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Issue 400 - 16th Oct 2017
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From Joe McCormack - Publisher, The Business Bulletin

It is with great pleasure, yet hard to believe, that this is the 400th Issue of The Business Bulletin. Never did I envisge the success that this modest publication would achieve when the first Bulletin was published in September 2006. This first Bulletin was sent to 24 recipients, all of whom expressed an interest in receiveing it every week.

At that time, the Bulletin contained information on Northern Ireland based Business Events, Conferences, jobs and tender opportunities.

Throughout the years, this popular content mix remains at the the core of the Bulletin each week.

There are over 600 people on the distribution list and there is clear evidence that, in many cases, the Bulletin is passed on by recipients to their own professional networks. Circulation of the Bulletin is entirely permission based and readers work as business advisers, mentors, consultants and coaches in enterprise development organisations, local government, InvestNI client executives, central government, banks and the "big house" consultantancies mainly in Northern Ireland but also in RoI and in the UK.

Many readers work as independents and the bulletin is really about giving them a platform to promote themselves - the big guys have big resources with which to promote themselves so the Bulletin fills a small but important niche. Each week, the Bulletin is archived at and  the complete archive is here -
If you are new to the Bulletin, may I encourage you to sign up for the Bulletin here

Adapting to change, Overcoming obstacles…. and getting the cheese!
The political impasse at Stormont has impeded a close-up examination of the challenges and potential solutions available to leaders and managers of local businesses seeking to succeed.
CMI will show how some local major organisations plan to continue to get the “cheese” in their conference on Wednesday by exposing strategies they are adopting to emerging challenges.
The event, “Will BREXIT Steal my Cheese”, inspired by New York Bestseller “Who moved my Cheese” (Spencer Johnson), considers how BREXIT can be managed by the acceptance of, and adaption to, change.
In advance of the event, David Sales (Chair, Chartered Management Institute Regional Board) said:

“With Brexit comes uncertainty. In fact, there are so many unknowns ahead that change is the only certainty. It is vital that businesses and organisations in Northern Ireland ready themselves for this major management challenge and the opportunities that may lie ahead.

That means preparing for consequential change - both in terms of our economy and the way business will work.

“To help guide us through this unchartered territory we need to hear from strong and experienced business leaders.  This event will give thought leadership insight into the challenges posed by Brexit and the possible opportunities it may bring.  We will hear from experts in the business, health, education, agri-food and law-enforcement sectors who are actively engaged with the challenges.”
Speakers include Aidan Gough, InterTradeIreland’s Strategy & Policy Director; Mike Mullan, ex Moy Park’s HR Director Europe and now an independent HR Consultant; DI Ali Burns, PSNI’s Cybercrime Unit; Ian Myson, CMI’s Director of Higher Education Partnerships: Prof Margaret Topping, Dean, QUB Graduate School and Heather Moorhead, Director at NI Federation of Health and Social Care.
Will Brexit steal my cheese?’ takes place this Wednesday 18th October from 8.30am at Belfast Harbour Commissioners. This event is invitation only, restricted to membership of the Chartered Management Institute, the Institute of Consulting and their guests. Press can apply for access through MW Associates.
For more information on the event you can visit the Chartered Management Institute website at

For information on joining the Chartered Management Institute, contact Stanley Wallace here.

If so, you are invited to participate in a research study entitled
'An Evaluation of Reward Based Crowd Funding among Female Entrepreneurs'.

This study is being undertaken by Dr. Sharon Loane and Dr. Laura Bradley from Ulster University in conjunction with Dr Lorna Treanor from the University of Nottingham.

The purpose of this research study is to assess the awareness and uptake of crowdfunding by women business owners. Funding can be challenging to secure and often difficult to navigate the different choices and identify suitable sources – or indeed to be successful at securing funding.

This survey wants to better understand this. It will take you approximately 10 minutes to complete this survey. The survey can be accessed at 

We would be really grateful if you would complete this survey before 31st October 2017.

Thank you so much for giving us your time and helping us to better understand business finance from a female entrepreneurs perspective.

