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Two weeks ago, The War Horse, a nonprofit news site run by Marine veteran Thomas Brennan, uncovered the existence of a private Facebook group called “Marines United,” which was used to share nonconsensual porn images of female colleagues. Since then, thousands have left the 30,000 member male-only group, and the Marine who first posted the Google Drive link of images has been fired. [11] Facebook has deleted accounts associated with the nude photos. However, Brennan has been sent death threats, [3] and new Facebook groups have formed:
  • “Marines United 2.0” sprung up with 3,000 members, posting links to the same photos and scrutinizing those seeking admission.
  • “Marines United 3.0” has formed, with a membership of 262.
  • JTOTS (Just the Tip Of The Spear) posted the same links.
  • Local offshoot groups have formed, with memberships ranging from single digits to more than 500. Some groups also share nude photos.
  • Some published the nude photos and videos of the female Marines on PornHub and other pornography sites. [7]
Defenders of the groups argue that no crime has been committed by members of Marines United, even though nonconsensual pornography is illegal in 34 states. [7]
This behavior has been condemned by Marine Corps commandant Gen. Robert B. Neller and Defense Secretary Jim Mattis. [3] Marine veteran Erin Kirk-Cuomo, who started Not In My Marine Corps to share incidents of sexual assault and harassment, said servicewomen have been reporting groups like “Marines United” for 10+ years but were ignored. She said the issue was “laughed off by military leadership and members as harmless, expected or invited.” [8]
The Cyber Civil Rights Initiative (CCRI) was featured in NBC and CNN as a resource for victims of nonconsensual pornography, with quotes from legislative and tech policy director Mary Anne Franks and advisor Carrie Goldberg. [1, 5]
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