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Issue 467 - 20th May 2019
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Get ready to collect Nectar points at Esso

From 1 June, Esso will replace BP as our new fuel partner. Every time you fill up on fuel or shop at Esso you’ll get Nectar points. So now even a trip to the tip, the daily school run, or the dreaded drive to the in-laws will all be ‘smiles better’ with Nectar.
Ooops! A marketing whopper!

There are no ESSO outlets anywhere on this island!
Are they trying to tell us something?
The sixth annual Belfast International Homecoming - the largest gathering of the diaspora in the north of Ireland - will take place in Belfast on 16-18 October 2019.
The purpose is to welcome back our global family to join in the discussion about building a better Belfast.
We believe that the diaspora have a key role to play in the transformation of our city.
The three-day programme takes place in venues across the city and covers themes ranging from the Arts to Business, with the sole objective of underpinning the peace and building a better future for all our citizens.
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Polish manufacturer of windows with ultra-modern solutions seeks distributors

A Polish producer of windows with 30 years of experience has a strong position on the regional and national market. The company would like to initiate a worldwide cooperation under a distribution services agreement, a commercial agency agreement and to act as a subcontractor.

Polish importer and exclusive distributor of Armenian wines and brandy seeks international distribution partners

A Polish company, which is an experienced importer and exclusive distributor of high-quality wines, brandy and other premium class spirits from Armenia, is looking for business partners to expand their sales channels to other countries under a distribution services agreement.

Qatari manufacturer of "Moderiental- a fusion of modern and oriental” furniture and accessories is looking for trade agents and distributors

A Qatar manufacturer of unique “Moderiental” furniture and accessories made of authentic natural materials such as solid wood, mother of pearl, brass, leather etc along with exclusive fabrics is looking for partners who would act as distributors under a distribution service agreement or as trade agents under a trade agency agreement.

Romanian company, specialized in locomotive repairing and maintenance, offers to convert diesel-hydraulic locomotives into electric or hybrid locomotives through services agreement

A Romanian company, specialized in providing maintenance services for locomotives, is seeking services agreements for the innovative conversion of standard diesel-hydraulic into hybrid diesel-electric locomotives, to be used inside factories or ports. The usage of the hybrid locomotive reduces costs with fuel consumption and CO2 emissions, offering increased lifetime usage.

Romanian company producing traditional “ghiudem” (Tatar dried sausage) and other meat products using only natural ingredients is seeking international distributors and/or commercial agents

A Romanian company specialized in producing traditional “ghiudem” (Tatar dried sausage), pastrami, sausages and other meat products using only natural ingredients and a unique combination of herbs and spices is looking for distribution and commercial agency agreements.

A Serbian company specialised for production and installation of industrial objects is looking for a partner through a manufacturing agreement.

A Serbian company that deals with the production and installation of industrial objects, as well as the production of various steel elements, is looking for a partner through a manufacturing agreement.

Innovative tool for risk assessment on construction sites

A research group of occupational health and risk prevention sector from Spanish University has designed an innovative tool for the evaluation of existing risks on a construction site. The main innovation is that it adapts to the peculiarities of each work place, capturing the new concept named site risk. The group is looking for companies in the construction sector or risk prevention in construction to adopt the tool under a license agreement.

Ukrainian researchers looking for technical cooperation, license selling or manufacturer agreement for their innovative supercavitational evaporator

A team of Ukrainian researchers has carried out investigations and designed a compact supercavitation evaporator for water. Productivity of one evaporation chamber, depending on the degree of degassing of the cavity, is from 2 to 6 m3/h. Evaporator is intended for sea water distillation and for water treatment. Partners are needed for creation of a consortium, carrying out additional research, promoting the technology to the market. Possible license selling, technological maintenance etc.

