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A Message From TNM President Daniel Miller On The Current Border Crisis

For over a decade, the Texas Nationalist Movement has taken a leadership role on the border issue as one of the first voices to sound the alarm over the growing crisis. We have continually offered our support to the people of the border counties, sounded the alarm to those who are unaware and have demanded action from Texas politicians. Often, we did so alone.

I have personally participated in multiple missions to the border since 2000 to support the residents whose lives are disrupted and under constant threat by the Federal border failure. I have experienced first-hand the devastation and destruction caused by unrestricted migration and the failure of the Federal government to secure our border with Mexico. I have seen overwhelmed Sheriffs, fearful citizens and property destruction on a massive scale.

This problem has plagued Texas for well over a decade. And it's only getting worse.

In 2013, failed Federal border policy cost Texans over $12 billion with additional education costs topping $9 billion. The unrestricted flow across the border has created a public health crisis with costs in Texas hospitals skyrocketing in the last few weeks alone.

But the price that Texas pays is more than money alone. The conscious failure to secure our border threatens our sovereignty, our political system and our economic well-being. The very independence declared in Article 1 Section 1 of the Texas Constitution is under threat.

Numerous polls have shown that immigration and the border are the top concerns for Texans consistently over the last 4 years.

The Texas Nationalist Movement is formally calling for these actions to protect Texas.

Governor Perry must immediately fully militarize the Texas Guard and deploy all of them to the Texas-Mexico border. It is within Governor Perry's constitutional duties and powers to do this. The only thing stopping Rick Perry is Rick Perry.

In addition, Perry, as Governor, must call a special session to address the following issues:

  • Making it illegal for any entity to execute a contract to house foreign detainees in Texas
  • Expanding Department of Public Safety operations in the border counties and making the expansion permanent
  • Eliminating any statutory limits on enlistment in the Texas Guard
  • Establishing a challenge to Plyler v Doe by denying admission to public schools of illegal aliens

These are intermediate steps that Texas can take. Governor Perry still has work to do as Governor. Campaigning, grandstanding and generating "sound bites" on Fox News is no substitute for actual leadership or his Constitutional duties. If he is incapable or unwilling to do so, he should immediately resign and let Lt. Governor Dewhurst take these actions.

Our message to Rick Perry is simple: "Do your damned job."

Until Perry does everything in his power as Governor to address this issue, he is, essentially, no better than Obama, the US Congress and the rest of the Federal Government on the border issue.

The Texas Nationalist Movement believes that the only way that Texas will ever have a secure border with Mexico is to declare our independence. Article 1 Section 1 of the Texas Constitution demands action on our relationship with the United States.

Therefore, we are calling on Governor Perry and the Texas Legislature to pass legislation calling for a referendum on Texas independence.

When given the choice between a Federal government whose ineptitude on the border disrupts and destroys the lives of Texans and an independent Texas who can address the border as we see fit, the people of Texas will choose independence.

The people of Texas need to express their will on the issue of independence and border in significant and meaningful ways. Your action is required to make this happen.

National Day of Action - The Texas Nationalist Movement is calling for a National Day of Action on July 19th. The TNM will be staging demonstrations in cities throughout Texas to reinforce our call to action on the border issue and for Texas independence. We will provide more details on as they become available.

Register Your Support - Go to this link and register your support for our efforts and become a part of the solution.

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