head of his cock and pulled it down over his balls, exposing his lower belly. She swished the razor in the bowl of warm water before drawing it down over his foam covered flesh. She cleared a swath from his bellybutton to the base of his cock, all in one long sweep. Again she rinsed the razor, cleaning it of hair, and then proceeded to denude him. The top part took only a few moments, and elicited a groan or two from him. When she twisted his cock and pushed it up, flat to his belly, he cringed. His balls pushed out, ready, if not eager, to be cleansed of the dark stubble of hair covering them. She ignored them and instead concentrated on his inner thighs, dragging the blade briskly over the delicate flesh.

"You have a mole here," Dr. Heart said matter-of-factly, grasping his sac and pulling it over to one side. "Right here in the crease."

Jacob leaned up, straining to see where she meant. Her hand eased his sac further away, exposing the hairless skin. He saw a tiny black mole and knew it had been there forever. "I've always had it." His voice was steady, and that surprised him. His heart was racing.

"Hasn't changed, itched or swollen?" She ran a finger along the crease, over the offending mark.

His cock pulsed, and as he watched, a tiny droplet formed in the slit. Please no, he thought and watched it ooze across the surface, a glistening beacon of excitement. "No," he croaked, "hasn't done anything." The tremor in his voice matched his growing embarrassment. 

"Good, but you've got to keep an eye on it. Might even be an idea to have it removed, just in case." She relinquished her hold on his balls, but only to reposition her grip. Shaving them took some time. The skin had crinkled up and needed to be stretched after each tiny pass of the blade. She took her time, making sure to get every last strand of hair. Frequently she rinsed the razor while gently massaging him, and that was driving him insane. A trickle of sweat, slithering down his neck, itched. The inside of his cheek was suffering, too. He continually nipped at it to keep from moaning. Even so, the occasional groan escaped when a particularly pleasing caress took him by surprise.

When she slipped the blade further down, scraping the hair from between his ass cheeks, he really began to sweat. She released his cock and balls, and took hold of the outer flesh of one cheek, easing the cleft wider. Deftly, surely, she drew the blade over his perineum downward. His cock, left on its own, twitched wildly, bouncing on his belly. The tiny, wet, slapping sounds it made seemed incredibly loud.

Dr. Heart continued shaving, pushing his ball sac this way and that, stretching the skin to ensure a clean shave, but totally ignoring his aroused state. Every so often, he glanced at the spacious V of her neckline. Her blouse gaped wider, showing off the top half of her white lace bra. His fingers itched to slip along that edge.

Finally, she was done. When she stood up and dropped the razor into the small metal trash can, he couldn't stop a sigh of relief. Unclenching his fists he relaxed, only then realizing how tense he'd been.

Dr. Heart pushed the cart aside. When she looked down at him that time, it felt a little like a vulture was eyeing up its prey, and he was the prey. Her eyes shone, and her tongue flicked across her lips. She turned to the sink and after rinsing her hands, she affixed a hose to the faucet. Done, she faced him again, and with the hose in one hand and a metal pan in the other, she said, "Lift your bottom. I need to rinse that foam and the loose hair off you."

Obediently he complied, which pushed his hips into the air, his cock toward her.

She slid the pan under him, and he let his butt down. The pan was like ice against his ass, and he yelped.

She looked at him and smiled, but that was all. When he settled, she tapped him on the inner thigh and held up the hose. "This is warm," she said, and turned the valve. Soothing water flowed over his groin, rinsing away the loose hair and what little lather remained.

The water directly on his skin felt like nothing he could imagine: slick, warm, sensual, almost like a tongue gliding over his newly naked flesh. The desire to grab hold of his cock to sooth the growing ache was nearly unbearable, but somehow he managed it.

"There, finished," she said, turning the water off and returning the hose to the sink. "Now the pan, lift up."

Glad to get the basin out from under him, he eagerly lifted his ass and waited while she slid it out, dumping its contents in the sink. She got a towel from one of the lower cupboards, giving him another lovely view of her behind, and instead of giving it to him, she used it to pat him dry. Again, the sensation amazed him. His skin was more sensitive than he could remember it ever being. Looking at himself, his cock looked larger, his balls, swollen from the warmth, seemed fuller.

Tossing the towel into a hamper, she got his chart again, and flipped the pages back. "Says here you haven't been checked for prostate problems for well over three years. Let's get that out of the way too, shall we? It's really long overdue."

Shocked, he sputtered, "I could wait for Doc. Scott for that. I'm good, really."

"I can't let you go without a full exam. You'll need the results for your procedure anyway." A tube of K-Y appeared as if from nowhere, as did a pair of latex gloves. Deftly, she slipped her hands into the gloves, snapping the opening against her wrists while she smiled down at him.

Mind numb with shock, all he could do was lay there and try to grasp what was transpiring. Somewhere along the line, he knew any control he'd had was gone, vanished like his will.

"Oh, and we've got our first year med students doing rounds this morning. The nurses marked it on your chart that you've volunteered to be observed on numerous occasions." She opened the tube of K-Y. "Rounds started about twenty minutes ago, I hope you don't mind—they need the experience." Looking down at his privates, she went on, "and you definitely aren't bashful."

"Yeah, but I, uh—"

"Good," she interrupted and went to the desk and pressed the button for the front desk. Sitting down on the office chair, she spun it around to face him. "Mr. Mansfield, in exam room sixteen, has volunteered for the student rounds."