Supercavitational sterilizer

Ukrainian researchers have developed a supercavitational sterilizer for reagentless decontamination of sewage from bacteria, helminth eggs and fungi. Apparatus was implemented in the form of working section of a pipeline, a circulation pump and a re-circulating circuit. At single processing, a degree of decontamination of 86% was achieved. Partners needed for creating a consortium, carrying out additional research, launching the technology to the market.License selling possible.

An Ukrainian furniture producer offers its products under distribution services and commercial agency agreement

The Ukrainian company from west region, manufacturer of case furniture for offices, hotels, bedrooms, cabinet furniture, kitchen furniture, is looking for partners in the framework of a distribution services and commercial agency agreement.

An Ukrainian producer of wooden pellets is looking for trade intermediaries

A company from Ukraine engaged in the production of wood pellets, is looking for foreign partners able to distribute and sell the company’s production on other European markets. The company seeks to establish long-term and reliable contacts with distributors or commercial agents to distribute their products abroad.

Ukrainian company offers raw material for ceramic products production under manufacturing agreement

The Ukrainian company offers high-quality ceramic bodies (ceramic paste) for producers of decorative ceramics, facing, brick and flooring tiles, household and electrical products, souvenirs, church plates, park and garden products, acid-resistant bricks and roof tiles. The desired cooperation type is a manufacturing agreement.

Albanian manufacture of gold and silver jewelries seeks distributors and trade intermediaries abroad.

Established in the southwest part of Albania, this company operates in the manufacturing and processing of gold and silver pieces of jewelry. It offers a large number of different models of rings, necklace, ear drops, watches, and bracelets, etc from gold and silver. With more than 28 years of experience in the market, it is looking for partners to be engaged in distribution services and commercial agency agreements.

Bulgarian company, developer of patent-protected electronic control unit - EMS (electromagnetic system) circuit breaker, needs financing under financial or joint venture agreement to start its production

A Bulgarian SME has developed an innovative, patent-protected circuit breaker, with zero electricity consumption while operating. The device is lighter, cheaper and keeps the parameters of power supply network. Indirectly helps the reduction of the emitted CO2. There is a developed prototype of the circuit breaker. The company is looking for industrial partners to collaborate through joint venture or financial agreements for testing, development and industrial manufacture of the product.

French company is looking for sustainable flexible waterproof materials for outdoor sport equipment

A large French company specialized in outdoor sport equipement is looking for sustainable flexible waterproof materials witch can be used his field, to reduce environmental impact of his product.The product must have a laboratory proof of concept, and could be recently marketed. The company is looking for a license agreement or a technical cooperation.

French SME offers a breakthrough technology to visualize and quantify DNA.

A French biotechnology SME has developed an innovative DNA labelling technology for real-time imaging of living cells or organisms. This patented technology has been applied to various fields of investigation such as virus/viral vector high resolution imaging, compound screening, chromatin dynamics study in mammalian cells and yeast. Partners sought are academic or industry labs willing to use the technology under a research or technical cooperation agreement or also a licence agreement.

A French delicatessen specialized in gourmet products offers distribution services agreement

A company from France is searching for new partners in order to distribute their premium quality delicatessen goods, under a well-known and prestigious French brand : gift boxes, chocolates, wine and Champagne, delicatessen (preserves, foie gras, terrines, tea, coffee...) under distribution services agreements.

Oil hydraulic components for stationary or mobile applications - search for distributors and subcontracting contracts

A German SME, active in the development and production of a broad range of oil hydraulic components for stationary or mobile applications (agricultural and construction machinery) as well as for power plants, is searching for distribution partners for their products. Furthermore the company is searching for manufacturers of machines who are interested in the integration of the offered oil hydraulic components into their products; the SME offers to act as subcontractor.

Recipes and manufacturing methods for vegan products and meals are offered for license agreement

A German company developed new recipes and manufacturing methods for meatless products and meals based on wheat protein. The company is looking for a partner who is active as a manufacturer in the food industry and who is interested in realizing these products based on the provided recipes and methods. This includes the production and distribution of either the complete product range or parts of it. The company offers its products for licensing.

