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Issue 500 - .16th March 2020
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A ‘Claghan’ of individual cottages at the foot of the Mournes
Hanna’s Close, Aughnahoory Road, Kilkeel, County Down,BT34 4AH

Hanna’s Close has ten traditional cottages from one to three bedrooms, all teeming with traditional features. From stone walls to feature fire places, holidaying in history is an immediate reality. Seven cottages are located in the Close. The Carthouse, The Barn and The Stables are one bedroom cottages. Two Bedroom Cottages include William John’s, Peggy’s and George’s. Also in the Close is Johnny’s, a three bedroom cottage. Not in the Close, but a short distance away is Sam’s (two bedroom), Murphy’s (two bedroom) and Callaghan’s (three bedroom).

New product development (NPD) is the process of taking a product or service from conception to market. The process sets out a series of stages that new products typically go through, beginning with ideation and concept generation, strategic analysis, product design and ending with the product's introduction to the market. This event seeks to explore the often overlooked design stage and the various methodologies involved.

This event is a fantastic opportunity for companies across Northern Ireland to gain insights into the design process from experts within the field of industrial, user- centred and people centred design.

This event is designed to be a gathering of SME Businesses, Stakeholders and Design Experts from across the industry, aimed at allowing businesses to:

- Share existing experiences within the area of NPD and design;

- Connect with experts and collaborators within the field;

- Gain powerful insights from industry experts; and,

- Learn more about funding opportunities.

This is a free event funded by Connected NI through the Department for the Economy, a light breakfast will also be included.



Bulgarian tour operator looks for travel agents and tour operators for commercial agency agreements

A Bulgarian tour operator, specialized in the creation of tailor made tourism-related experiences, is looking for partners, such as travel agents and/or tour operators under an agency agreement, to promote and sell their tour packages.

Bulgarian exporter of natural herbs and botanical extracts is looking for international cooperation under manufacturing and distribution agreement

The Bulgarian company was established in the heart of the Bulgarian Rose Valley. It is one of the leading exporters of rose oil and natural rose water. Recognized and trusted partner in trading with herbs, best essential oils, floral waters, plant extracts and cosmetics. The company is looking for a manufacturing agreement by supplying different industries (cosmetics, perfumery, pharmaceutical) with its products or finding distributors for its portfolio of products.

A Chinese company specialized in providing industrial robot system protection solutions is looking for meltblown fabric supplier in Europe

A high-tech Chinese company which is specialized in providing industrial robot system protection solutions is urgently looking for a European meltblown fabric supplier.

Novel composite frame modular system for engineering applications in aerospace, automotive and other high-tech industries for a commercial agreement with technical assistance

A Czech engineering company offers its novel composite frame modular system applicable in aerospace, automotive and other high-tech industries. The solution offers considerably lower manufacturing costs and assembly speed when compared to conventional lamination technologies of carbon frames and constructions. The SME is looking for partners based on commercial agreement with technical assistance.

Public alert terminal for marine submersion and flood risks

A French small company developed an innovative digital urban furniture that can be placed in city centers or near the shore in order to inform and to alert in real time the population about the risks of marine submersion, flooding and other risks in a geo-localized area. The company is interested in manufacturing agreements, license agreements and commercial agreements with technical assistance.

Customised high precision multi-component plastic injection moulds offered by a German tool manufacturer/tool maker

This German tool maker specializes in the manufacture of high precision multi-component plastic injection moulds. Their products range from two- and three-shot tools, to precision injection moulding tools, over-moulding tools, blow-moulds for Polyethylene Terephtalate products, metal injection moulding tools, and welding and measuring devices for injection moulding parts. They offer their services under commercial agreements with technical assistance and manufacturing agreements.

Outsourcing agreement offered in labor protection, fire protection, health and safety services in South West Hungary

The Hungarian company's main profile is occupational health and safety, and fire protection service consulting. Within and beyond these activities, the company offers a wide range of services to foreign would-be clients who would like to settle in South West Hungary, Baranya county, especially Pécs city. An outsourcing type of cooperation is envisaged.

Italian SME is offering graphene and its derivates for several applications, from the polymer industry to metal protection, from printable circuit boards to new heat insulating materials.

