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Issue 440 - 1st Oct 2018
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Ukrainian company, a manufacturer of fast-erected prefabricated structures, is looking for partners for cooperation under a distribution or commercial agency agreement.
Ukrainian company specializing in the production and sale of fast-erected and mobile hangars, aims to expand geography of its sales and export potential, The company is looking for partners to establish long-term partnerships under a distribution or commercial agency agreement.

Well established German company is looking globally for rolling-element bearing distributersCOMMERCIAL PROFILE / GERMANY / BODE20180711001
German SME that successfully operates since 1922 and is specialized in trade with a broad-spectrum of roller bearings looks for distributors internationally. Due to an extensive stockpiling, the company is able to supply distributors with premium brand products of proven quality and in a timely manner owing it to a deadline-oriented delivery to a desired location.

Institute from Latvia offers know-how for development and testing of humic substancesTECHNOLOGY PROFILE / LATVIA / TOLV20180820001
Institute from Latvia develops technologies for humic substances extraction and testing. It offers technologies for humic acid testing with the aim to create soil improvement products. Humic substances improve the productivity of photosynthesis and increase the chlorophyll content in plants, resulting in increased productivity and plant resistance. Institute is offering research cooperation agreement.

Surface modifications and coating technologies for industrial applicationsTECHNOLOGY PROFILE / NETHERLANDS / TONL20180816002
The Dutch SME is a leading developer in the area of functional surface modifications for industrial appications. Its surfaces transform the performance of a multitude of products in a range of applications. The company is looking for partnerships in the framework of a technical cooperation agreement or a commercial agreement with technical assistance.

A Polish engineering and production company specialised in regeneration of car parts is looking for distributorsCOMMERCIAL PROFILE / POLAND / BOPL20180730001
A Polish mechanical engineering company from the automotive sector provides a full range of shock absorbers regeneration products and services for multiple types of car brands and suspensions made in different technologies. The company is also producing patented electric spring extractors and anvils. It is looking for distributors of regenerated car parts and is also offering outsourcing services.

Romanian producer of different varieties of wheat flour, semolina and bran is looking for distributorsCOMMERCIAL PROFILE / ROMANIA / BORO20170914001
A Romanian producer of different varieties of wheat flour, semolina and bran, for both domestic and industrial use, is looking for partners (food shops, retailers, food companies) to establish commercial or distribution services agreements. Depending on product / client’s requests, packaging comes in sizes ranging from 500 g to 50 kg, and can be marketed under the company brand or under private labels.

Romanian-based company offering mechanical and electronics’ services for full product development life-cycle is looking for partners on the international market for long term services and outsourcing agreementsCOMMERCIAL PROFILE / ROMANIA / BORO20180723001
The Romanian company is specialized in product development and can provide full services of mechanical and electronics’ design both to companies - brand owners of small consumer goods, gadgets, electronic devices for industry purpose, etc. and to research organisations and universities for specific projects. It is expected that the partnerships will take the form of either services or outsourcing agreements.

South Korean company manufacturing muscle tapes is looking for European partners under commercial agency agreement and distribution services agreement.COMMERCIAL PROFILE / SOUTH KOREA / BOKR20180627001
The South Korean company was established in 2002 and has been specialized in manufacturing kinesiology muscle tapes and related products. The company is looking for European partners who want to sign up commercial agency or distribution services agreement.

Spanish company that has patented a disposable cloth for molding and pressing cheese, is looking for agents and distributors.COMMERCIAL PROFILE / SPAIN / BOES20180821002
A Spanish company has patented a disposable cloth to be used in the process of molding and pressing of cheese. The cloth allows to improve the productive process and to avoid the manipulation of the cheese during the washing process, conserving the final result and its quality. The company is looking for commercial agents and distributors interested in it.