Panic gripped him. His mind filled with sudden, all encompassing, embarrassment. Dr. Heart rolled the chair to her place between his legs, and while he gaped, lubed up her index and second finger. He clenched his buttocks, but in his position that was useless and most probably comical. A long time aficionado of anal play, but always solo, he was sure she'd discover his secret.

Dr. Heart mistakenly took his wide-eyed expression as fear, and in a deep, husky voice, said, "Just take a deep breath and relax. This won't hurt a bit."

Again, she leaned forward. His view was spectacular. His cock, throbbing incessantly, appeared to rest between her luscious boobs. He knew it was perspective, he'd have felt it if it had indeed happened, and he couldn't. But, the view and the imminent promise of her fingers entering him were enough to take his breath. Speechless, he watched her hands approach, one to hold his buttocks apart, the other, well greased and sheathed in latex to slip inside his puckered hole.

The first touch of her hand on his butt cheek drove a gasp from him. The doctor looked up at him, as if to make sure he was all right. He gritted his teeth, to keep from groaning, and waited for the next anticipated touch. It came: the cool, greasy touch of her index finger directly against his anus. She circled, dragging her finger around the tightly clenched hole, then said, "Take a deep breath."

He thought his heart was going to burst through his chest. His excitement soared, taking his sight and breath, and he wanted it to never end.

She eased her finger past the outer ring of muscle and stopped. "That's it, nice and easy here." As if judging his readiness for more, she twisted her finger, stretching him a little as she did so.

He wanted more. He ached for more. His balls churned. His heart raced. He gasped for air, and saw stars as oxygen filled his lungs. Gripping the sides of the cot, he was on the verge of crying out his pleasure when he heard a noise—a most distracting, annoying noise. A door, opening and closing.

Focusing, he saw people. A small group of five, each clad in a white lab coat, standing against the wall to his left. Automatically, he tensed his thighs, trying to close his legs. A useless attempt and one that made his cock pulse. He knew his face was crimson, felt the intense heat and sweat trickled down his cheeks.

Three young women and two young men, all stood gaping at him.

"Ah, Doctors, this is Jacob Mansfield. He's due to have minor surgery in a few days." She eased her finger in deeper and turned her palm upward. Extending her finger, she gently stroked his insides. "I'm giving Mr. Mansfield a rectal exam. It's been some time since he had his last and it's important to be sure his prostate is in good shape."

Just then she withdrew her finger, until just the tip pressed against the outer ring, and joined it with a second. She wasn't so slow, or so gentle, when she pushed those two in. He groaned, and tried to stop it, but couldn't.

All eyes remained fixed on him and on his cock. It danced with the beating of his heart, tapping a merry jig on his stomach while his balls churned below. When Dr. Heart's fingers found his prostate and rubbed over the sensitive, walnut sized organ, he thought he'd shoot right then and there. Another groan came from deep inside his chest—and another pulsing thump as his cock slapped his stomach. Pre-come oozed from its slit, and as he watched, dumbstruck, a ribbon joined his cock to his belly.

"A moment," Dr. Heart said, and closed her eyes as if to concentrate on what she was doing.

The groups' attention went from him to her, but only for a moment. Jacob felt what she was doing. Deep inside his rectum, her fingertips brushed over his prostate, massaging the sensitive organ, driving his pleasure skyward. His euphoria mounted and his control slipped even further. He ached to stroke himself, to ease the burning itch in his balls that was close to driving him insane with lust. Her fingers continued their teasing, outrageously blissful treatment, until his control fled. His cock pulsed again and his balls sucked up into his body. He shuddered, and then it happened.

Uncontrollably, gloriously, his cock erupted spasms of thick white come into the air. Each ribbon of sperm landed with a splat on his chest or stomach. Each one was accompanied by a groan from him and a shocked gasp from someone in the small group of watching students.

A loud ringing brought him scrambling to consciousness. Hand on cock, pumping, squeezing, another with his fingers buried in his ass, his orgasm along with his alarm clock dragged him into reality. He groaned and then he sobbed, as his climax shuddered to a slow halt. His come spattered chest heaved. The dream had been so real.

"Damn," Jacob cursed, releasing his hold. Fingers sticky with come, those of his other hand cramped from the churning they'd done in his ass. He flopped back onto his pillow, breathing heavily and remembering the dream. Dr. Heart—the fantasy woman he'd dreamed about a hundred times. The rest was new, or semi-new, but extremely pleasurable. It'd been one hell of a long time since he'd had a wet dream though.

Grabbing a handful of tissues from his bedside table, he cleaned himself up, then tossed them in the wastebasket. He wondered if the dream had anything to do with his morning plans, and chuckled—a doctor's appointment, but not for the reason of his dream. He reached down and felt the small lump in his sac.

Bolting from the bed, he headed for the shower. Whistling, he showered and shaved, his thoughts going back to his dream. Oh man, he thought, I'd give my eye teeth for a woman like that. He dressed in a pair of dark gray slacks and a polo shirt.

He had a light breakfast of toast and an apple, then checked the time—
twenty minutes, just enough time to get to the doctor's office—Dr. Scott's office. The drive was about as boring as it always was into that part of town, but he did manage to park close to the door, which was a bonus.

When he was taken into the doctor's office, he gazed around and smiled. Yeah, this was it. He stripped down to just his shirt and socks, and climbed up onto the bed. The nurse, a lovely blond woman, helped him cover up before she left.

Then he waited. Half an hour or so later, the door opened.

And there you have it, another month gone and one more newsletter put to bed. I hope you enjoyed learning a bit more about me and the work I love so much. Take care and be well, and I’ll see you again in a couple of months.


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