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Moon Carrot, Seseli gummiferum

Dear Friends and Fellow Gardeners, Welcome to Autumn and to Harlequin’s Gardens Fall Plant Sale!

Our Members Sale begins Aug. 21 thru Aug. 27.  For your special support, members are rewarded with first pick: 20% off all plants except fruit trees; and 25% off books.  Membership is still $20; membership supports our demo gardens & has benefits throughout the year.  The Fall Sale for Everybody takes place  Aug. 27- end of October, details below.  


Why is fall an excellent time to plant?

Because cooler autumn temperatures reduce stress in the establishment period. And because days are getting shorter and plants are putting more nutrients into roots than into flowers and top growth. Plants are smart to make these adjustments, and we gardeners can be smart too in giving support to our new plants. Add 1/3 compost to the planting hole to hold moisture, to supply carbon and nutrients and aeration. Before planting, apply mycorrhizae to the roots, the beneficial fungi that bring water and nutrients to the roots. Cover the soil with a good mulch to reduce drying out, keep the soil cooler and support nutrition. And, of course, water enough to keep the soil moist, but not soggy. Be kind now; you can be tough later after their roots are firmly connected to the soil. Water new plants once or twice a month in winter, if it is dry.

Fall is also the best time to fertilize and topdress. Good nutrition prevents diseases, promotes growth and provides the energy needed to produce next years fruit buds.

Research at CSU has shown that fall is the most important time to fertilize turf grass. We carry organic fertilizers that are good for lawns. And, September is the best time of year to aerate. Follow that with fertilizer and ideally with a quarter inch of compost topdressing. This will thicken up sparse lawns and help to prevent fungal diseases. Fall is also an excellent time to apply Corn Gluten, the organic weed and feed.

Nature Cycle (Richlawn) Lawn Fertilizer: made from chicken manure, blood meal, feather meal
Alpha One Fertilizer: alfalfa, cottonseed meal, blood meal, sunflower
Lawn Topdressing: a very fine compost disappears into turf, spreads easily around perennials, provides nutrition, holds water, feeds the worms & soil life; best after using an organic fertilizer
Mile-Hi Rose Feed: with alfalfa and kelp; excellent for Sept. use; promotes repeat flowering & strength
Yum Yum Mix: cottonseed, rock dust, alfalfa, rock phosphate, kelp: perennials, shrubs & xeriscapes
Tomato & Vegetable Food and Harlequin’s Fertility Mix: both great for fall veggie planting
Planters II, is a rock dust very beneficial for plant health & nutrient density.
Kelp for micronutrients; Humate to make nutrients available; Both feed the soil life
Mycorrhizae: both Micronized Endo and new, nutrient rich Big Foot: Root support and survival aid
Composts: Four kinds, good quality, economical, locally sourced to use local wastes & reduce CO2
Mulches: a fine wood chip and Soil Pep-a partially composted bark: both feed the soil organisms


More people are catching on to planting cool-season greens in the fall. This can be very rewarding & the season can be extended with row cover & mulch.  Many varieties of Kale, Lettuce and Mesclun, Spinach, & Swiss Chard, plus Arugula, Kohlrabi, Broccoli Raab, Bok Choy, Tat Soi, Senposai will begin arriving this weekend.  These new premium plants cannot be sold at a discounted price.
We also have a great selection of Botanical Interests Seeds for cool-season greens.

BULBS (no discount) 

Don’t envy our species tulips, deer-resistant daffodils, and fragrant hyacinths next spring when you visit Harlequin’s. Get them from us and plant them in October. We will have many kinds of bulbs and new varieties. Check our website soon for detailed descriptions and photos of this year’s selection. 


Visit our Bee Barn for your bee equipment needs including: Mesh Strainers, Gift Honey Containers, Capping Scratchers, buckets with gate; Varroa Mite monitoring & control.

While the aforementioned items aren't on sale, most of the rest of our plants ARE on SALE!  These high quality plants are 100% free from bee-killing, nerve-toxin neonicotinoids. Most of our plants are free from all pesticides and fungicides. We accomplish this by questioning all our sources and by growing a lot of plants ourselves, organically. We see this value not as a bonus, but as the new standard of life support for our planet.