Catalan industrial company is looking for smart technologies to improve their businessTECHNOLOGY PROFILE / SPAIN / TRES20180719001
Catalan industrial company leader in the manufacture of solutions for laundries seeks to collaborate with a start-up offering Industry 4.0 technologies. They want to implement cutting-edge technologies in all the steps of their value chain. Interested companies will be guided towards an open innovation platform to apply to the challenge before Sept 30. The cooperation will take the form of a license or a technical cooperation agreement.

Turkish university is seeking research cooperation agreements for HORIZON2020 MSCA Cofund program CoCirculation2RESEARCH PROFILE / TURKEY / RDTR20180809001
A Turkish university is looking for research cooperation agreements and is offering research fellowships in the fields of agricultural, pharmaceutical, medical and computer sciences with researchers having technical skills for the development of new scientific methods and innovative product prototypes in the related fields. The aim is to apply for the H2020 MSCA Co-Fund program CoCirculation2.

SME from Turkey offers business via commercial agency, distribution and service agreements in the field of visitor analytics / retail analytics solutionsCOMMERCIAL PROFILE / TURKEY / BOTR20180522001
The Turkish SME helps customers drive business growth through visitor analytics, by tracking customers, visitors and passengers in physical locations, with sensors and analyzing this data on a cloud based business intelligence platform. It is looking for distributors, commercial agents and service agreements.

Ukrainian company that specializes in manufacture of leather goods for men and women is looking for partners for cooperation under commercial agency agreement or distribution services agreement.COMMERCIAL PROFILE / UKRAINE / BOUA20180821003
Ukrainian company that specializes in the manufacture of high-quality leather goods, specifically: suitcases, valises, purses, and accessories, which meet all up-to-date requirements, seeks to expand the geography of its sales and implement the company’s export potential. The company is looking for partners to establish long-term partnership relations under commercial agency or distribution services agreement.

UK Utilities company seeks water treatment solutions providers to collaborate with through services agreementCOMMERCIAL PROFILE / UNITED KINGDOM / BRUK20180927001
The UK utilities company is seeking innovative solutions to water treatment that will help them to become more competitive. Areas of interest include, but are not limited to: feed forward control, online real time water quality instrumentation, invasive species management e.g. zebra mussels, zooplankton management and management of iron level in networks. They are keen to incubate businesses and collaborate through services agreement

Computer recognition of speech from lip movementsTECHNOLOGY PROFILE / UNITED KINGDOM / TOUK20180822002
A UK SME have developed technology that can decipher speech from analysing video of a speaker's lip movements. It will work with standard device cameras and can be deployed either in the cloud, in a customer's data centre or on a device. It uses machine learning and artificial intelligence. It can decipher speech where audio analysis can't (such as noisy environments). Partners are sought for commercial agreement with technical assistance, research or technical cooperation, or licensing.

UK-based SME seeks agents and distributors for their sample preparation technologyCOMMERCIAL PROFILE / UNITED KINGDOM / BOUK20180815001
A UK-based SME has developed nucleic acid sample extraction and preservation kits that generate high quality samples from a range of biological samples in three minutes using a simple two-step method. These samples can be directly used in many downstream processes. The SME wants to enter new markets and increase presence with their research and CE-in vitro diagnostic kits and so are looking for an experienced agent or distributor under a distribution services or commercial agency agreement.

Czech manufacturer of dipped PVC gloves is looking for agents/ distributorsCOMMERCIAL PROFILE / CZECH REPUBLIC / BOCZ20180815001
A Czech company specialised in production of dipped PVC gloves in various sizes, colours, and lengths as well as PVC overshoes is looking for trade intermediaries (agents or distributors) that would represent the company and its products on foreign markets. These gloves and overshoes are produced to be widely used in industry and households and comply with EU standards.

Vimentin3-based fertility diagnosisTECHNOLOGY PROFILE / GERMANY / TODE20170929001
A German university hospital is developing a diagnostic test using Vimentin 3 as a new marker for proof of sperm quality. This ensures more reliable results than manual analysis. Furthermore the development could lead to home-based testing whereas today tests can only be carried out by certified laboratories. Industrial licensees are sought.

