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Issue 499 - 9th March 2020
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Having problems just recently with RTE, TG4 and Virgin TV reception?

Over the past couple of months, RTE, TG4 and Virgin viewers receiving these digital services via their rooftop aerial from the Clermont Cairn transmitter located  near the Carrickdale Hotel on the M1, will have noticed the need to retune their TV in order to continue receiving service after March 3rd 2020.
But having done so after March 3rd, many viewers are experiencing pixilated,  "jumpy" and disrupted reception on some of the services broadcast from this site.
The reason for this is that the UHF frequencies used for broadcasting these digital services have changed from what were previously designated as Group CD frequencies to Group B frequencies. This means that the Group CD roof top aerial in use since the early 1980s and the digital changeover, now needs to be changed to a Group B aerial.
Roof top UHF aerials are designed for optimum reception of specific channel groups which means that the pre-changeover Group CD aerials do not perform efficiently for the reception of Group B signals.
The management of broadcast frequencies in the Republic is the responsibility of the regulator COMREG and not the broadcasters. Irrespective of the reason for moving these services from Group CD to Group B, the result is that viewers in some areas both North and South using their existing roof top aerial, could experience a reduction in picture quality.
Improvement can only be brought about by replacing the roof-top aerial with a Group B antenna at a cost to the viewer. This might also require the replacement of Group B mast head amplifiers depending on geographical location.
So if you would like to continue watching unblocked sports on  RTE, TG4 and Virgin channels and are experiencing signal disruption, then it's time to talk to your aerial contractor.

Tel: (028) 4176 5999

A ‘Claghan’ of individual cottages at the foot of the Mournes
Hanna’s Close, Aughnahoory Road, Kilkeel, County Down,BT34 4AH

Hanna’s Close has ten traditional cottages from one to three bedrooms, all teeming with traditional features. From stone walls to feature fire places, holidaying in history is an immediate reality. Seven cottages are located in the Close. The Carthouse, The Barn and The Stables are one bedroom cottages. Two Bedroom Cottages include William John’s, Peggy’s and George’s. Also in the Close is Johnny’s, a three bedroom cottage. Not in the Close, but a short distance away is Sam’s (two bedroom), Murphy’s (two bedroom) and Callaghan’s (three bedroom).

New product development (NPD) is the process of taking a product or service from conception to market. The process sets out a series of stages that new products typically go through, beginning with ideation and concept generation, strategic analysis, product design and ending with the product's introduction to the market. This event seeks to explore the often overlooked design stage and the various methodologies involved.

This event is a fantastic opportunity for companies across Northern Ireland to gain insights into the design process from experts within the field of industrial, user- centred and people centred design.

This event is designed to be a gathering of SME Businesses, Stakeholders and Design Experts from across the industry, aimed at allowing businesses to:

- Share existing experiences within the area of NPD and design;

- Connect with experts and collaborators within the field;

- Gain powerful insights from industry experts; and,

- Learn more about funding opportunities.

This is a free event funded by Connected NI through the Department for the Economy, a light breakfast will also be included.



An Armenian producer of household chemicals, car care products, as well as construction materials is looking for distribution services agreement.

This Armenian company is specialized in manufacturing of different kinds of chemicals, such as construction materials, car care products, as well as household chemicals. The company is looking for a distribution services agreement.

Synthesis of Omphalotin A and familiar secondary metabolites

A Berlin-based university has developed a method to synthesize Omphalotin in fungal host organisms which allows the selective production of natural or modified Omphalotin that could be used in the protection of plants against pathogenic nematodes. The institute is interested in a cooperation in the framework of a license or a research cooperation agreement.

Greek manufacturer of premium organic cosmetics suitable for homeopathy seeks distributors and/or commercial agents in Europe

The Greek producer of organic cosmetics has developed an entire range of organic skincare products made from effective combinations of ingredients. The range is currently being sold at quality stores in the Greek and Cyprus market. The company is ready to expand abroad and is seeking distributors through a distribution services agreement and/or agents through a commercial agency agreement.

Irish company seeking partners for manufacturing, outsourcing or supplier agreement for branded eco-friendly packaging solutions

Fast growing online retail company from Ireland is seeking a manufacturing, outsourcing or supplier agreement in order to find new and cost effective branded eco-friendly packaging solutions for its novelty subscription boxes.

