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ATMann’s May Taurus New Moon Astrology Newsletter 

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The Saturday, 4 May Taurus New Moon occurs at 6:45 PM EDT, in the middle of the sign of the Bull, and to the minute the start of the Kentucky Derby, which I will be playing astrologically! The thinking is that the ruling planet of the sign on the cusp of the fifth house is the winner, so wish me luck as I have picked the winner for a number of years now. Its probably a Jupiter/Neptune name as they expect rain, and depending on how fast they run in the expected muck..... I am thinking Saturn.

The Sun and Moon are the only bodies in fixed signs except for Uranus, therefore although not much will shift dramatically, there is an underlying tendency for initiatory energies and mutable signs to institute shifts in awareness, and change is to be expected. Taurus is earthy, sensual, stable and more changeable than usual, now that the planet of rapid shifts Uranus will traverse the sign for the next seven years so it is only the beginning. 

The most significant aspects from the luminaries are the trines to the close triad of the resistant and oppositional Nodal axis between the limiting Saturn and the transformative Pluto, all in practical, pragmatic and patriarchal Capricorn, showing that severe and conflicting issues are affecting us at this point and that it is leaking through to the public at large, even against their will as the Nodal hit prevents us from relaxing our grip on things. Self-destructive energies, shielding weak self-esteem, yet acting pugilistic and being resistant to reform are characteristics of the time, and beyond it all is the specter of the paternalistic sense of authority by gender. It is a closely fought battle that is merging into the collective imagination and causing a schism between male and female, big time. We know change is called for; however no one wants to lose their place in the hierarchy. In the coming days, the Taurus Sun will make trines to Saturn/Pluto, showing that gestures toward reconciliation are superficial rather than honest.

Saturn and Pluto are rigid and in the most patriarchal sign Capricorn and there is an anger and potential for violence inherent in this conjunction, especially now that they are both retrograde and traveling backwards with the South Node between them. This signals danger in all kinds of ways and a warning that regression is usually not kind to the bottom of the pile (or the top, either). Many clients and friends have been constantly alarmed by the trials that surround us and the sense of impotence in the face of corruption and blatant governmental abuses.

Since Neptune casts a sextile to the luminaries, there is a sense of wonder, uncertainty and of illusion about what at first looks quite tangible, and this contradictory dynamic is also present around and within us. Being in its own sign Pisces exaggerates the importance of the tentative nature of Neptune, the need to hide weaknesses, and the idea that what at first appears to be real, rather than being present, isn’t real at all. This delusional quality, if you can call it a quality, impedes the truth of what is happening, and the apparent shaping of things by Saturn and Pluto and dilutes even the best appearances, yet the masses are unlikely to be able to differentiate between reality TV and reality... scary.

The Nodal pair have their home in the maternal and changeable sign Cancer, opposing the Saturn/Pluto conjunction and the mechanism is that the public shares the emotional uncertainty in the air now, and there is much suffering, however usually hidden by blunt and self-congratulatory words without appropriate actions. What is thought or said either misses the mark or was never meant to make sense in the first place. Bragging doesn’t fix things or make them greater, but rather serves as a shield hiding vacuousness. 

Mercury and Venus in Aries are both aggressive and impulsive as ideas and aesthetics, so upping the pushy ante seems like the only way to shift things. This pair are often more potent together than apart as imagery and propaganda are more valuable in tandem than apart. Venus is not particularly happy in the masculine and aggressive Aries, while Mercury is mainly neutral, so don’t expect powerful messages to come about now, but rather an overriding sense of things being somehow out of whack.

Of interest is that both innermost planets make aspects to the potentially creative but ultimately tense opposition between the energetic and expressive Mars in active but duplistic Gemini and the expansive and ever-optimistic Jupiter in his sign Sagittarius. Shifting attention is the name of this game, and difficulties are masked by overly positive exaggerations, while under it all there is a profound sense of vulnerability. With Jupiter retrograde, there is a likelihood of little truth and a lot of extra shedding of attention and hiding the truth. The Mercury/Mars dynamic is creative, but the tendency to artificially make things more positive than they are can undermine any positive steps. There are hidden agendas galore at the moment. Be aware....

Uranus is newly in the earth sign Taurus and changes in financial markets and our entire view of the material world is likely to forcibly embrace changes that have been denied for years, as the reality of environmental shifts that will affect us all are immanent.  It is impossible to believe that those currently in power are not only ignoring climate change, but stonewalling it. What?

Uranus is almost unaspected, which means that it isn’t anywhere near as visible as it should be, despite the rash of devices that can institute change in our attitudes towards such climate change. It’s only aspect is really very important as it is a conditional semi-square to the storyteller of woundedness, the asteroid Chiron in early Aries, which carries with it the potential for a new dawn bringing serious issues of climate change to initiate a necessary shift in attitude, starting at the top. All we see is trajedies in the world, but zero solutions from those in power. What?

I will be flying to London in two weeks and then almost a month on the island of Paxos, so if you are thinking about a reading, please do so in the next 10 days, although I will be spending some days in England, but I will also be available via Skype while I play in the sun.So I will be available for readings, or so I hope. And of course, the usual Yearly Updates are also popular, as well as Mandala Astrological Tarot readings of various sorts and price ranges. 

All the best and have an amazing astrological year,
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The May Taurus New Moon is all within a Bowl shape led by Mars in Gemini, so expect changes and oppositional dynamics. 
I love this photo I took last week in Hudson. The sexual organs of tulips of course make me remember my Dutch heritage, and the hexagonal pattern of the stamen.
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