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Issue 497 - 24th Feb 2020
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A ‘Claghan’ of individual cottages at the foot of the Mournes
Hanna’s Close, Aughnahoory Road, Kilkeel, County Down,BT34 4AH

Hanna’s Close has ten traditional cottages from one to three bedrooms, all teeming with traditional features. From stone walls to feature fire places, holidaying in history is an immediate reality. Seven cottages are located in the Close. The Carthouse, The Barn and The Stables are one bedroom cottages. Two Bedroom Cottages include William John’s, Peggy’s and George’s. Also in the Close is Johnny’s, a three bedroom cottage. Not in the Close, but a short distance away is Sam’s (two bedroom), Murphy’s (two bedroom) and Callaghan’s (three bedroom).

Negotiation Skills (2 days. 10-11 Mar)
This course teaches the keystages and techniques in the negotiation process. Its goal is to ensure that we achieve better negotiated outcomes. The course emphasises the need for preparation and being able to recognise and counter negotiation techniques and tactics. See:

Professional Sales Skills (2 days. 19-20 Mar)
This advanced course covers the essential skills required in professional selling: Prospecting, Qualification, Developing compelling Value propositions, The Buying Cycle, Needs Development, and Managing the Decision Criteria. Course material and concepts are rooted in the core principles of the latest sales theories including SPIN Selling, Solution Selling, Miller-Heiman (Strategic Selling), Holden (Power Base Selling) and The Challenge Sale. See:

Sales skills for non-sales professionals (2 days. 24-15 Mar)
This course is specifically aimed at business professionals such as consultants and engineers who are engaged with customers in a technical, service, or project management capacity. The objective of the course is to improve their business development, and customer relationship skills, in order to win new business. See:

Customer Service (1 day. 30 Mar). 
The concept of good Customer Service has long been recognised as fundamental to a successful and profitable company. Service and Solution-based companies must now embrace a strategy of Customer Intimacy in order to compete with global suppliers. See:

Personal Productivity and Effectiveness (Time Management) (1 day. 2 Apr)
The objective of this course is to improve the personal productivity skills of key staff. Regardless of our position we can contribute to our organisation’s overall profitability and efficiency by improved personal effectiveness and time management, including running effective meetings. See;

Essential Management skills for first line managers (2 days. 7-8 Apr)
This course is aimed at technical professionals and consultants who are moving into a management role. It will provide delegates with the core skills of Planning and Decision Making, Delegation, Team Leading, Communication, Presentations, Influencing, Managing Change and Running meetings. See:

Account development (2 days. 16-17 Apr)
The focus of this course is to teach account managers the essential consultative skills that will enable them to be recognised by their clients as trusted business partners. It will enable them to better understand their clients’ businesses and align products and services to achieve business goals and “invent their future”. See:

Belfast 89FM is pleased and proud to support the Shankill Road Hospice Shop at their breakfast morning on Thursday 27th of February.

We will be broadcasting live from the shop between 10 and 12 so come along and say hello and (more importantly) spend some money to help fund this fantastic organisation.

A French SME is looking for vegetal oil supplier for industrial applications in the frame of supplier agreement

A French SME specialized in the formulation and production of lubricants used in industry or construction is looking for a supplier of crude or recycled vegetal oil as a substitute to currently used mineral oils in its product porfolio. The company is interested by a supplier agreement.

Unique semiconductor technology for next generations of microchips enabling cost savings and increases of performance by 20% and more

German high-tech SME with focus on micro-engineering tools for processing semiconductors developed a novel high-energy ion implantation technology, based on energy filter for ion implantation (EFII), enable very precise, depth-distributed doping of any desired semiconductor material (e.g. SiC). Seeking companies from semiconductor sector and foundries using ion implantation or producing ion beam accelerators, for technical cooperation and commercial agreements with technical assistance.

Distribution partner sought for a new smart outdoor information display

A German IT company has developed a new outdoor information display. It is a digital information point providing residents, tourists or guests with information about the location. Smart in design and handling, it covers innovative technical features for failure-free operation in all weather conditions. Established in Germany, the company is now looking abroad for new markets. They search for distribution partners with good contacts to the public, touristic, cultural or exhibition sector.