Tuscany company that produces premium quality and organic extra virgin olive oil is looking for distributors, importers and commercial agents

Tuscany company located in Arezzo is looking for distributors, importers and commercial agents located in Europe. The company has been producing high-quality extra virgin oil since 1960. The company is equipped with technologically advanced machines. They are looking for distribution services and commercial agency agreements.

Distributors sought for a tiny, minimal removable house, made of cork and wood for a short-term accommodation. The SME also offers eco-house manufacturing under a manufacturing agreement

A Portuguese based SME has developed a tiny, minimal, removable house using 100% green and recyclable materials to deliver high quality, environmentally friendly, functional and comfortable housing solutions. This cork-clad home pops up almost anywhere with minimal impact and is a registered trademark in Europe. The SME is looking for distributors to help establish the product in new markets. It is also open to manufacturing agreements with European partners requiring a bespoke service.

Portuguese producer and distributor, with Bio Certification, of innovative, high-quality and organic flavoured honeys seeks distributors

The Portuguese SME is specialized in the production, packaging, and trade of different varieties of naturally flavored kinds of honey and is looking for international partners able to sell its products in the framework of a distribution agreement. The company has recently developed a new range of products specially designed for the hospitality and catering sectors. Also supplies honey in bulk (320 kg vats, minimum quantity) with Bio Certification.

Russian manufacturer of wound healing medicine is looking for distributors

The Russian research company, specializing in the manufacturing of wound healing medicine with anti-inflammatory action, based on the active substance oxidized dextran, is interested in distribution services agreements.

Personal decision support system for heart failure management

A Slovenian research institute has developed and clinically tested a personal health application that provides accurate personalized advice for patients with congestive heart failure. They are seeking industry and academic institutions to create new or enhance existing heart disease treatment solutions, leveraging their technology under technical cooperation and research cooperation agreements.

Slovenian company is looking for distributors of natural and fair-trade products for hair and skin treatment

A company from Slovenia is specialized in providing natural hair masks, colors, oils and powders for hair and skin treatment, while following tradition and fair trade concepts in production. They are looking for distributors and agents to expand their products to other markets and countries in a form of distribution services agreement.

A Slovenian company is offering a licence for in-wheel electric motor technology for electric vehicles

A Slovenian company has developed an innovative in-wheel electric motor, with permanent magnets and an integrated controller inside the wheel, using a simple design ready for serial production. The patented modular multiphase motor technology, with power levels from 1 to 15 kilowatts, is ready for various light and small e-mobility applications. The Slovenian company is looking for licensing or joint venture partners, to implement the advanced technology into e-mobility applications.

Numeric simulation and optimization of computational fluid dynamics (CFD) in development of electric motor drives for automotive industry

A Slovenian company, producer of innovative in-wheel electric motors, is looking for cooperation with experts with know-how in the fields of numeric simulation and optimization of computational fluid dynamics (CFD), and development of embedded systems, with experience in functional safety of automotive applications, the Automotive Safety Integrity Level (ASIL), and the ISO23262 standard. Technical and research cooperation agreements are sought.

A Korean company specialized in manufacturing high-quality slide rails and rollers for household appliances seeks partners to sign distribution service agreement or manufacturing agreement

A Korean supplier of slide rails and rollers, used in the drawers of refrigerators, ovens, dishwashers, washing machines, and other household appliances, wishes to cooperate with major European companies in the sphere of household appliances under a distribution service agreement or manufacturing agreement. Its products are suitable for high- and low temperature as well as highly humid environments. All products can be customized depending on the customer’s environment.

Neuro-rehabilitation robot services

A Spanish technological centre offers services for robotic neurorehabilitation of upper limbs aimed at people who have suffered a vascular brain injury (VBI). Partnership sought is a commercial agreement with technical assistance, mainly in neurorehabilitation centers, health insurers and hospitals that treat patients with VBI with robotics facilities; and research cooperation agreement for future calls related to Robot-mediated neurorehabilitation in EU programs.