Belfast Metropolitan College

The following job(s) are now recruiting on our web site
Job Reference:  2017/192A   Title:  Finance Officer (Temporary)
Job Reference:  2017/193A   Title:  Youth Facilitator Team Leader (Temporary)
Job Reference:  2017/195A   Title:  Futures Project - Administrator (Temporary)
Job Reference:  2017/194A   Title:  Futures Project - Youth Facilitator (Temporary)
Job Reference:  2017/191A   Title:  Project Manager (Temporary)

A Spanish fresh and processed meat company looks for distributors.
This Spanish fresh meat Company based in Catalonia and Extremadura, with high experience in high quality products and with more than 50 years of butchery and retail experience is looking for distributors in EU markets. They produce a wide range of Spanish fresh meat products such as Iberian Ham, “tapas and pinchos”, beef carpaccio, stuffed meat, burgers, etc. Their current market in mainly Spain, Germany and Austria but they would like to expand to other EU markets by means of distributors.

A Spanish foundry is seeking industrial producers of gear boxes, valves, pumps, industrial and train vehicles, farm & food machinery, lifts and clean energy to establish manufacturing and commercial agreements.COMMERCIAL PROFILE / SPAIN / BOES20151112005
This Spanish company is an iron foundry located in Barcelona (Catalonia) specialized in industrial casting of grey and ductile iron and has long professional experience in the manufacturing gear boxes, valves and pumps, as well as in the field of rail industry, farm and food machinery, industrial vehicles and clean energy. The company is offering its manufacturing services and seeks long term manufacturing and commercial agreements with enterprises located in Western Europe.

Czech development and manufacturing company (cold-pressed steel parts, pressing tools, stamping) offers subcontractingCOMMERCIAL PROFILE / CZECH REPUBLIC / BOCZ20160304001
A Czech manufacturer of cold-pressed parts for automotive industry offers subcontructing activies and is looking for partners in the field of stamping to collaborate with. With the range of presses the company is able to ensure optimum manufacturing technology and the most complex shapes. The company supply the world’s leading car-makers and their suppliers with stamping parts. The company offers cooperation based on manufacturing agreement or subcontracting.

Montenegrin distributor of beverages, grocery products, fruits and vegetables seeks suppliersCOMMERCIAL PROFILE / MONTENEGRO / BRME20160818001
A Montenegrin distributor specialized in the distribution of consumer goods is looking for suppliers active in the agro-food industry in particular in food and grocery products, alcoholic or non-alcoholic beverages such as wines, fruit juices and sodas in order to offer an exclusive distribution service agreement on the Montenegrin market.

Czech producer of height adjustable tables for working while standing and sitting down seeks distributorsCOMMERCIAL PROFILE / CZECH REPUBLIC / BOCZ20160830001
A Czech manufacturer of height adjustable tables allowing to work while sitting or standing and thus positively affecting human health and efficient performance is looking for distributors active on external markets that can distribute or represent their products in EU countries.

Polish SME offers spherical tents under distribution services commercial agency agreementsCOMMERCIAL PROFILE / POLAND / BOPL20170309001
A company from Poland specialised in manufacturing aluminium products has been operating since 2015. They are offering various spherical tents made of lightweight aluminium frames and PVC/PES external membranes, coupled using ultrasonic welding. The products are suitable for event, exhibition, camping, marketing and advertisement companies, as well as for firms from the HoReCa industry. Cooperation in a form of distribution services agreement or commercial agency agreement is offered.

Japanese manufacturer of orthopedic medical devices seeks distributors and agents in the EU for its cold therapy device, bone healing system, and ultrasound imaging deviceCOMMERCIAL PROFILE / JAPAN / BOJP20161004001
A Japanese leading manufacturer of medical devices related to orthopedics is searching distributors and agents in the EU. The company has over 40 years of experience in manufacturing medical devices and supports. The company is interested in exporting its cold therapy device, bone healing system, and ultrasound imaging device.Potential partners should be distributors or agents with a network in among others medical institutes, hospitals and clinics.

Polish producer of interior and exterior construction paints is looking for agentsCOMMERCIAL PROFILE / POLAND / BOPL20170623001
A Polish company active in the chemical industry since 1973 is offering latex, acrylic, ceramic, silicon and silicate mineral paints for walls (interior and exterior), ceilings and roofs. The products are durable, washable, have antibacterial, antifungal and damp-proofing properties. The firm also offers special paint that neutralises gaseous pollutants. Commercial agency or distribution services agreements are offered to importers, wholesalers or retailers of construction materials.

A Belgian company is looking for partners in the UK who need low energy wooden structure buildingsCOMMERCIAL PROFILE / BELGIUM / BOBE20170811001
The Belgian company created in January 2014 is active in the property development, and in the construction of low energy houses/offices. It provides and install the following products : wooden structure, furniture, doors, window frames, parquet. The company is targeting the UK and is looking for partners like architects, interior design companies, engineering companies that could be interested by service agreement.

