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Issue 501 - 23rd March 2020
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Due to the ongoing public health crisis, publication of the Business Bulletin will be suspended until business activity resumes.

Self isolating
Some thoughts from Gerry Faloona

During these unprecedented times many people will find themselves having to isolate away from family, friends and or work colleagues, and whilst this sounds relatively simple there are many things that isolated people should take into consideration to maintain their health both physical and emotional.
If we are forced to isolate, the chances are we will not get enough exercise, and if so, it will impact adversely on our lives. To help keep ourselves fit, here are a few things that will help; find ways to exercise at home, aerobics etc, and find a time in the day when there are few people about outside, i.e. early in the morning or late in the evening to undertake some brisk /challenging exercise alone. It is very tempting whilst confined to enjoy an extra glass of wine, or beer in front of the TV, but we should ensure that we drink less during isolation. Caffeine too can cause problems, so where possible, reduce your caffeine intake. Caffeine based drinks are not healthy in excess and when confined at home it is easy to indulge.
Eating healthily is a very important part of our lives. There is plenty of good advice available online regarding healthy eating, however, smart steps would include, minimising consumption of processed food, ready meals and takeaways, replace them instead with home cooked healthy food. Like alcohol intake, it is too easy to smoke more than the norm, resist this temptation. Getting plenty of quality sleep is important, to help with sleep, avoid caffeine and alcohol after 6pm and don’t use TV’s, laptops and or mobile phones either before going to and or in bed, establishing a night time routine will help. Sleep recharges our batteries, without it we will not function well.
Our mental health is important, so if you are not feeling good, it’s important to talk to someone who can help. Reduce your time on Social Media; whilst it can be a great way to stay in touch when stranded at home, it is also a source of worry with fake news and scaremongering widespread, things that can seriously affect our mental health. Something that is very important too is to never share anything you have read but not checked out yourself; otherwise you become part of someone else’s problem. 
Keeping both mind and body active is imperative, so draw up plans to do things around the house, garden, garage, or wherever things need done. It can be as simple as clearing out wardrobes or cupboards or doing small repairs to floors doors or lighting, but only do things you know you can complete and or do well, because failing to complete such jobs in these circumstances could make things worse. Keeping in touch with people is a good thing. Ring, text or email friends and relatives to see how they are, to see if there is anything they need, or indeed if there is anything they can do for you, and remember older relatives, neighbours or work associates.
Be aware of your emotions and reactions. Adverse symptoms can include: a sickly feeling in your stomach, wanting to get away from things, feeling depressed, disappointed deflated or even envious, if you are experiencing any of these symptoms, seek help immediately.
It is not always easy, but you must manage your stress levels. Simple stress management techniques can help and include: maintaining a positive attitude, accepting that there are things we cannot control, and, practicing relaxation techniques like meditation, yoga or simply listening to music. Minimise how often you listen to the news, it’s rarely good. 
Please remember that many people believe they are defined by the work they do and could experience feelings of loss and grief during this difficult period. It is important to use your talents to help yourself and others at this difficult time. Use this time to find new things to do or to make plans for future travel or business ventures. Look for the positives, time is our most valuable resource; make sure that the time you gain through reduced commuting and or working from home is invested wisely. And remember, we will be back to normal soon.

Bulgarian company offers complete solutions for the purposes of law-enforcement, border and customs control, civil protection, military, fire and rescue, and airports under manufacturing agreement

The Bulgarian company performs business activities such as: sales, technical support, technical and methodological consultations, prophylactics, and calibration in the field of safety, security and law enforcement equipment. The company is offering its free capacity under manufacturing agreement, subcontracting and outsourcing agreement for the following products: injection molds for plastic and other polymers; molded plastic products; small scale, high-precision metal components production.

Bee colony monitoring system based on predicting bee conditions through acoustic monitoring of bees offered via commercial agency agreement

A Czech SME focused on software development and its commercialization has developed a bee colony monitoring system based on predicting bee conditions via acoustic monitoring of bees. The product is currently available in Czech, English and German versions. The company is looking for entities with good links at bee keepers and bee keeper associations for closing commercial agency agreement.

Fuel cells R&D capacities offered with a view to contribute to challenging projects within a project consortium

A Czech university research centre offers collaboration in R&D in fuel cells field. The research team focuses on degradation phenomena in polymer electrolyte fuel cells, synthesis of advanced polymer electrolyte materials with increased thermal and mechanical stability, and theoretical description and numerical modelling of transport processes in electrochemical cells (based on non-equilibrium thermodynamics). The centre is looking for industrial partners for research cooperation agreement.

High-protein food products - distributors sought

A Czech SME, a patent owner of a technology for the production of high protein food products based on egg white, produces healthy food products in a variety of flavours, including sweet. The SME is looking for distributors of healthy nutrition products for distribution of consumer packaging and packaging for catering market to sign distribution services agreement.

Danish retail agency offers service agreements to companies setting up their business in Denmark

The Danish company is a leading Nordic sales agency that makes tailored operational models from a strategic level to conquer the market segment for different brands and different market objectives. Together with their clients, they create and implement sales processes that deliver inspiring shopper experiences, based on strategic insights and using customised tools. They are offering service agreements to brands or companies already engaged or trying to engage in Nordic retail.

A French producer of handcrafted chocolates is looking for distributors

A French company manufacturing handcrafted chocolates is looking for partners that could distribute its brand under distribution service agreement across Europe, North America and Japan. The company is also interested to work under private label under manufacturing agreement.

