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Congratulations to the Midwest School of Astrology Graduating Class of 2017!
We are excited to announce that the following students have successfully completed the MWSA's 3 year curriculum:
Cora Hayward & Elizabeth Bollmer

And Our Honorable Mentions are:
Danae Unrine, Mark Unrine & Terri Hope

Congratulations on a Job well done! If you would like to join us for our next level 1 semester starting in a few months please contact Mindy at 513-984-2293

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- July 1st:
Gary's Summer Sale!
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- July 4th:
Independence Day

- July 9th:
Full Buck Moon

- July 16th:
Ice Cream Day

- July 26th:
Summer Astrology Class 
W/ Pam

"And once you are awake, you shall remain awake eternally.

~ Friedrich Nietzsche (1844-1900)


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