Opens Monday, August 28, where you will find Golden Columbine, Porter's Aster, Cheddar Pink Dianthus, Greek Oregano, perennial sunflowers, many sedums, Creeping Phlox, Coreopsis, Shasta Daisies.

And MORE: 2 ½"  reduced from $3.95 to $1.75; Quarts reduced from $6.95 to $4.00. Trees and shrubs specials. Hen & Chicks, 4” perennials in flats of 12 or 15 regular $6.95, full flats ONLY $4.20 each.  Mix & Match!


Lavenders - 4 kinds,  Mints, Lovage, Chives, Greek Mt.Tea, Tarragon, Oregano, Thymes - many flavors, and Yerba Mansa.


Raspberries, Thornless Blackberry, Strawberries, Currants, Serviceberry, Gooseberries;  Zone 4 Table Grapes, all chosen for good flavor and success in Colorado.

Our new crop of Fruit Trees, grown in our own potting mix, with mycorrhizae, and without  pesticides or chemical fertilizers, will be available at regular prices. We also have currants and gooseberries high in antioxidants and nutrition. They are hard to find and cannot be discounted.


Clematis, Honeysuckles, Trumpet Vines, Ornamental Grape, Hops, Bittersweet, Euonymus f. Minima: 10’ evergreen vine for shade/pt. shade, tough & low water.


Harlequin-grown will not only survive, they will thrive when planted in September. Neonic-free!  Big Bluestem, Indian Rice Grass, Alkali and Giant Sacaton, Side Oats Grama, Sand Dropseed, Feather Reed, Mexican Feather Grass, etc.


Our proven, sustainable own-root roses will be 20% off  Aug. 28-Oct. 30.  A huge selection of our premium plants. (Members get 20% off starting Aug 21).


Many varieties, container-grown have complete root systems and are easy to plant: Ohio Buckeye, Wafer Ash-Ptelea trifoliata, Hot Wings Maple, Russian Hawthorn, Hackberry, Apricot, Wavyleaf and Gambel Oaks, Golden Rain Tree, Crab Apples, May Day Tree.


Both native and non-native, some in #2 pots are Harlequin-Grown in nutrient-rich soil mix with worm compost and mycorrhizae; economical & premium quality.

New Mexican Privet: Forestiera: 12’ small tree, graceful, good screen, low water
Chilopsis: 10’ tree with gorgeous orchid-like flowers, often purple or pink, low water
Cotoneasters: multiflora, Sungari, Peking & Szechuan Fire - all tough shrubs that make good specimens and screens with white flowers and black or red fruit, low water
Viburnums: Nannyberry, Allegheny, Compact Am. Cranberry, Wentworth, Mini Man: great shrubs for shade/pt. Shade with white domes of flowers, colorful fruit and fall color
Mt. Mahogany: Curlleaf-evergreen to 12’, loves sun and dry; great screen & windbreak
True Leaf- deciduous native grows 2 miles from the nursery; 8’ very xeric, frontier plant
Little Leaf: evergreen with Rosemary-like foliage, 5’; xeric native, great in-ground bonsai
Julia Jane Boxwood: 3’ evergreen for shade/part shade; deer-proof; low water
Nanking Cherry, Siberian Pea Shrub, Native Sumacs, Blue Mist Spirea, & many more 


Moon Carrot - Seseli gummiferum: this pollinator magnet has silver foliage and domes of white flowers, xeric and stunning.
Alaska’ Shasta Daisy: 3” long-lasting pure white daisies
Teucriums: low water herb groundcovers; very beautiful: cossonii, Homestead Purple, hyrcanicum ‘Purple Tails’, rotundifolium, tauricolum; Harlequin’s Silver
Echinaceas: angustifolius, purpurea, Alba, Rubinstern, Cheyenne Spirit
Penstemons: 19 varieties in stock like: eatonii, mensarum, caespitosus, rostriflorus
Dianthus: Firewitch & Blue Hills-very blue & fragrant; Tuscan Honeymoon-tall & showy
Alyssum oxycarpum: silver evergreen foliage and soft yellow flowers

PLUS several Asclepias, Many Gaillardias, Pussytoes, Perennial Foxgloves, Hardy Geraniums for dry shade; Fall Blooming Rudbeckias and Goldenrods, Pasque Flower, Coral Bells-gorgeous foliage in shade; 4 kinds of creeping veronicas, Sulfur Flowers, Asphodeline-perfect rosette; Many Salvias including dorii; 4 kinds of Liatris for fall color & butterflies, beautiful Delphiniums; Fall blooming tall sedums-colorful foliage & support for bees. 


