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ATMann’s August Leo New Moon Astrology Newsletter

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The Leo New Moon happens on 18 August at 10:42 PM EDT here in Hudson, on my birthday. Fiery Sun and Moon show lots of creative energy to be utilized, and added to this is Mercury also in Leo, showing that writing, teaching and publishing are all a part of this coming time (and my coming year as it occurs as triple Leo — Sun, Moon and ASC — in my Solar Return chart).
After being beaten down by the side- or direct effects of coronavirus, this is an injection of solar positivity into the mix and so for the moment at least, optimism reigns and it is possible that projects and new ideas are being bred. The new moons are always times of seeding new concepts and beginning the growth of inspiration, so utilize this energy while it is in place. Mercury in Leo wants to spread ideas that bring fire to influences, and the exceptional warmth can also activate relationships and ignite loving connections to what is latent in them. However, tomorrow Mercury moves into its sign of exaltation Virgo, and a critical eye is the main view soon and for the next weeks. Don’t hold back with others or yourself….

By far the strongest aspect is the linking trine to Mars in his sign Aries, and although he is in the twelfth house, normally silent and hidden, it brings added energy and fire to the proceedings, so willful actions are very likely to manifest at this time. Individuality becomes our true focus, often contradicting the urges to join or link to others, or indeed to follow the pack. So, it is likely that people will wantonly disobey even critical rules and laws at this time. However, it is also opportune as a time to initiate creative actions and collaborations as making dominates the inner workings at this time, and is particularly the case as Mars is also in a tempestuous square with regenerative Pluto and suppressive Saturn, which is an acute blockage of collective energies, so once again individuality wins most battles now. In such times strong individuals tend to want to run things their way, instead of following the masses. The metaphor is like gunning a car while pressing on the brake pedal, and likely will create awkward constructions to the advancing creativity. So at least give it a go.

Controlling Saturn is in the triad with optimistic and expansive Jupiter and transformative Pluto, a potent Capricornian combination for sure that spells major changes in process but being interrupted and constrained, and so now connects to the luminaries and Mercury in a frustrating quincunx aspect, which shows that everything now is close to the center, however just missing hitting it, meaning that the will for change is being flaunted and restricted in unsubtle ways. Part of this is that people in general lack cohesive positions in their personal views, and are too easily caught up in emotional prejudice, racist attitudes, and a lack of inherent wisdom, hence too easily fooled by the powers that be. Pluto is at the edge of the constellation, but isn’t in the mainstream now, so the first stage of change, which is letting go of difficult existing behavioral patterns, effectively prevents the creation of new and more inclusive changes from coming into being. And Jupiter being involved in and trailing the triad shows that exaggeration of attitudes and accomplishments hinders positive change by preventing past mistakes from being acknowledged. And since the triad is also triggered by the energetic Mars, once again the individual dominates collective attitudes in negative ways.

The Nodal axis is also in play by linking the triad of outer planets with Mars, Chiron and Neptune, all of which only tend to confuse things, which can be thought of as the way things are these days, however the sense of collective paralysis from Neptune doesn’t allow us to feel like we are on solid ground, but rather at sea, in an alien environment. And Chiron creates a very unusual phenomenon by encouraging us to think that our imposed isolation at this time is not good for us, and so we feel defeated and powerless, this being an unusual thing in our age of constant communication and mass media, which are also being questioned in good measure.

This leaves the loving Venus and individualistic Uranus in sextile aspect as the only two remaining planets, and they together show passion and deep relationships, often between those who are both strong in their own rights coming together in creative ventures that shift values deeply. This is what we should take on as our role, to express unity despite the apparent lack of togetherness and integration around us, to soldier ahead, and to come up with unusual and original answers to the myriad questions being asked of us and by us. So don’t allow yourself to be beaten by the weird situations that seem to surround us.

After the successful FREE class I gave last week to almost 70 participants, I thank you all for connecting with me and The Alchemists’ Kitchen Virtual Learning, and I sincerely hope that many of you decide to participate in the five classes I will be giving starting on 15 September, running until the late middle of October when I will be doing the last event with my friend and collaborator Georgina Langdale on how Astrology and Healing come together with a particular look at what we can learn from the astro-herbalists of the Renaissance and how their work is more relevant now than ever before. We will explore how Georgina works with astrology ideas integral to our shared world views, and how they can benefit you as individuals, healers, therapists and even explorers. It is exciting and the cost of all five classes is $150, which will include your chart calculated by me, your list of Life Time event times in life and a dose of knowledge and understanding because astrology was integral to the early days of medicine and herbalism is becoming a very important way of using these cosmic principles to join planets with plants to achieve a resurrection of Gaia and to the benefit of our health and well-being, and it is something you can use yourself in your life in our world.

My series of astrology classes will occur in early September via The Alchemists’ Kitchen Virtual events and you can sign up and pay through Roshina Jimenez at The Alchemists’ Kitchen and be prepared to give your birth details to her when you sign up.

The classes will be on Zoom through the TAK Virtual events program. In the next few days I will be posting details of all five classes, so look to my website for details. You will see that is will be a comprehensive program to cover many aspects of astrological work using the dynamic methods of Life Time Astrology.

In the meantime, I am a (slightly older) work-at-home hermit, and therefore am available for readings if you are interested or need some support in this difficult time. Please be in touch with me for an appointment. I am available for readings of all kinds, including Life Time readings, Yearly Updates with the new graphic format I am beginning to use, Partnerships, and affordable Mandala Astrological Tarot readings small or elaborate….. and I will try to help you find our way through the current strange times.

All the best, be safe, act sensibly, eat well, be good to Gaia, be well, and always love,
Tad    +1 (917) 596-2108

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Birthday today
The Leo New Moon conjunct Mercury trine Mars in Aries.
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