Japanese metalworking company offers cost-efficient manufacturing services and is looking for sales agents in the EU

The Japanese company's metal forming based services span from machining to finishing process, and from trial production to the production of small batches with manufacturing costs and time that could be reduced 4 times compared to similar services providers. Sales representative are also sought to develop the company's presence in the EU. A manufacturing agreement, subcontracting agreement or commercial agency agreement will be achieved with relevant partners.

Romanian manufacturer of decorative stone seeks international business partners to conclude distribution agreements.

A Romanian company specialises in the production of concrete and plaster decorative elements. The production is 100% manufactured in-house and products are registered as trade mark at European level. The company is interested in identifying business partners under distribution agreements.
For Northern Ireland specific contracts, there are a number of sources of information specifically for contracts within Northern Ireland. The Central Procurement Directorate (CPD) handles contracts for a number of government departments.

151165 - 19P012 - Roadcaster Refurbishment
Publication date:  17-05-2019
Response deadline:  02-07-2019 13:00   Irish time
Procedure: 1. Open Procedure (NON OJEU)
Description: RTÉ plans to refurbish the Roadcaster mobile broadcast studio. This Roadcaster is used for radio outside broadcasts at locations around Ireland. The Roadcaster contains a radio broadcast studio with comp op facility, transmission desk and transmission equipment. It currently caters for a presenter plus two guests seated at a presenter desk in the studio, an engineer situated directly outside the studio, a production and guest holding area. This is RTE’s flagship mobile radio broadcast vehicle. The vehicle will be available for this work to be undertaken from Monday, 5th August for a three week period.
Buyer: Raidió Teilifís Éireann ( RTÉ )

150871 - T.020/2019 - a First Responders Course in Computer Forensics and Cybercrime Investigations to An Garda Síochána
Publication date:  17-05-2019
Response deadline:  21-06-2019 15:00   Irish time
Procedure: 2. Open Procedure (OJEU)
Description: A Request for the provision of a First Responders Course in Computer Forensics and Cybercrime Investigations to An Garda Síochána and the Garda National Cyber Crime Bureau for selected members of the organisation at a location to be decided within the terms as set out in the specifications in Appendix 1 of this document
Buyer: An Garda Síochána

150977 - - Digital/online marketing, PR/content writing and promotion of Spotlit project
Publication date:  16-05-2019
Response deadline:  10-06-2019 10:00   Irish time
Procedure: 1. Open Procedure (NON OJEU)
Description: SpotLit aims to grow the literary tourism sector in the NPA region by supporting the organisations and businesses in this culturally-rich region to grow, collaborate and better engage audiences together. The project will run from March 2019 until September 2021. The WDC is seeking a suitably experienced team to plan, manage and deliver an online campaign to promote the project activities, outputs and the regions represented in the project. Also included is project PR and content writing, development of a short project video and general project promotion.
Buyer: Western Development Commission