An Italian company has developed and patented an innovative system able to produce graphene that can be applied in several field of applications and for different uses, from the polymeric materials to membranes and filters. Graphene offers upper mechanical resistance, moreover it is very light, very thin and super flexible. The company is looking for industrial partners internested in a commercial agreement with technical assistance or a licence agreement.

Low emission innovative generator based on Seebeck technology suitable for charging batteries of campers, trucks and boats

An Italian SME has developed an innovative generator that provides silent and safe electricity production for charging batteries of recreational vehicles. Technical cooperation agreement and commercial agreement with technical assistance are sought with: - designers and manufacturers of campers, trucks and boats interested in equipping their vehicles with the thermoelectric generator; - companies offering accessories / solutions and services for campers, trucks and boats.

Italian producer of paints, enamels and varnishes is looking for distributors and agents

Italian company with more than 50 years experience and dedicated to the manufacture of paints, enamels and varnishes is looking for distributors and agents abroad in general and especially in Spain, Poland, Hungary, Nederlands, China. The company offers a wide portfolio of specialized products in several categories: decoration, facades, waterproofing, industrial line with specialized certifications as well as tintometric solutions.

Bioplastic produced with milk leftovers

An Italian University spin-off has developed and patented a method for the production of new 100% biodegradable bioplastic material, based on natural polymers, made from milk leftovers, using an eco-sustainable synthesis. The company is looking for academic and industrial partners interested both in testing and eventually producing and commercialising this kind of material under license; and in collaborating in EU projects under technical co-operation.

Polish company is requesting furniture and other furnishings under distribution services agreement

A Polsh company specialised in the distribution of furniture and furnishing (mainly Scandinavian) is looking for producers of tables, chairs and other furnishings for private and commercial use. Cooperation in the form of a distribution services agreement is requested.

Polish company seeks for producers or suppliers of wood wool production machines to work under supplier agreement.

Polish SME from Lower Silesia region, operating in the agricultural sector seeks producers of wood wool machines. The company is interested in cooperation under supplier agreement.

A Polish producer of technological equipment for the chemical, biofuels and food industries offers a joint venture

A Polish manufacturer of technological equipment for the food industry, biofuels and chemicals offers international cooperation based on a joint venture.

The company, which develops innovative offshore aquaculture equipments, is looking for R&TD and financial partners to enable the production of their submergible equipments and their commercialization at the international market

The start-up created in Portugal acts in the development of innovative equipments with the objective of making aquaculture offshore viable. Nowadays, there are no equipments that can withstand the high energy situations that happen during storms at the open sea. The submergible equipments´solution can fulfil this glaring gap. The company is looking for partners to establish a manufacturing and/or joint venture and/ or financial agreement.

An independent researcher, resident in Portugal developed a Cartesian 3D Printer that uses disposable recyclable household plastics directly as raw material for printing. Research cooperation agreement or technical cooperation agreement are sought.

Independent researcher, resident in Portugal developed a cartesian 3D printer, which uses disposable plastics as a raw material that normally goes to waste or recycling containers. It acts as immediate recycling equipment, as a conventional 3D printer, as a laser engraved and as 3D scanner. The partner sought is a company that works with plastic, plastic recycling or that manufactures 3D printers and/or components. Research cooperation agreement or technical cooperation agreement are sought.

The Portuguese company specialized in software for monitoring probes & sensor systems in real time is looking for partners under a distribution services agreement and/ or a commercial agency agreement with technical assistance.

An IT (Information Technology) Portuguese SME (Small and Medium Enterprise) which developed a suite of software modules is willing to interact with many types of probes & sensor systems with transversal application to many markets. It is looking for business partners for a distribution services agreement and/ or a commercial agency agreement.

Romanian manufacturer of robinia wood garden furniture is looking for distributors and is offering its services as subcontractor or manufacturer

With more than 25 years of experience in manufacturing wood garden furniture, a Romanian company from Transylvania is interested in approaching new markets and enlarging its partners’ portfolio. Already engaged in trans-national cooperation, the Romanian company is open for cooperation with foreign partners interested in robinia wood garden furniture, on the basis of distribution services agreement and subcontracting or manufacturing agreement.

Romanian recruitment agency is looking for partners under services agreements

A Romanian recruitment agency from Transylvania specialized in human resources consultancy, job opportunities and digital human resources templates is looking for European and non-European partners interested in professional recruitment solutions to conclude services agreements with them.