Highly reliable molecular in vitro diagnostic (IVD) tests for screening, follow-up care and therapeutic decisions in cancer diagnostics, based on proprietary epigenetic biomarkers

A young German SME specialized in molecular biology and cancer diagnostics has developed a fast molecular diagnostic MDx test based on epigenetic changes (DNA methylation) which are characteristic for cancer cells. These highly informative biomarkers validated in clinical trials and applicable for early detection of cervical cancer. Corresponding marker sets for head-and-neck tumor and ovarian cancer are also validated. Seeking medical partners for licensing and technical cooperation agreements.

Partners for the installation of energy management systems are sought

The German SME develops, manufactures and distributes high-precision energy management systems. Electricians, electronic companies and IT companies are sought to install the company's energy measuring devices including hardware and software. The company is looking for partnerships in the form of services agreements.

SMEs with software/electrical engineering expertise sought for the development of an Automated Opto-Biomechatronics Systems Technology for Cancer Research and Personalized Chemotherapy Testing using a Fertilized Chicken Egg Assay

A German university aims to build a fertilized chick embyro membrane (CAM) test system for the biomedicine market: an opto-biomechatronics system, OvoMate, will combine optical analysis of tumor growth, apply test drugs and sampling of growing tumor on CAM in a fully robotized egg handling and incubator environment. Therefore, they are looking for SMEs with software/electrical engineering expertise to start a cooperation via research cooperation agreement.

Greek company in natural cosmetics is looking for expansion abroad via cooperation with trade intermediaries, agents and representatives

A Greek company founded in 2014 is specialized in manufacturing natural cosmetic products. All products are manufactured using active, natural ingredients. The company addresses to women ageing 25-70 years old and its range of products includes face and body oil with a patent of ozonated olive oil. The company is interested in expanding its market internationally by identifying international business partners interested in representing its products under commercial agency agreement.

A company specializing in manufacturing oral and tube feeding, nutrition enrichments and pharmaceuticals is looking for distributors

The Israeli company manufactures a wide range of oral tube feeding and oral enrichment products marketed across the country. The company has more than 15 years of experience in the local market and is now seeking to increase its sales of tube feeding products overseas by finding new distributors worldwide.

Polymeric drug loaded film to implant for local release of anticancer drugs after tumour resection.

An Italian start-up, that works in the pharmaceutical sector, invented a novel drug delivery system for local release of anticancer drugs. This new system is based on a biocompatible and biodegradable polysaccharide film for application at the tumour resection site during surgery. They are looking for medical product manufacturer in order to achieve the industrialization of the film throughout a financial, joint venture or licence agreements.

Luxembourg company looking for producers of teas and herbal infusions for a private label manufacturing agreement

The company is a young e-commerce shop based in Luxembourg, which sells products such as tea, herbal infusions and superfood powders. The company is currently looking for partners who will create a product line dedicated to the company’s business. Hence, it would like to cooperate under a private label manufacturing agreement.

Looking for solutions to accelerate digital literacy in education

Dutch leading IT supplier is looking for innovative SMEs and start-ups from Europe that offer solutions to speed up and improve the implementation of digital literacy in education. For self-reliance in society, the digital skills of children and youngsters need to be improved considerably. The cooperation would be in the frame of a research or a technical cooperation agreement. This request refers to an innovation challenge published on an open platform.

A Dutch company is looking for a rapid online detection method to determine the microbial water quality in non-chlorinated swimming pool water.

A Dutch company designs, builds and operates technical installations in complex buildings, such as swimming pools. The company is currently looking for a technology or test in order to economically and efficiently determine the microbial contamination in non-chlorinated swimming pool water. The cooperation with partners would be in the frame of a research or a technical cooperation agreement. This request refers to an innovation challenge published on an open platform.

Dutch company that developed a solar-powered system to monitor, predict and control algae using sound waves in large water surfaces seeks sales agents

A Dutch manufacturer has developed an innovative system to monitor, predict and control algae (including the toxic blue-green algae) with the use of ultrasound in many large water surfaces such as lakes, ponds and drinking water reservoirs. The manufacturer is offering a commercial agency agreement (with technical assistance) to companies with expertise and a network in the water sector.

Polish company from food sector seeks suppliers of canned, frozen, dried fruit and vegetables.

The Polish private company is looking for suppliers of canned, frozen, dried fruit and vegetables and more. The company is looking for direct producers, who would like to start long term partnerships under distribution services agreement.