Spanish company specialised in the production of high-quality dairy products is looking for distributors

A young Spanish company specialised in the production of high-quality dairy products is looking for distributors with experience in working with the wholesale, retail and foodservice channels in their local markets under distribution services agreement. Their products include demineralized whey powder D90, D70, D40, skim milk powder 1%, buttermilk powder, pasteurized milk and cream, clarify butter, PDO cheese (Protected Designation of Origin), ice cream, etc.

A Korean developer of document security solution is looking for foreign distributors for their solution under distribution service agreement.

A Korean developer of document security solution is looking for distributors for their solution under service agreement or distribution service agreement. By controlling sensor-embedded printer, the company prevents data leakage often caused by paper records taken out of office environment. This printer works only with security papers that come with the printer as a set, and documents with confidential information will be detected at the security gate when tried to be carried out of office.

Spanish company with a patented cover for the conservation in camera, freezing and transport of fresh meat is looking for agents and distributors.

Spanish company that has patented a cover for freezing, cold storage and transport of fresh meat, is looking for commercial agents, as well as distributors interested in acquiring the product. It is demonstrated, through laboratory analysis, that the use of these covers during the time that the piece remains in the cold room allows reducing the loss of the product up to 40% of its size.

Spanish foreign trade company, specialized in importing and exporting food and cosmetic products, is looking for European distributors and importers for Spanish and Latin American products

The Spanish start-up company, specialized in international trading of food and cosmetics, imports Latin American products and exports Spanish and Latin American products, such as Spanish wines and extra virgin olive oil products in different formats, apple vinegar, concentrated lemon juice, cheeses, cosmetic products based on extra virgin oil, coffee and fruits. The company is interested in contacting European distributors/importers to set up a distribution services agreement.

Turkish furniture manufacturer offers kitchen and bathroom furniture and accessories through distribution services agreement and subcontracting as well as manufacturing agreement under private label.

Turkish high technology furniture manufacturer is willing to supply kitchen and bathroom storage, cabinets, vanities and accessories for home furniture manufacturers, retailers and wholesalers, real estate developers and private clients. The enterprise is looking for trade partners worldwide to cooperate under distribution services agreement. They are also ready to act as a subcontractor and/or to render manufacturing services for private label production accord with partners’ needs.

Distributors and agents for dried fruits are requested by an Ukrainian company

An Ukrainian company, located in Kiev, specializes in the producing of dried fruits is looking for partners under the distribution services and commercial agency agreements.

An Ukrainian producer of paints, adhesives and primers is looking for distributors and agents

An Ukrainian company, active in the chemical industry since 2006, is offering parquet lacquers, acrylic paints for walls (interior and exterior), primers, varnishes etc. The firm also offers special acrylic decorative paints. Commercial agency or distribution services agreements are sought.
For Northern Ireland specific contracts, there are a number of sources of information specifically for contracts within Northern Ireland. The Central Procurement Directorate (CPD) handles contracts for a number of government departments.

166613 - RFT #4 - Tender for provision of Mentors and Scheme Champions
Publication date:  06-03-2020
Response deadline:  06-04-2020 12:00   Irish time
Procedure: 2. Open Procedure (OJEU)
Description: Tender for the provision of mentoring services to Irish SME Owner Managers, and also for the provision of Champions who are thought-leaders with an L&D Focus in the identified areas.
Buyer: Small Firms Association/Ibec

166472 - LEO Finance - The Leitrim Local Enterprise Office within Leitrim County Council would like to invite tender proposals from suitably qualified and experienced consultants to deliver a Financial Capability progr
Publication date:  06-03-2020
Response deadline:  30-03-2020 16:00   Irish time
Procedure: 1. Open Procedure (NON OJEU)
Description: I. To deliver interactive, participative and practical workshops in Counties Leitrim, Sligo and Donegal. Programme Summary Leitrim Sligo Donegal 2 Full day Workshops 15 businesses 15 businesses 15 businesses 4 Mentoring sessions 60 sessions 60 sessions 60 sessions Indicative topics/content for the workshops may include, but is not limited to; v Demystifying the language and terminology of business finance v How funds flow through a business v Understanding and managing working capital and cash flow v Reading and interpreting financial reports; Balance Sheet, Profit & Loss Account and Funds Flow Statement v Using ratio analysis to assess and track business performance v Reading the financial reports for your own business v Developing financial KPIs v The importance of taking a structured approach to costing and pricing v Establishing and monitoring financial key performance Indicators v Key elements of improving “bottom line” performance The sub-contractor will deliver 4 in- house mentoring sessions to each participating business.
Buyer: Leitrim County Council

