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2020 is here y'all (woot woot)!!
   As 2019 recedes, 2020 has emerged and is rearing its head for all to experience. This year will bring expansion, liberation and opportunities to awaken us all with a real sense of adventure. It should be an exciting year for all of us and we look forward to spending that time with you. Happy New Year from all of us at the Lightpath Discovery Center & Midwest School of Astrology.
Astrology for this Month
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Monthly Vedic Astrology Forecast
- Jan 1st:
New Years Day
- Jan 10th:
Full Wolf Moon

- Jan 18th:
Winnie the Pooh Day

- Jan 20th:
MLK day 

"Everything we do, everything we are, rests on our personal power. If we have enough of it, one word is enough to change the course of our lives. If we don't, the most magnificent piece of wisdom can be revealed to us and that revelation won't make a damn bit of difference.

Do you know that at this very moment you are surrounded by eternity? And do you know you can use that eternity, if you so desire? Do you know that you can extend yourself forever in any direction and use it to take the totality of yourself forever in any direction? Do you know that one moment can be eternity? If you had enough personal power, my words alone would serve as a means to round up the totality of yourself and get to the crucial part of it out of the boundaries in which it is contained.”

~ Don Juan Matus

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