A Polish producer of furniture is looking for trade intermediary services (agent or distributor)COMMERCIAL PROFILE / POLAND / BOPL20180327002
The Polish SME specializes in the production of various types of wooden upholstered furniture.The furniture is made from a premium quality solid clean selected wood. In order to expand into a new market, the company would like to make contact with potential partners willing to distribute or represent their products. Therefore, they are looking for trade intermediary services through an agent or distributor.

Qatari producer of high density polyethylene (HDPE) liner sheets is looking for distributors or trade agents.COMMERCIAL PROFILE / QATAR / BOQA20170921001
A Qatari company manufactures and supplies high quality plastic lining system that are widely used for protection of concrete pipes and structures in infrastructure development project, which can be use in lining of sewage reinforced concrete pipes, chemical tanks, basements and foundations, tunnels and underpasses, floor slabs, sewerage treatment works. This company is looking for trade partnerships through commercial agency agreement, distribution services agreement or joint venture.

A Polish company seeks producers and suppliers able to assure regular deliveries of raw cashew nut, almond, refined coconut oil for the production of plant-based alternatives to dairyCOMMERCIAL PROFILE / POLAND / BRPL20161010001
A Polish company from Lower Silesia, producing exclusive, artisan vegan “cheese” / plant-based alternatives to dairy is looking for producers and suppliers able to provide high quality raw cashew nuts, almonds, refined coconut oil on a regular basis. The considered cooperation is a manufacturing agreement.
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For Northern Ireland specific contracts, there are a number of sources of information specifically for contracts within Northern Ireland. The Central Procurement Directorate (CPD) handles contracts for a number of government departments.

You can find a list of current tender opportunities on the CPD website. Again, there is no email alert facility that we can find which makes the content difficult to adapt to the Bulletin format.

140294 - - Returning Emigrants Entrepreneur Programme
Publication date:  28-09-2018
Response deadline:  31-10-2018 17:00   Irish time
Procedure: 2. Open Procedure (OJEU)
Description: The development and implementation of a pilot tailored work programme to address the skills, enterprise and capability gaps of emigrants who have returned, or plan to return, to live and work in Ireland in order to foster and support entrepreneurial activity amongst that specific group.
Buyer: Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade/An Roinn Gnóthaí Eachtracha agus Trádála

140443 - MH-Lib-18-02 - Supply, Delivery and Installation of a Magic Table
Publication date:  28-09-2018
Response deadline:  19-10-2018 12:00   Irish time
Procedure: 1. Open Procedure (NON OJEU)
Description: Supply, delivery and installation of a magic table suitable for both adults and children with dementia, autism or learning difficulties.
Buyer: Meath County Council