166828 - - Request for Information External ICT Technical Support Services
Publication date:  06-03-2020
Response deadline:  01-04-2020 17:30   Irish time
Procedure: Request For Information (NON OJEU)
Description: This is a market sounding exercise to obtain market information with regard to ICT Professional Services. This RFI is not a call for competition and it does not constitute an invitation to tender, or an offer to enter into a Framework Agreement and/or any contract. The Office of Government Procurement (OGP) may run a competitive procurement process for ICT Professional Services during 2020 or 2021. This may result in the establishment of a Framework Agreement(s) available for use by public sector bodies. As part of this process the OGP wishes to take market soundings on general market dynamics and on the direction the market is taking in terms of External ICT Support Services, ICT contingent labour and related commercial arrangements. A brief survey is attached to this notice. If your company is a service provider of ICT Professional Services and you want to engage with us to help us understand the current market for the provision of ICT Professional Services to the Public Service, we would appreciate your response to this survey on or before Wednesday the 1st April 2020. Replies should be submitted to
Buyer: The Office of Government Procurement
166790 - NCTR2007 - The Proviosion of Library self-service kiosks
Publication date:  05-03-2020
Response deadline:  26-03-2020 12:00   Irish time
Procedure: 1. Open Procedure (NON OJEU)
Description: Request for the provision of Library Self Service Kiosks for TU Dublin and related services and equipment. This tender will result in a single party framework. The system must be completely self-service for users and link directly our library management system (LMS) and be compatible with our student and staff ID cards. TU Dublin plans to purchase 6 kiosks initially but this will grow during the life-time of this tender. The System installs and commissioning from July 2020.
Buyer: Technological University Dublin (TU Dublin)

166259 - ENQEIR708 - Multi-Party Framework for the Provision of IT Services
Publication date:  05-03-2020
Response deadline:  06-04-2020 12:00   Irish time
Procedure: EirGrid Negotiated Procedure (OJEU)
Description: The purpose of the Pre-Qualification Questionnaire (PQQ) is to invite qualification applications from interested parties for the provision of ICT Services and Professionals under a multi-party supplier framework agreement. This is not a recruitment tender. The resources required will be managed by the successful Tenderer and not EirGrid Group. EirGrid Group is at the forefront of innovation in the energy industry, enabling the transition towards a low-carbon, technology-enabled smart future. The group plays a critical role through the development and safe operation of the electricity transmission grid in Ireland and in Northern Ireland (through its ownership of SONI i.e. the System Operator for Northern Ireland). The transmission grid brings power from where it is generated to where it is needed, supplying large industrial customers and the distribution networks, which in turn supply homes, farms and businesses across the island. The group also operates the wholesale Single Electricity Market (SEM) and the East West Interconnector, a high voltage link between Ireland and Great Britain. The preferred Candidates will have energy industry experience and will have experience of the delivery of the technologies used within EirGrid Group. EirGrid intends to adopt a flexible 3rd party resourcing model and has a requirement for the provision of specialised information technology resources and services from a number of strategic partners. This capability is required to deliver on our operational requirements and our ambitious 5 year Group strategy. EirGrid intends to establish a multi-party supplier framework for the provision of these services using the following Lots: • Lot 1: Project & Product Management Services • Lot 2: Infrastructure Operations and Application Support and Development • Lot 3: Data and Analytics & Data Integration • Lot 4: Delivery Partners
Buyer: EirGrid plc

166532 - HR System - Time and Attendance, Expense Management, Rostering and Human Resource System
Publication date:  05-03-2020
Response deadline:  17-04-2020 12:00   Irish time
Procedure: 2. Open Procedure (OJEU)
Description: The IHRB require a Time and Attendance, Expense Management, Rostering and Human Resources system.
Buyer: The Irish Horseracing Regulatory Board

166710 - MK/VDPS/03/20 - ITT for Video Design and Production Services
Publication date:  05-03-2020
Response deadline:  20-03-2020 14:00   Irish time
Procedure: 1. Open Procedure (NON OJEU)
Description: Invitation to Tender for the Provision of Video Design and Production Services
Buyer: Bord Bia (Irish Food Board)

