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Update on the 30th Asian-Pacific Children's Convention in 2018

The year 2018 will mark the 30th anniversary of The Asian Pacific Children’s Convention (APCC). To commemorate this milestone, APCC is planning to organize a grand reunion of former APCC participants in Fukuoka including special program to help everyone relive memories and strengthen global friendship. For more detail information please check 30th APCC special website in January.

Hitoshi Iwamoto, APCC's 30th Anniversary Executive Director

Hitoshi Iwamoto, who is the former Managing Director of the BCIO, has been named the Executive Director of the 30th APCC and recently announced the theme for the 30th APCC Anniversary: “To Be Connected.” Iwamoto-san says “he decided on the theme because 30th Anniversary is a chance to refresh our memories, reunite with old friends, and connect with new APCC friends.

With a sparkle in his eye, he shares, “We have over 10,000 alumni representing many countries, cultures, and age groupseveryone makes our network of global citizens extremely special.” He strongly wishes that all the alumni of the APCC come back and celebrate the 30th APCC together and enjoy all the wonders of Fukuoka again! The talented and committed alumni continue to make a strong impact with our supporters and serve as role models for Japanese youths. He added that the 30th anniversary is not an event for nostalgia; rather, it’ll be an engine that re-energizes our drive to continue to make APCC bigger and better, beyond 2018.
Iwamoto-san signs off with, “See you all in Fukuoka! We’re waiting for your return to your second home.” 

Article curated by Nidhi Parekh, BRIDGE CLUB India

3rd BRIDGE CLUB Presidents Meeting in 2018

The 3rd BC Presidents Meeting will be held in Fukuoka in July 2018. According to the BCIO new policies, all BC Presidents will be inaugurated by BCIO at the BC Presidents Meeting. Official Presidential terms will begin at the inauguration duration the BC Presidents Meeting and end at the inauguration of the new President during the following BC Presidents Meeting. We received the nominated names of BC Presidents from several BCs for the 2018- 2020 term. The invitation guideline will be sent to the nominated BC Presidents in January 2018 so please wait for a while.
**During the 3rd Presidents Meeting, the BC Presidents, as official representatives of their respective BCs, will discuss the future of the BCIO to improve programs and increase awareness of the APCC. Additionally, the APCC Liaison Officers will learn about the 31st APCC program structure and goals to achieve the vision of APCC. Due to the convening of the BC Presidents and Liaison Officers, it has been decided that the PA Program will be put on hold for 2018 and resume in 2019.

BRIDGE CLUB Coordinator Selection Results

In October 2017, BCIO asked for applications for the BRIDGE CLUB’S NEW Coordinator positions. We originally advertised 5 seats for BC Coordinators, but after going through a series of discussion to modify BC workgroups, we believe 3 BC coordinators were enough to fulfill its role. We apologize for this change and trust you will understand our decision.

We received many impressive applications and appreciate each one of them. The following 3 BC members have been selected as a BC Coordinators:
  1. Tsu Yamin, BC Myanmar ( JA 2006 ; PA 2012, BCIO HOM 2013)
  2. Wong Tin Nam Tina, BC Hong Kong (JA 2007 ; PA 2015)
  3. Thongmala Keola, BC Lao ( JA 2000 ; PA 2008)
The official term length for BC Coordinators is 2~3 years; their inauguration will be held at the BC Presidents Meeting and their term will end at the following BC Presidents Meeting. Therefore, the official term for the newly-selected BC Coordinators will begin in July 2018 at the 3rd BC President Meeting.  

The BC Coordinator is a new position title in the BCIO, but it will replace the current BC Mentor position and serve in the same role by working with the BCIO management, advising individual BC, and maintaining strong communication channels between the BCIO management and all BCs.

We hope that all BC members will cooperate with the new BC Coordinators and support them in their roles. Congratulations to all three selected BC CoordinatorsWe are looking forward to working with you!
BCIO EnviroRangers: Update

The 2017-18 Common Activity BCIO EnviroRangers was designed to develop members of BCIO into environmental stewards, show that environmental problems are global and require a global commitment, and demonstrate that the APCC and BCs are contributing to positive changes.
Since the launch of the Common Activity in September, 17 countries have successfully completed Part 1 of the project. All reports of inter-BC video conferences have been positive, with members saying they enjoyed meeting new people, catching up with old friends and learning about other countries environments over video chat. Each group of 2-3 BRIDGE CLUBs discussed; 1) special/unique aspects of each country’s environment, 2) some environmental problems in each country, and 3) ideas for an action to help the local environment which the BCs can complete.
BC EnviroRangers promotes collaboration among BC members across the BCIO network

Please encourage your BRIDGE CLUB to contribute to the BCIO EnviroRangers quilt, which will be on display at the 30th APCC. The quilt will show that undertaking small actions in our own countries can lead to creating positive global change.

For more information follow the link

BC Member Spotlight: Kevin Law

Interview by Matthew Wong, BC Hong Kong

While most BRIDGE CLUBS only consist of past APCC participants, BCHK has been actively expanding our network and reaching out to friends to help BCHK grow and develop. As the current President, I am very proud to feature one of our Executive Committee members, Law Yat Chun, also known as Kevin Law, who is currently the Social Media Manager in BC Hong Kong (BCHK).
Kevin Law with BC Hong Kong President, Matthew Wong
Q: What's so special about you is that you were never an APCC Junior Ambassador, so what has motivated you to join BCHK?

A:  Some time ago, my friend told me about BCHK, so I became interested in it as I would like to learn how to communicate with people from different countries and learn from them. Being a member has definitely been an eye-opener!

Q:  What do you do as a Social Media Manager in BCHK?

A:  My job is mainly to help the club post the photos and videos of our different events.  Sometimes, I will also act as the bridge between the committee members and the others in the club, so as to help them enjoy a wonderful time here in BCHK!

Q:  I also know that you are actively participating in the activities of BCHK as well.  In particular, you went to oversee the training for 2017 JAs and joined the Annual General Meeting (AGM) of BCHK. Tell us about these experiences.

A:  When I first met the others, I felt like we were a big family. All of their words and actions made me feel warm. I know they are the people I can work hard for.
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