Polish company is looking for partners to form joint venture for production of cellulose-based productsCOMMERCIAL PROFILE / POLAND / BRPL20161221003
A company from the North West Poland, with its own production halls and lines, is looking for manufacturers of cellulose-based products interested in launching their production in Poland. The partnership in form of joint venture and/or reciprocal production agreement is requested.

Polish designer and manufacturer of women's linen clothing is looking for distributorsCOMMERCIAL PROFILE / POLAND / BOPL20170706001
Polish company specialised in design and manufacturing of organic clothes offers linen clothing for women, including: jackets, trousers, blouses, shirts, dresses, tunics and many others. Partnership in a form of distribution services agreement is offered to importers, wholesalers, boutiques and other fashion apparel retailers.

Portuguese company offers a partnership agreement over a user experience benchmarking solution for mobile network operators, telecom service providers and/or regulators.COMMERCIAL PROFILE / PORTUGAL / BOPT20170809001
Portuguese company specialised in wireless communication and solutions for Internet of Things is offering services or joint-venture agreement, or to be subcontracted for a user experience benchmarking solution for mobile network operators, telecom regulators and service providers. The solution is pre-5G ready and expected to be commercially released in the second quarter of 2018. The company is looking for partners to help establish and secure business contracts.

Spanish accounting and tax consulting company offering service agreementCOMMERCIAL PROFILE / SPAIN / BOES20170104001
A Barcelona (Spain) based accounting and tax consulting company is looking for similar consultancies in order to provide clients from different countries with global tax/accounting/labour law advisory and compliance services. The company is looking for a service agreement.

Dutch supplier of exotic fruit is looking for business partnersCOMMERCIAL PROFILE / NETHERLANDS / BONL20170829002
The Dutch SME is a versatile worldwide supplier of fresh fruit with own facilities in Mexico. The company is looking for business partners that can help to commercialize its premium conventional and organic fruit in all European countries. Collaboration is sought in the framework of a distribution or commercial agency agreement.

Russian manufacturer of vacuum systems for industry and science is looking for trade agents abroadCOMMERCIAL PROFILE / RUSSIA / BORU20170912001
The Russian company is specializing in the development of vacuum technologies for various industries, the design and manufacture of vacuum equipment and systems, creation of control software, is looking for partners in foreign countries for cooperation in the framework of commercial agency agreement.

Romanian company active in the make-up and beauty field is looking for manufacturing agreement with manufacturers of natural cosmetics productsCOMMERCIAL PROFILE / ROMANIA / BRRO20170915001
A Romanian company that is offering a full range of beauty services covering everything from hair styling to cosmetology is looking for manufacturers specialized in fresh natural cosmetics. The company is looking for a manufacturing agreement.

Belgian manufacturer of fine and luxury jewelry seeks distributors and agentsCOMMERCIAL PROFILE / BELGIUM / BOBE20170925001
A Belgian company active in the field of jewelry, fashion and luxury is looking for distributors, agents or representatives. The company offers a wide range of fine jewelry inspired by unique African ancestral symbols.

The Ukrainian manufacturer of 3D wooden model for self-assembling is looking for distributors in European countriesCOMMERCIAL PROFILE / UKRAINE / BOUA20170727001
The Ukrainian company develops and manufactures mobile, mechanical 3D models; these are souvenirs for the assembly. The products are made of high-quality ecological raw materials; this is moisture-resistant grinding plywood. Own design developments allow constantly to expand the range of new interesting models for the consumer. Cooperation sought should be based on distribution services agreement.

A Polish culture enterprise is looking for cooperation under financial agreement or joint venture agreement from creative industries, services, retail and tourism from European countriesCOMMERCIAL PROFILE / POLAND / BOPL20170905002
A Polish enterprise is ready to extend its operations and gives entrepreneurs an active and creative environment for their new products and services in the global exposure and retail distribution. The organization is interested in finding partners from investment, creative industries, services, retail, culture heritage, fashion and media sectors. The Polish culture organization is looking for the cooperation of financial agreement or joint venture partners.