166768 - - Offaly Tourism Video 2020 - Provision of new suite of Outdoor Recreation Videos
Publication date:  05-03-2020
Response deadline:  30-03-2020 16:00   Irish time
Procedure: 1. Open Procedure (NON OJEU)
Buyer: Offaly Tourism Marketing (CLG)

166771 - IT/2020/03 - Provision and Service Management of Public Wi-Fi Access in Tourist Information Offices
Publication date:  05-03-2020
Response deadline:  23-03-2020 12:00   Irish time
Procedure: 1. Open Procedure (NON OJEU)
Description: Fáilte Ireland requires a service provider to provide high speed Wi-Fi Access points and Wi-Fi management services for the organisation’s Tourist Information Offices network.
Buyer: Fáilte Ireland-National Tourism Development Authority

166808 - UCDREF5028 - Decommission, Move and recommission four (4) plant growth chambers
Publication date:  05-03-2020
Response deadline:  09-04-2020 17:00   Irish time
Procedure: 1. Open Procedure (NON OJEU)
Description: "Tenders are sought for the decommissioning, movement and re-commissioning of FOUR plant growth chambers (Conviron BDR 16), including reinstatement of refrigeration pipework, wiring of cables connecting to the condenser and the required connections for CO2, compressed air and water.
Buyer: University College Dublin ( UCD )

166788 - 2637 - Invitation for Panel Membership for Library Event Facilitation 2020
Publication date:  05-03-2020
Response deadline:  24-03-2020 16:00   Irish time
Procedure: 1. Open Procedure (NON OJEU)
Description: South Dublin County Council currently have a panel in place for the engagement of facilitators for their library events. The panel commenced on 3/4/18 and can be extended for up to a further 3 year period. The panel is advertised annually and applications to join the panel can be submitted at any stage during the life of the panel. South Dublin County Council are extending the current panel for 1 year and invite applications from interested facilitators to join the panel. Facilitators who are on the current panel do not have to apply again, they will remain on the panel until it expires. If applicants meet the “Selection Criteria” they will be placed on the panel and all future facilitator engagements will be offered to members of the panel. Further details are available with the application form. Any person who wishes to apply to be included on this panel are invited to apply by completing the Application Form which is available with Guidelines/Terms on the eTenders website Anyone wishing to join the panel must be registered on eTenders. This is a free and simple process and can be completed at The closing date for Initial applications is 4pm on the 24th of March 2020.
Buyer: South Dublin County Council

166770 - O365 Infrastructure and Security - Infrastructure and Security on Office 365 and other cloud platforms
Publication date:  05-03-2020
Response deadline:  31-03-2020 16:00   Irish time
Procedure: 1. Open Procedure (NON OJEU)
Description: Provide Professionbal Services to advise and implement security and infrastructure projects on Offce 365 and othe cloud platforms. This will include reviewing security and migration exchange to the cloud and consulting with other O365 partners.
Buyer: Cork County Council

166636 - - Provision of Monitoring and Reporting on eCollege Service Delivery
Publication date:  03-03-2020
Response deadline:  24-03-2020 18:00   Irish time
Procedure: Restricted Procedure (NON OJEU)
Description: The purpose of the monitoring and reporting services currently required by SOLAS is to provide consistent, fair and objective monitoring of the delivery of eCollege as a service to learners and provide robust and purposeful reporting to inform continuous improvement. This will involve ensuring that the eCollege service provider is providing services to the quality standards identified in their tender documents, their quality assurance system, their contractual obligations with SOLAS, and QQI requirements. It may be necessary to develop indicators to meaningfully reflect the quality of the service provided and allow comparison of performance from month to month and/or across courses/subject domains.
Buyer: Solas
165877 - SPS2020 - RFT for Executive Coaching Services
Publication date:  01-03-2020
Response deadline:  03-04-2020 12:00   Irish time
Procedure: 2. Open Procedure (OJEU)
Description: RFT for Executive Coaching Services for members of the Senior Public Service of the Irish Civil Service.
Buyer: Department of Public Expenditure and Reform
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