150885 - P17204 - Market Research Services
Publication date:  16-05-2019
Response deadline:  15-06-2019 12:00   Irish time
Procedure: daa Negotiated Procedure (OJEU)
Description: The Contracting Authority wishes to put in place a Framework Agreement of suitably qualified Service Provider/s (hereafter referred to as the Contractor) for the provision of Market Research Services at Cork/Dublin Airport to act on behalf of the Contracting Authority in carrying out these services. Requirements will be broken down into 3 lots, detailed as follows: • Lot 1 - Single Party Framework Agreement - Passenger Tracking and Mobility Research (Dublin) & Passenger Tracking and ACI ASQ (Cork) • Lot 2 - Single Party Framework Agreement - Customer Service Monitor and ACI ASQ (Dublin) • Lot 3 – Single Party Framework Agreement – Airport Purchasing Behaviour (Dublin Airport)
Buyer: daa plc
150908 - CSP2021 - Census 2021 Processing System
Publication date:  15-05-2019
Response deadline:  26-06-2019 12:00   Irish time
Procedure: 2. Open Procedure (OJEU)
Description: The Central Statistics Office (CSO) invites tenders for the provision of a Census Processing System for the 2021 Census to include the following services: a) the typesetting and printing of the 2021 Census questionnaires; b) the design, development, installation, and testing of a Census processing system that delivers similar end to end functionality as the processing system developed for the 2016 Census; c) the provision of the necessary technical infrastructure (servers; scanners; network components; thin clients etc.) including their build, installation, testing and commissioning in the Contracting Authority’s Swords office; d) the provision of training services; system maintenance; and dedicated onsite support (including system and infrastructure) during the testing and operational phases. e) the integration with a new digital Enumerator Record Book (ERB) application or alternatively typesetting and printing of the paper ERB. In the 2016 Census, the ERB was a scannable paper booklet that was supplied to field staff to allow them to record information about each dwelling in their area in a structured way. In 2018, a prototype smartphone application (the digital ERB) was tested within the Census Pilot. Following the successful trial of the digital ERB, the Contracting Authority is currently preparing a procurement competition to contract a provider for the digital ERB solution for the 2021 Census. The procurements are linked as data captured in the digital ERB will flow into the Processing System. The procurement for the digital ERB will not be completed until after this Tender has been awarded. While it is expected that the most likely option for the ERB will be a digital ERB, both options for the ERB (paper and digital) will be assessed within this Tender.
Buyer: Central Statistics Office

150910 - AC/2019/07 - Provision of Tax Advisory Services
Publication date:  14-05-2019
Response deadline:  13-06-2019 12:00   Irish time
Procedure: 1. Open Procedure (NON OJEU)
Description: The Arts Council requires tax advisory services to include but necessarily limited to: General • Employer / employee tax • Compliance • VAT • Charity matters as it relates to artists and arts organisations • Trusts • Other Specific Review and update the current Aosdána Cnuas application and compliance process, from a tax viewpoint, to reflect current best practice
Buyer: Arts Council

150895 - LEO#1 - 2019 - Design and Development of a Business website -
Publication date:  14-05-2019
Response deadline:  30-05-2019 16:00   Irish time
Procedure: 1. Open Procedure (NON OJEU)
Description: Monaghan Business is an initiative of the Monaghan IT Forum which was established by Monaghan County Council to promote the use of IT and IT Awareness in and about County Monaghan. We are currently seeking a company to redesign and develop the website The purpose of is to show case Monaghan as a business location for entrepreneurs locally, nationally and internationally who are looking to establish a new business or relocate an existing business.
Buyer: Monaghan County Council

150833 - ENQEIR672 - Audio Visual Services and Support
Publication date:  14-05-2019
Response deadline:  14-06-2019 12:00   Irish time
Procedure: 1. Open Procedure (NON OJEU)
Description: EirGrid has a requirement for the provision of Audio Visual Services and Support at their offices in both Belfast and Dublin and any other ad hoc sites where similar service may be required. EirGrid have numerous AV devices which are maintained both in-house and by external parties. There are multiple manufactures/suppliers of the equipment. EirGrid intends to establish a single framework agreement for the provision of these services. The Framework period will be for three (3) years with the option for EirGrid to extend for a further two (2) year period, subject always to satisfactory performance. Interested companies should see Tender Documents attached to this eTenders Notice for full details.
Buyer: EirGrid plc

150919 - - Provision of Executive Leadership Training
Publication date:  14-05-2019
Response deadline:  05-06-2019 12:00   Irish time
Procedure: 1. Open Procedure (NON OJEU)
Description: The CCPC requires services related to the development and delivery of a comprehensive Executive Leadership Programme for senior managers in the CCPC.
Buyer: Competition and Consumer Protection Commission (CCPC)


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