For out of Zion the Law will go forth, and the Word of Jehovah from Yerushalaim
Word from Yerushalaim
Prophetic Destiny of B. Netanyahu

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Republished January 27 2019

I am republishing this article which I sent out in 2015. There are two prophetic words given below I have heard over the years concerning Israel's current prime minister, as well as the nation of Israel. One of these prophetic words was given back in 1982 and the other prophetic word was given in 2008. I see two things happening. One that B Netanyahu will no longer be prime minister of Israel after the next election, even though the polls say he will be re-elected without a problem. And two, That Israel will enter her greatest time of crisis before B. Netanyahu leaves as Prime Minister. Are these word(s) truly from The Lord, time is upon us and we will see. If they are, Israel needs our prayers in this season, now. The next election in Israel is scheduled for April 9, 2019 

Prophecy Being Fulfilled
These are the two modern prophetic words which I have borne witness to with my spirit. One is from a man by the name Mike Evans, when he in 1982 prophesied to Benjamin Netanyahu that he would be Prime Minister of Israel. Not once but twice. And I have been tracking with this word ( by; Mike Evens:  "It was more than thirty years ago that I first met Benjamin Netanyahu. On the day we met, I anointed him with oil and prophesied that he would be   Prime Minister of Israel not once, but twice and that the second time would be during Israel’s greatest crisis. Benjamin wasn’t involved in politics at all then. I went to Menachem Begin (who was the Prime Minister) the next day and asked him to find a place for Benjamin in his government, and he did. That day Benzion Netanyahu, Benjamin’s father, called me “a moron” in Hebrew, not knowing that I understood the language. He didn’t know that God was working to prepare his son to be the man who would lead the nation of Israel in its moment of greatest crisis and danger.") 

Even though Netanyahu has been re-elected more than two times he still sits as Prime Minister for the second time. There have been no breaks in this second time as PM. Even weeks before the election date of March 17, 2015, I had inner confidence he would be re-elected, even when the polls then said he would lose. But I truly felt this time in (2015) would be the last time. This word ended with these words "the second time would be during Israel’s greatest crisis"

Wendy Alec Prophetic Word 2008

The other word was given by Wendy Alec (founder of God TV) in 2008. I recently sent this word out before the election and it to is tracking as being from the Lord. In this word (here) she felt the Lord say that Netanyahu would be re-elected three terms more. Shortly after in 2009 he was elected as Prime Minister and has just been re-elected for the third term on March 17th, 2015 just as the word declared. Wendy's word also agrees with Mike Evan's word from 1982 as it also points not only to a crisis but more specifically to "the time of the End"

To Netanyahu "For I tell you, child – you shall yet see things in your day that will make grown men tremble. Remember My son – that I HAVE SET YOU – to water and nurture and GUARD my people Israel and GUIDE My people Israel. I HAVE JEALOUSLY GUARDED YOU TO RELEASE YOU TO REIGN OVER Israel in the time of the END"
full word here

Netanyahu is warned two times do not give up any land of Israel. If you do I will remove you from power. Audio  here
In conclusion, it would be quite easy to become discouraged hearing seeing so many terrible things happening. But we must remember that the Lord is working all of the circumstances for good. He loves His people Israel with "an Everlasting Love". I am including a short video I did a few years ago where I explain how the Lord uses our trials to bring us into a place of fruitfulness for His Kingdom.
I pray that these observations help each one of you to better understand the times we are in and how to pray for Israel. I have no doubt at all that things are going to begin to deteriorate not only shall you see my triumph over darkness and evil. Trust me, says The Lord.  But we have a great promise, that Israel will be "saved out of it" Jeremiah 30:7  Even as our enemies plot evil destruction, the Lord's plan is to turn Israel the "Apple of His Eye" back to Himself.


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