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ATMann’s September Libra New Moon Astrology Newsletter

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The September Libra New Moon occurs on Saturday, 28 September at 2:26PM EDT and as Libra is judgement and judging with a view to balancing oppositional influences as a general rule, the fact that the luminaries, conjunct to the aggressive Mars in the critical (and possibly naïve) Virgo, are directly opposite the asteroid Chiron, the storyteller of woundedness, tells us a lot about the underlying dynamics of present circumstances. In a time when the operable principle is coordination, cooperation and the attainment of equilibrium (as shown in the current UN conference) the Sun and Moon are in destructive mode via Mars, and we have an opposing deep gash of a wound in Chiron that refuses to allow any semblance of healing energies to exist. And as well, Chiron is totally on its own in Mars-ruled Aries, finally isolated at the bottom (most unconscious) position in the chart, and is also retrograde, meaning that the self is wounded, a self-inflicted wound that might never be healed. It is indeed a very dangerous situation and one what could flare up at any moment. The necessary transformation is from victim to taking stock and learning to act mindfully, especially as Aries rules the head and brain, showing that the wounded organ is indeed the mind. A change in consciousness is the only true solution to turn around existing situations.

The luminaries are also mutually square the backward-moving Nodal axis, and this indicates that collaboration is very difficult now and it is very close to a within-family complex of issues that require strong resolution to solve and move forward. That the individualistic South Node sits between the immovable Saturn and the self-destructive and revolutionary Pluto, all in the patriarchal Capricorn indicates that escape from this is very unlikely, and that the situation is dangerous in the extreme because self-destructive energies might well reign when basic awareness is tainted, as we have seen. The fantasy influences of Neptune iare also a part of this complicated constellation, showing that what we see is rarely accurate or a true picture of what lies underneath appearances. Imagine that we are submerged in unconsciousness, thousands of feel below the surface and it approximates what we are dealing with — a landslide of fictions that are likely impossible to get a grip on — just ask any New Yorker with decades of contact with the President.

Venus in her sign Libra and Jupiter in his sign Sagittarius and Neptune in its sign Pisces are all deeply involved, showing foreign influences, and questions of loyalty, patriotism, and a tendency to misguided judgements, particularly as Jupiter and Neptune are in a tense square aspect, showing that they are competing, competitive and contradictory, where beliefs tension and contradict knowledge and yet fantasy plays its part too. The implication is that what people believe doesn’t necessarily correspond to their stated positions and are therefore apt to opt for fantastic patterns of understanding that seem to favor their beliefs, yet don’t on any logical level. This is probably the most dangerous manifestation of the current patterns. When belief and expectation override logic things can go awry as is happening with environmental issues, gender issues and racial issues.

Mercury is also in loving Libra, but not its most natural place in the scheme of things, as partnerships also have an extreme role to play in how things come to happen. While I think that educational policies over many years have a major role in what is happening, it is to me strange that those with almost no logical understanding seem to be able to control much more than they theoretically should… This is shown by the square to the collective, immune system dynamic, and revolutionary/reactionary Pluto in Capricorn. Ignoring science at our peril is a fool’s game and our society has a scary tendency to take that path out of ignorance and defiance.

Or course the eccentric and individualistic Uranus is also in play now and in a close almost “Yod” shape (a narrow triangular shard), also called the Finger of God, which points towards it as a major feature, being media, technology and its schizophrenic relationship to societal development. Media is both a panacea, as Marshall McLuhan postulated fifty years ago, the medium is the message, and that it creates a fragmentation of reality that most individuals cannot distinguish as different than their perceptions. I have mentioned this many times that in our modern world many cannot separate reality television from reality, and this is a huge problem when you have politicians who cross over those lines all the time, describe all media (except those that agree with them) as “fake” and spread dissention among many.

I will be going to Austin, TX, next Wednesday to give a Friday talk and a weekend workshop on A New Vision of Astrology, including my recent epigenetics and astrology work at the Astrological Society of Austin on 4 — 6 October, as well as doing Life*Time readings. Come to the Friday night talk and decide whether you want to attend the weekend workshop. For details, contact Shannon Gill Jones. If you are interested, please contact Shannon immediately to make sure we have the space. Every participant receives their chart and list of Life*Time dates from conception to 99 years old and we will be looking at charts of the participants.

I have had six prints made of my Twelve Mandalas from 1975 (see my website) at full size as I sold them in 1991 and haven’t seen them since. They look amazing and I am considering what possible ways to get them out into our world as they are not only beautiful, but also great teaching devices for passing on knowledge I have collected over the years. I hope the other six will be recreated from the original transparencies as well. Be in touch with me if you might be interested in their future.

I am available for astrology readings these days, especially due to the polarization of our world and its influence on us all, so if you are puzzled or curious, do give me a ring for a Life Time reading, a One Year Update, a quick Mandala Astrological Tarot reading, or a counseling session either via Skype or my new tool Zoom (within the US). 

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The chart for the September Libra New Moon is striated and with lots of tensioning squares, ready to act irrationally.
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