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The July Cancer Solar Eclipse occurs on Tuesday, 2 July at 03:16.06 PM EDT, two days before the 4thof July in the US, and is very potent, being opposite the Saturn/Pluto conjunction and having the Nodal axis exactly conjunct Saturn, powerful aspects that predate their conjunction in 2020, affecting the United States profoundly. The Nodal axis must be within a few degrees of the lunation to create an eclipse, so this magnifies the effects dramatically and emotionally, and signals the return of Pluto to its position at the founding of the US. 

Cancer is the cardinal water sign that signifies our deeper emotional nature, mother, women in general, home, family and family heritage, conservative values and the ability to nurture or receive nurturing, so it is ironic that being opposite the controlling Saturn in its sign Capricorn and revolutionary Pluto is a definite signal that things in this area are changing before our eyes. We can see this reflected in so many critical issues now, such as the controversies surrounding the fluidity of gender, the dynamic feminine, the fragile environment (Gaia), the relationship of religion to politics, and many others. And they all seem to be heading for a showdown soon. And this eclipse is also the beginning of the “eclipse season” of two adjacent eclipses as this solar eclipse is followed in two weeks by a Capricornian lunar eclipse, and so rocking the Cancer/Capricorn axis in all charts. Sudden emotional changes, shifts in awareness and erratic actions characterize such times, so be ready to negotiate with your destiny.

The wise but merciless Saturn and the revolutionary Pluto coming together is perfect for this holiday time in the US, joined by the South Node of the Moon, called Ketu in Vedic astrology bodes for a difficult time for many at the behest of the few of wealth, and echoes the founding of this country in many eerie ways, so I suppose we should expect rebellion in many quarters, which is brewing, but not evident where it is going. However, we can feel the unrest and the insidious ways in which it manifests itself in our life.

That Neptune is eternally present in its sign Pisces, brings a crazy dynamic to it all, in its screening of facts and truth, which makes our understanding yet more vague and abstract, and in addition Jupiter is in the mix retrograding in his sign Sagittarius, which has the effect of exaggerating the strange and unpredictable nature of current trends, with the realization that what is going on isn’t only happening here in the US, but across the planet as well, like a virus spreading unbeknownst to we sufferers that catches us up in the sense that we are playing a game in which there are no winners. And relationships can have that same weird echo of unreality. Is this really happening?

Making this even more complex is an unusual constellation called Thor’s Hammer, focusing on the Mercury and Mars conjunction in early fixed Leo at the top of the chart, which shows a huge compunction to change together with just as much resistance to change, making for a major stalemate. Neptune and Jupiter make a square challenging them both to be speculative and at the same time creating scandals due to underlying instabilities that come to light. Mercury is the trickster acting as though s/he is strong and invincible, triggered by the active, desirous and aggressive Mars making chaotic situations with each breath, constructing conditional sesquiquadrate (135˚) aspects both ways. This strange triangulation takes advantage of the speculations to swindle the run of things, making for angry reactions, but by the time these manifest, something else will occur to minimalize the impact of what should be an outrageous situation. If you don’t understand this logic, just look around for a moment! Because it has been happening for a while now, even though we believe that we are watching closely. 

The remaining three planets are also more loosely attached to the major constellation, such as Venus in the latter degrees of Gemini, showing that although things look fine on the surface, that deeper down the darkness shows and has much more influence than we imagine, and through its sextile to the mysterious and creative planet Uranus, strange things are in process, and although no love is lost, there is an upsurge of “me/too” moments that are ensnaring many except those at the very top of the heap, a situation that should be remedied one day soon. Uranus in turn is semi—sextile to the storyteller of woundedness Chiron, as we would expect that many deep wounds have and are being manifest and we all feel beaten up at some level or another, and Chiron is in trine to a renewed energy through Mercury and Mars, showing that the evening factor is communication, behind which many strange and disruptive elements lurk. 

I am available for astrology readings these days, especially due to the eclipses and their inevitable backlash, so it you are puzzled or curious, do give me a ring for a Life Time reading, a One Year Update or even a quick Mandala Astrological Tarot reading either via Skype or my new tool Zoom (within the US). I am beginning to do some summer talks beginning with a talk on the ISAR Starclub on 14 July at 3PM EDT online. Call me if you are interested and I can direct you to the source. It will be on “Astrology and Epigenetics: Sciences of Change,” is illustrated and will be powerful new information for you to take on and work with. I am also a member 1618 of the C*I*A (Cosmic Intelligence Agency) and will similarly be talking on 1 August online about such new ideas and integrations of astrology with modern biology, genetics and the process of change. Be in touch if you are interested.

All the best and have an amazing summer,
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The July Cancer Solar Eclipse chart.
The Constellation Draco the Dragon encircling the Pole Star.
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