Nine varieties of Ball Cacti and several colorful Prickly Pears & Chollas.


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CLASSES for 2018

Soon we'll be beginning to think about the classes we offer in 2018 and we'd love to have your input!  Call us at 303-939-9403 and let us know what topics, and/or speakers are of interest to you and we'll investigate options.  

Meanwhile, check out the two great classes we have coming up.

Sun, Aug 27 at 1 PM

Low Tech Greenhouse Design and Operation with Mikl Brawner

Mikl has been researching, building, and using simple greenhouses for 20 years. This class will focus on five designs on site at the nursery.  $15   SUNDAY!

Sun, Sep 17 at 1 PM

Pruning for Strength, Health and Beauty with Mikl Brawner

Learn how to train young trees, restructure shrubs and trees damaged by storms, and to prune roses. Mikl has over 35 years of experience in pruning.   (Repeat of Aug. 6)    $15



Don’t miss our 7th annual ‘Taste of Tomato’ festival & tasting event!

along with Boulder County CSU Cooperative Extension on Saturday, September 9th. There are always exciting new varieties to taste and learn about. It will be held in Boulder at the Gateway Park Fun Center, 4800 28th Street, 10 am to 1 pm. Check our website for entry instructions. 

The Local Food Summit   

Join co-founders Michael Brownlee and Lynette Marie Hanthorn, in catalyzing a revolutionary acceleration and expansion of the local food movement's impact, effectiveness, and scale!   For more information visit

Bee Boulder Festival

Is coming up on Sept. 23 For more info go to 

Winter Hours

 Currently we're open daily 9-5 and on Thursday 9-6.  In October we will be open daily 9-5.  We will then be CLOSED OCTOBER 31 - NOVEMBER 23.

Holiday Gift Market 

We would also like to invite you to our Holiday Gift Market in November and December when we will be open for locally-made artisan goods and products.

For this special event we will be open Green Friday, Nov. 24 to Dec. 24 every Thursday, Friday, Saturday, and Sunday, 10-5.

We will be offering: exceptional local artisan goods: Eve’s gluten-free shortbread cookies, Engrid’s jams & preserves, local specialty foods, herbal body-care products, bees-wax candles, jewelry, clothing & accessories, gift certificates, books, CD’s, gardening tools, planting calendars, gloves, Mikl’s  aftershave, illuminated magnifiers, succulent plants, honey & bee-keeping supplies; MANY other great gifts. Door-prize drawings daily !!!



Monday, August 21 thru August 27: for your special support, you are rewarded with first pick: 20% off all plants except Fruit Trees;  25% off books


FALL SALE begins for everybody Monday, August 28 thru Sept. 3:  20% off most plants except veggies, berries, fruit trees and bulbs. The Deep Discount section will be opened with $1.75 perennials (were $3.95 & $4.95),$.50 Hen and Chicks.
September 4 thru 10 enjoy 25% off perennials, shrubs & trees.  And 20% off Roses, AND 20% off soil products in big bags and 20% off Compost Tea.
Sept. 11 thru 17 take 25% off perennials, shrubs and trees; 20% off Roses and books; and 30% off soil  products in big bags and 30% off Compost Tea.
Sept. 18 thru 24 take 30% off perennials, shrubs and trees, and 40% off soil products in big bags, 20% off Roses and Books; Compost Tea- buy one, get one FREE!
Sept.25 thru Oct. 30 there will be a 30% discount off Perennials, Shrubs and Trees.  20% OFF Roses and Books and 50% off soil products in big bags; 50% off Compost Tea.




Thank you, local gardeners, we are very appreciative of your vision and support!


Mikl Brawner & Eve Reshetnik-Brawner

and the Fabulous Staff at Harlequin’s Gardens

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