Romanian manufacturer of handmade leather goods seeks international leather suppliers under distribution agreements

A Romanian company from Transylvania specialises in the production of handmade leather goods: wallets, notebooks, clutches and eyeglass cases. The Romanian company is interested in expanding its network of business partners by identifying international high-quality leather suppliers.

Russian developer of digital enterprise solutions seeks licensees for innovative software that enables mobile working

A Russian company specializes in the production of a virtual working platform. This work platform is used in education in business solutions and for its own development in the field of programming. The company is looking for new partners to conclude a license agreement.


For Northern Ireland specific contracts, there are a number of sources of information specifically for contracts within Northern Ireland. The Central Procurement Directorate (CPD) handles contracts for a number of government departments.

167309 - LOETB ICT Training Services - ICT Training and Professional Development Services to LOETB
Publication date:  13-03-2020
Response deadline:  06-04-2020 12:00   Irish time
Procedure: 1. Open Procedure (NON OJEU)
Description: LOETB requires a suitably qualified company who can provide trainers with the skillset and experience to deliver ICT training to staff and students in LOETB. These services will be required in the Post Primary, Further Education and Training, and administrative sectors of LOETB.
Buyer: Laois and Offaly Education and Training Board (Offaly)

167300 - 2020/11 - Training and support to Technology Transfer professionals in Irish Research Performing Organisations (RPOs) on the principles, methodologies and implementation of Lean start-up approaches
Publication date:  13-03-2020
Response deadline:  17-04-2020 14:00   Irish time
Procedure: 1. Open Procedure (NON OJEU)
Description: Enterprise Ireland proposes to engage in a competitive process for the establishment of a framework agreement for the provision of Training and support to Technology Transfer professionals on the practical applications of Lean Start-up methodologies based on current international best practice for suitably qualified providers.The framework agreement will be established on foot of a competition for an initial contract for 12 months. This contract will consist of the design and delivery of a training course with mentoring/support to participants .
Buyer: Enterprise Ireland

167299 - Border Stimulus NW Export progra - Delivery of Exoprt Development programme in counties Donegal, Sligo and Leitrim
Publication date:  13-03-2020
Response deadline:  08-04-2020 17:00   Irish time
Procedure: 1. Open Procedure (NON OJEU)
Description: As part of a special Brexit economic stimulus package for the Border Region (Counties, Donegal, Sligo, Leitrim, Cavan, Monaghan and Louth) announced by Minister Humphreys TD in January 2020, the Local Enterprise Offices in the Border counties will receive additional funding to deliver capability development programmes across a number of key pillars of enterprise support during 2020. The aim of this specific suite of development programmes is to drive economic activity in the region and ensure that businesses have the capability and capacity to mitigate the impact of BREXIT. The Local Enterprise Offices in the North West Region, led by Local Enterprise Donegal, now propose to deliver an Export Development Programme which could/will be run in 3 locations, counties Donegal, Sligo and Leitrim. This contract will be completed and managed by Local Enterprise Office Donegal on behalf of Local Enterprise Offices in Donegal, Sligo and Leitrim. • This programme will target SMEs with ambition to grow and enter into international markets and will have the following programme objectives: • Introduce and educate companies on how to explore new markets and the challenges involved in getting export ready; • Develop and maximise their core business skills to build sustainable capability and capacity to export; • Support the development and execution of an export plan.
Buyer: Donegal County Council

167273 - FD/02/06/375 - Cyber Security Awareness & Phishing Campaign
Publication date:  13-03-2020
Response deadline:  17-04-2020 12:00   Irish time
Procedure: 1. Open Procedure (NON OJEU)
Description: Cyber Security Awareness & Phishing Campaign
Buyer: Irish Prison Service
167070 - 13198sm - The Provision of Creative Advertising and Design Services to the Health Insurance Authority
Publication date:  12-03-2020
Response deadline:  16-04-2020 12:00   Irish time
Procedure: 1. Open Procedure (NON OJEU)
Description: The Provision of Creative Advertising and Design Services to the Health Insurance Authority to fulfil the Authority's role to increase the awareness of members of the public of their rights as consumers of health insurance and of health insurance services available to them.
Buyer: The Health Insurance Authority