139270 - - Provision of Event Management and Programming services for the Fanzones events associated with UEFA EURO 2020
Publication date:  28-09-2018
Response deadline:  26-10-2018 12:00   Irish time
Procedure: Negotiated Procedure (OJEU)
Description: Dublin City Council proposes to engage in a competitive process for the establishment of a framework agreement for Event Management and Programming Services for UEFA EURO 2020. Dublin was chosen as one of the host cities for UEFA’s Euro 2020 and will host four games in total, three group matches and 1 round of 16 game. The matches will take place in the Aviva Stadium. In tandem with the football matches it is proposed to have a number of complementary activities taking place. These will include organised public viewing areas and a Football Festival Village (together the Fanzones). Dublin City Council is seeking the services of a suitably qualified provider to develop a creative direction for the UEFA EURO 2020 Football Festival Village and Public Viewing Area along with the management of programming, marketing, health & safety and all operational and logistical elements of the festival. Other activities run in conjunction with Fanzones Euro 2020 (such as Host City Dressing and pre-tournament promotional events) are also included under this framework. Please see tender documents for full details.
Buyer: Dublin City Council
140269 - DI/2018/02 - Collection & Collation of Festivals & Events
Publication date:  25-09-2018
Response deadline:  09-10-2018 12:00   Irish time
Procedure: 1. Open Procedure (NON OJEU)
Description: Fáilte Ireland is seeking the services of a data collection/copywriter/editor agency for the collection and collation of listings for the two work-streams outlined below. Fáilte Ireland currently collects and publishes 2 distinct types of events listings on an on-going basis, a) the Annual Calendar of Festivals and Events, which is the collation of a database of all tourism festivals and events throughout the Republic of Ireland; b) “What’s on” listings, which is a list of local events and happenings throughout the Republic of Ireland. It is expected that the winning tenderer will collect event details (including imagery), write and upload individual listings to the Fáilte Irelands Tourism Content System (TCS) which is the database behind all Fáilte Ireland’s consumer facing websites. These listings must be accurate and up to date and in line with criteria set out by Fáilte Ireland.
Buyer: Fáilte Ireland-National Tourism Development Authority
140105 - Social Media Tourism 2019 - Social Media Tourism Training 2019
Publication date:  24-09-2018
Response deadline:  15-10-2018 14:00   Irish time
Procedure: 1. Open Procedure (NON OJEU)
Description: CWP wishes to invite interested parties to submit a tender to prepare, organise and deliver a Social Media training course to tourism businesses in Co. Wicklow in 2019. This course will be targeted at existing businesses intending to further integrating social media marketing into their businesses. Social Media in tourism is a vital component of developing and promoting tourism businesses. It was identified as part of a consultation undertaken by CWP in 2015 that many tourism businesses were not reaching their customers or potential customers via social media but were still reliant on traditional promotional paraphernalia such as brochures. It was also identified that many tourism businesses do have social media accounts but felt they were not getting the reach they desired. This was due to lack of confidence in using social media and also a lack of appropriate content to populate their social media accounts. This training programme is to assist those tourism businesses in building their social media profile to become a core part of their marketing strategies for their businesses.
Buyer: County Wicklow Partnership

140100 - Wicklow Gaol RFT - RFT for a Virtual Reality Experience
Publication date:  23-09-2018
Response deadline:  31-10-2018 00:00   Irish time
Procedure: 2. Open Procedure (OJEU)
Description: Wicklow Enterprise Park Ltd., Wicklow, ireland is working in conjunction with Failte Ireland’s tourism area ‘Ireland’s Ancient East’ to produce a new and exciting visitor experience at Wicklow’s Historic Gaol that will enhance and update the existing visitor experience at this highly successful attraction. The project will be known as Wicklow’s Historic Gaol – Gates of Hell – Virtual Reality Experience. Written tenders are invited from competent organizations/accomplished creators with experience in the development and delivery of story telling experiences at major tourist attractions similar to Wicklow Gaol to compose and produce a new Virtual Reality Story/Journey/Virtual Reality Experience. Creative contractors are invited to plan design and deliver an immersive and evocative “Gates of Hell” Virtual Reality Experience and associated reconfiguration and new fixed interpretation in the entrance hall.
Buyer: Wicklow Enterprise Park

140080 - 2018P116 - Accredited Learning Programmes
Publication date:  23-09-2018
Response deadline:  09-11-2018 12:00   Irish time
Procedure: 2. Open Procedure (OJEU)
Description: The Central Bank is seeking to design, develop, implement and deliver bespoke accredited learning programmes to help meet the specific technical and professional learning needs of the organization which are linked to the Central Banks statutory responsibilities. Building on existing experience and expertise, the Curriculum will help to equip participants with the necessary knowledge, skills and competencies to effectively carry out their roles in a changing and challenging environment; while also supporting their professional development and building organisational capability. For more information in relation to this competition please see attached documentation.
Buyer: Central Bank of Ireland


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