A Romanian travel agency is looking for foreign travel agencies and tour operators interested in establishing partnerships, within a services agreement.COMMERCIAL PROFILE / ROMANIA / BORO20170912001
A Romanian company dedicated to the activity of travel agencies and tourism wants to extend its operations abroad. The company has a wide network of dependable partners from all parts of Romania and provides a variety of price competitive services delivered at international standards. It may be a good opportunity for potential partners to add Romania to their portfolio. The company is looking for travel agencies interested in establishing partnerships, in the framework of a services agreement.

Dutch company seeks system integrators for licensing and selling flywheel energy storage technologyCOMMERCIAL PROFILE / NETHERLANDS / BONL20170908001
This Dutch company seeks system integrators in the Netherlands, Belgium, Germany, United Kingdom and France to license and sell flywheel energy storage technology for exploitation in the semi-mobile and stationary market. A license agreement is offered.

Alexanders 2 Episode 7 : Coffee and Co Production Balkan style by Peter Gay

After the meeting with Vasco, the Bulgarians were very happy that the crisis had been defused. Phil was not so sure. ‘I think you are forgetting the real animosity that was stirred up, I don’t think it will go away as quickly as you think’

Nedko smiled ‘Phil, at times you can be a bit naïve. Vasco is the fixer; if he says its fixed, then it is. If you are still not sure, contact Dankenova and call in for a coffee’

Phil agreed but made it clear that he would call Dankenova to check it out.

At 10.00 Phil presented himself alone at the governor’s office. He checked in at reception as agreed by a previous telephone call, Dimi Dankenova clattered down the stairs with a discernible aroma of Bulgarian Attar of Rose proceeding her. 

She looked every inch a Labour female front bencher whose name Phil was struggling to remember. ‘Phil’ she exclaimed as she leant in for the customary three kisses, one on the left cheek, one on the right and a third on the left again.

‘Phil, Vasco tells me that you have sorted all of this out; let’s go for a coffee, we have an Alexander’s just around the corner. They do Kenya AA coffee, I’m sure you will like it. I hear you spent an awful night at the Dunav, whatever persuaded you to stay at such a place? We have much nicer hotels here like the Rila just over there. Anyway its lovely to see you again’

The barista took their order; both wanted the Kenya AA filter coffee. Phil mused to himself, how things have changed, baristas in the Balkans, who’d have thought it.

‘So, tell me all about it’ demanded Dimi.

‘Oh it just took a bit of research using my well place contacts in Sofia to dig out the truth’ said Phil. ‘I can see how the misunderstanding happened, Smedley is in business in a big way and his operation dwarfs anything that we are trying to promote.  But he can provide some economic benefit to the community’

Dimi butted in ‘Only if its done using co-production principles. I don’t want to see the community in Stara Tarnovo being manipulated by outsiders, I want them to be partners in what happens. Tell me, this Smedley buys the mushrooms but who says what the pickers get; are they individuals or are they working as a community? Does some of the income go to improving community facilities such as pre-schools?’

Phil played for time, ‘As you know our Bulgarian team are believers in a co-production approach but they are really at the start of the learning curve. We are all going to the Hisar workshop the Child Care International is running. We want to use that to work out how we embed co-production into not just the project but also in how the community relates to Smedley’s business.’

Dimi smiled ‘Very good Phil, but you don’t fool me, I know you too well. I want to see a proposal on my desk by Wednesday of next week on Co-production in Stara Tarnovo: OK?’

Phil nodded trying hard not to appear ambushed.

‘Now tell me is this coffee good?’

‘Its excellent’ replied Phil, ‘on a par with the best in Manchester’

Dimi glanced at her watch ‘I must be off, I have a meeting with the other governors in the neighbouring regions about the new road plans; see you next week!’

At that Dimi left with a smile leaving Phil to finish his coffee. He thought a cinnamon scone was required to fortify him for the work ahead.

 Next time: On to Hisar

This is a follow up serial  to the first one published in Autumn 2016. We pick up the story with Phil Gray’s return to Bulgaria. The story is fictional and while set in Bulgaria is informed by experience in many eastern countries. As before all characters are imaginary and bear no relationship to persons living or deceased.

For Northern Ireland specific contracts, there are a number of sources of information specifically for contracts within Northern Ireland. The Central Procurement Directorate (CPD) handles contracts for a number of government departments.