166549 - UCC/2020/10 - Online Student Self Assessment Tool
Publication date:  11-03-2020
Response deadline:  08-04-2020 12:00   Irish time
Procedure: 1. Open Procedure (NON OJEU)
Description: UCC wishes to procure an online software system to allow students to submit a self-assessment of their development of a distinct set of values and attributes. Visual charts will be generated, providing students with a graphical illustration of their baseline level of each value and attribute. This tool will empower students to become self-regulated learners. 20,000+ students will complete the survey annually, providing the university with a significant evidence-base to measure the impact of the range of initiatives in place to develop core values and attributes.
Buyer: University College Cork ( UCC )

166178 - - Audio Studio Equipment
Publication date:  11-03-2020
Response deadline:  30-03-2020 17:00   Irish time
Procedure: 1. Open Procedure (NON OJEU)
Description: Supply of Audio Studio Equipment for College in Zambia under Irish State Aided Scheme
Buyer: City of Dublin Education and Training Board

166971 - Bord Iascaigh Mhara 2020 - Provision of Chairperson services for BIM Industry Representative Group
Publication date:  09-03-2020
Response deadline:  30-03-2020 12:00   Irish time
Procedure: 1. Open Procedure (NON OJEU)
Description: This service is required for a person to facilitate and Chair meetings of the BIM Domestic Seafood Council. The aim of this council, formed in 2017, is to develop and maintain a forum for the Irish Domestic Seafood Industry to discuss with BIM common problems and issues of a non-competitive nature and collectively endeavour to find solutions that will benefit all in the sector.
Buyer: Bord Iascaigh Mhara - Irish Sea Fisheries Board ( BIM )

167008 - MK/UKCTS/03/20 - UK Consumer Tracking Study
Publication date:  09-03-2020
Response deadline:  25-03-2020 14:00   Irish time
Procedure: 1. Open Procedure (NON OJEU)
Description: Invitation to Tender for the Provision of UK Consumer Tracking Study
Buyer: Bord Bia (Irish Food Board)

167009 - MK/BPMS/03/20 - Brand Project Management Services
Publication date:  09-03-2020
Response deadline:  27-03-2020 14:00   Irish time
Procedure: 1. Open Procedure (NON OJEU)
Description: Invitation to Tender for the Provision of Brand Project Management Services
Buyer: Bord Bia (Irish Food Board)

164259 - 2020/05 - Business Intelligence Gathering
Publication date:  09-03-2020
Response deadline:  02-04-2020 12:00   Irish time
Procedure: 1. Open Procedure (NON OJEU)
Description: Establishment of a Single Party framework agreement for The Provision of an online business news and content search system
Buyer: Enterprise Ireland

166894 - IRCG - Occupational Health and Safety Consultancy, Training and Advisory Services, in support of standard(s) implementation at the Irish Maritime Administration - Irish Coast Guard
Publication date:  08-03-2020
Response deadline:  06-04-2020 15:00   Irish time
Procedure: 2. Open Procedure (OJEU)
Description:  to work in conjunction with the Irish Maritime Administration - Irish Coast Guard (IRCG) and its stakeholders in the development and implementation of an effective and functioning Safety Management System, applicable to the specific needs of the IRCG and in adherence with the mandatory requirements of ISO 45001:2018 - Occupational Health and Safety Management Systems.
Buyer: Department of Transport, Tourism and Sport

166821 - - Provision of Economic Advisory Services related to Public Transport Provision
Publication date:  07-03-2020
Response deadline:  13-04-2020 12:00   Irish time
Procedure: 2. Open Procedure (OJEU)
Description: The Authority proposes to engage a Consultant to provide the following Services: - Economic/financial and/or commercial analysis in relation to public transport costs, revenues and/or fares, and other related activities of the NTA; - Economic/financial and/or commercial analysis in relation to transport competition and State Aid issues; - Commercial advisory services in relation to tendering of public transport services and in assessing, developing and drafting commercial aspects of public transport contracts; - Analysis and provision of commercial advice in relation to the funding of public transport proposals; - Development of business cases to support public transport proposals; - Research how transport is provided in other jurisdictions and the economics of service delivery and related matters; - Economic and regulatory impact analysis of public transport policies; and - Information and communications technology advisory services in relation to public transport services and related activities of the NTA. The Services will be drawn down as required by the Authority
Buyer: National Transport Authority
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