Portable tele-medicine solution for commercial shipping

A Greek company active in tele-medicine market offers a remote system for handling emergency health incidents on commercial ships and scheduling crew tele-appointments with medical professionals. The system allows health monitoring through various medical devices and further medical consultation with physicians. It is the only FDA (Food and Drug Admin.)-approved marine tele-health solution globally. A licence or commercial agreement with technical assistance with shipping companies is sought.

Machine for screwing and unscrewing earth drilling pipes suitable for irrigation and petroleum applications

A Greek inventor has developed a patented tool for screwing and unscrewing earth drilling pipes faster and easier (ie drilling pipes used in petroleum extraction platforms, irrigation networks etc.).The inventor is interested in offering the specific machine to industrial machinery, agricultural machinery or petroleum companies under a license agreement.

Innovative system for energy storage and production

A Greek SME providing engineering solutions to industry, presents an innovative patented system for the storage of energy from renewable energy sources and the subsequent energy production on demand, at any time and desired level. The system solves various problems which hold back the wider use of renewable energy sources. Industrial companies are sought for a joint venture cooperation agreement.

Israeli tactical breaching kits - light yet powerful looking for distribution services agreement

The Israeli company have developed a world leading tactical breaching solution that incorporates innovative technologies with light materials, allowing to be easily carried by one individual and obtain a powerful set of tools that can break into any structure in top speed. These unique kits are used by the police, fire fighters, defence and military forces in Israel and around the world. The SME is looking for a distribution services agreement or commercial agency agreement.

Italian producer of vegan organic food made of almonds is looking for distributors in European countries

Italian agricultural company produces, transforms and commercializes functional foods and nutraceutical substitutes of cheese and milk made exclusively of almonds. The company is looking for distributors already introduced in the market and specialized in organic and vegan products in Europe, mainly in Germany, Austria, France and Northern Europe.

Long-established Italian company working in the air treatment sector is looking for distributors and agents in Europe

The company is searching for a distributor or agent in Europe. They are specialized in the production and distribution of air treatment machines, heating and ventilation products, strongly oriented towards easy home automation and smart-living. The company wants to establish a distribution services agreement or a commercial agency agreement but is also open to other types of collaboration.

Italian extra virgin olive oil mill seeks distribution partners

This Umbrian company (Italy) produces high-quality, prestige extra virgin olive oil able to satisfy the most demanding gourmets and connoisseurs. It seeks distribution partners with knowledge of suitable sales channels serving upper tier consumers and those selling to them, through a distribution services agreement.

Accredited Italian agro-food technology centre offers its food and wine certification services

An agro-food technology centre in central Italy is accredited as a certification body for different kinds of agricultural products. The centre has in-house expertise and instrumentation in food certification, and experience in international cooperation. It offers certification services to agro-food growers, producers or consortia, distributors or others seeking food certification, through an outsourcing or subcontracting agreement.

Traceability software targeting micro and small companies in the agri-food sector

An Italian company, with professional experience in innovative traceability systems applied to micro and small companies, has developed a flexible traceability system suitable to those micro and small companies dealing with food processing in the agri-food sector. The Italian company is interested in finding early adopters (companies), and associations interested in novel customized systems for commercial agreements with technical assistance (adaptation to own needs) or technical cooperation.

Montenegrin recruitment and consultancy company offers its services to recruitment agencies from EU under commercial agency agreements.

A Montenegrin company has experience in sourcing executive, professional and administrative personnel for its extensive client database. It is looking for recruitment agency based in EU to establish and expand a relationship under commercial agency agreements.

A Polish manufacturer of women's lingerie is looking for distributors

A company from Poland which deals with manufacturing of women's lingerie is looking for distributors in all EU countries. The main company's products are: brass cup: push up, moulded bra, padded, semi-soft and soft (available up to H size), corsets, camisoles, strings, briefs and suspender belts (available up to 3XL). The company cooperates with suppliers of fabric from Italy, France, Germany and Switzerland.

A Polish company specialized in manufacturing of equipment from stainless and non-corrosive steel is interested in cooperation with general contractors or design engineers under commercial agency or subcontracting services agreements.

The Polish company is specialized in design, manufacture and sales of equipment for food processing industry and also furniture from stainless and non corrosive steel. Their products are used in all places, where the most hygenic conditions must be kept. Also wide range of products dedicated to health-care rooms are produced. The company is looking for general contractors or design engineers operating in medical sector to conclude commercial agency or subcontracting services agreements.

A Polish manufacturer of innovative 3D printers is looking for distributors and offers 3D design and printing services

A small Polish company has been on the market since 2016 in the 3D printing sector. It has developed an innovative on a global scale printer that works in the Digital Light Processing and Fused Deposition Modeling. The process of printing was closed in one device thanks to which the operator's contact with photosetting resin is limited. Products are dedicated to i.a. medicine, dentistry and furniture industry. The firm is interested in manufacturing and distribution service agreements.

Olive oil producer looks for distribution partners and is also looking for producers of olives.

Portuguese innovative micro-company that uses cutting-edge technology of olive oil extraction and olives is looking for companies active in distribution of food products or retailers interested in a distribution agreement. Distribution services agreement or commercial agency agreement are sought. The Portuguese company also seeks olives’ producers to increase its production capacity, by offering a subcontracting agreement.
For Northern Ireland specific contracts, there are a number of sources of information specifically for contracts within Northern Ireland. The Central Procurement Directorate (CPD) handles contracts for a number of government departments.

None at this time

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