You can find a list of current tender opportunities on the CPD website. Again, there is no email alert facility that we can find which makes the content difficult to adapt to the Bulletin format.
125322 - 6941 - Provision of Travel Magazine
Publication date:  13-10-2017
Response deadline:  27-10-2017 12:00   Irish time
Procedure: 1. Open Procedure (NON OJEU)
Description: Iarnrod Eireann requires a ‘cost neutral’ customer magazine. As in other customer magazines circulated on the railway it is intended that the railway will offer the chosen publisher advertising access to our 38 million passengers including long distance and commuter services. The magazine will be available on all intercity routes except the Enterprise services on the Northern line which are covered by the magazine ‘Enterprise’. The magazine will also be available in all main intercity, dart and commuter stations.
Buyer: Iarnrod Eireann-Irish Rail
124969 - UL0467 - Supply and installation of Audio Visual Equipment, University of Limerick
Publication date:  11-10-2017
Response deadline:  17-11-2017 12:00   Irish time
Procedure: 1. Open Procedure (NON OJEU)
Description: The University of Limerick is seeking proposals to supply and install audio visual equipment in the new Library and Information Services (LISB) extension currently being completed. The scope of this tender is the Audio Visual (AV) fit out of the meeting, training and collaborative spaces in the building.
Buyer: University of Limerick

125086 - Moodle LMS & eLearning Support - Provision of Moodle LMS & eLearning Course Development to the Citizens Information Board
Publication date:  11-10-2017
Response deadline:  13-11-2017 13:00   Irish time
Procedure: 1. Open Procedure (NON OJEU)
Buyer: Citizens Information Board

125167 - PR/BENE/2018 - Provision of Public Relations Services in the Belgian/Netherlands Region
Publication date:  11-10-2017
Response deadline:  06-11-2017 12:00   Irish time
Procedure: 1. Open Procedure (NON OJEU)
Description: Tourism Ireland invites Tenders from established Public Relations consultants on how it can best achieve increased public awareness and positive media coverage of the Island of Ireland as a leisure destination in the Dutch and Belgian Markets. Local PR agencies in both markets will be advised of this tender opportunity. The successful tenderer will commence work on 1st January 2018. FOR FURTHER INFORMATION PLEASE REFER TO THE DOCUMENTATION ATTACHED FOR DOWNLOADING
Buyer: Tourism Ireland Limited
125064 - CCC17 (38) - Delivery of Training Programmes for LEO Clare
Publication date:  10-10-2017
Response deadline:  17-11-2017 12:00   Irish time
Procedure: 2. Open Procedure (OJEU)
Description: Clare County Council is seeking tenders for the procurement of delivery of training programmes on behalf of LEO Clare for a period of 23 months from February 2018 to January 2020. The Contracting Authority reserves the right to extend the term for a period of 12 months on the same terms and conditions, subject to the Contracting Authority’s obligation at law. It is emphasised that the continuation of the contract beyond the 23 month period will be contingent upon the successful delivery of the initial contract(s). This document outlines the type of training programmes LEO Clare plans to run throughout Co. Clare over the coming 23 months. LEO Clare reserves the right to run or not run any of the listed training programmes as demand and budget dictates. Each lot will be awarded separately to deliver the courses, workshops and mentoring programmes. Subject to budget and satisfactory performance, training and service contracts will be rolled out during the period. Qualified trainers are invited to tender. Applicants should demonstrate their understanding of the SME sector and should show that their training proposals are practically based and aimed specifically at this sector. They should also demonstrate their ability to deal with small business start-ups, developing businesses, business owners, managers etc. This tender document contains an indication of the courses currently being considered. The courses will be held at various locations around Clare, chosen by LEO Clare. LEO Clare will book and pay for the venues however, Tenderers will be responsible for providing all training materials and have their own presentation equipment where required. Please note where it is more cost efficient for LEO Clare to print training materials internally, LEO Clare reserves the right to do so and remove this cost from the Tenderers proposal. Training organisations submitting a tender application are requested to fix their prices for 23 months/the duration of the contract(s). LEO Clare reserves the right to stipulate
Buyer: Clare County Council

123147 - PLI098C - Provision of Training in 1) Investigation & Courtroom Skills and 2) Negotiation Skills for Revenue Staff
Publication date:  08-10-2017
Response deadline:  13-11-2017 12:00   Irish time
Procedure: 2. Open Procedure (OJEU)
Description: This is for the provision of a training course for Revenue officers and other staff covering criminal offences, courtroom skills training and to provide them with a working knowledge of their powers, procedures and guidelines. This competition is being run by the Office of Government Procurement (OGP) on behalf of the Revenue Commissioners.
Buyer: The Office of Government Procurement


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