Romanian manufacturer of handmade ceramic products seeks distributors

A Romanian company offers 100% handmade ceramic products including decorative ceramic plaques, sinks and sanitary ware for domestic and commercial areas. Products are handmade and are painted manually based on the company’s unique designs. The firm is interested in identifying international business partners for distributing its products under distribution agreements.

Russian company is looking for technology for processing steel cord obtained in the process of recycling used car tires into products under a supplier agreement

The Russian company is looking for technologies for processing steel cord obtained in the process of recycling used car tires into products. The company is ready to consider any proposals from technology manufacturers and to conclude a supplier agreement.

Singapore industrial measurement and sensing equipment company seeking European partners via distribution service agreement.

The Singapore company, which is based in Singapore, provides products & solutions for a wide range of industrial measurement and sensing equipment - in liquid level, flow, pressure and temperature. The company is seeking European partners via distribution services agreement.

Singaporean manufacturer of fresh fruit juice seeks European partners via distribution services agreements

The Singapore fresh fruit juice manufacturer is a company that produces fruit juice products for institutional and retail clients throughout the Asia Pacific region. The major clients of the company include airlines, hotels, catering and restaurant sectors. The company is seeking European partners via distribution services agreements.

Singapore honey products manufacturer seeking European partners via distribution service agreement

The Singapore company, which specializes in manufacturing honey related products was founded in 2010. The Singapore company manufactures products such as bottled honey, honey lozenges and bee pollen. Due to expansion, the company is seeking European partners via distribution services agreement.

Wastewater bioremediation coupled with energy production via photosynthetic microorganisms

A Spanish research institute based in Madrid, working on sustainable energy production, offers its capacity to develop wastewater bioremediation systems that recover wastewater nutrients and product energy as biogas. In particular, raceways and photobioreactors are being compared in parallel. The Institute is looking for research cooperation or service agreements with wastewater treatment companies.

Spain company specialized in livestock tracking and monitoring devices seeks commercial agents

An SME from Spain offers its electronic device specialized in locating animals from livestock to control their welfare. The company is looking to establish commercial agency agreements with agents selling to large-scale farms.
For Northern Ireland specific contracts, there are a number of sources of information specifically for contracts within Northern Ireland. The Central Procurement Directorate (CPD) handles contracts for a number of government departments.

165945 - Website Management Services - Provision of Website Management Services - Great Lighthouses of Ireland
Publication date:  21-02-2020
Response deadline:  05-03-2020 17:00   Irish time
Procedure: 1. Open Procedure (NON OJEU)
Description: Irish Lights is seeking a suitably qualified and experienced organisation to manage its ongoing website and digital content requirements, in line with current and evolving requirements. The successful tenderer will demonstrate experience in website management and development, content creation and curation, creative design and support for consumer brands and/or corporates offering consumer services. Previous experience of designing & executing digital marketing & integrated social media campaigns for a variety of consumer markets and segments is required. The successful tenderer will be required to create, collate & manage the brand photography & imagery repository and ensure that there is a sufficient bank of high resolution images for print or digital use by Irish Lights & its Partners. The successful tenderer will work in co-operation with the Great Lighthouses of Ireland brand manager in developing and implementing its annual digital marketing and communications plan.
Buyer: Commissioners of Irish Lights

166013 - - ID 2652691 - InterTradeIreland – GO-2-Tender Phase 8
Publication date:  21-02-2020
Response deadline:  13-03-2020 15:00   Irish time
Procedure: PIN
Description: A Tender opportunity has been published on the following procurement portal: Any interested Suppliers can access this opportunity and submit a tender response via 'eTendersNI'. In order to submit a tender bid / completed PME questionnaire, you must be registered as an active user on 'eTendersNI'. PLEASE NOTE - The Prior Information Notice (PIN) on is only a signpost, and therefore no tender documents are accessible on this site. For accessing the tender documents, and submitting a tender bid, please access eTendersNI at the above-mentioned link. If you continue to have difficulties with accessing the tender documents via eTendersNI, please contact the helpdesk on or telephone 0800 240 4545.
Buyer: Construction and Procurement Delivery (CPD)

165781 - 20/006 - Development of guidelines, support materials and a continuous professional development manual
Publication date:  19-02-2020
Response deadline:  11-03-2020 12:00   Irish time
Procedure: 1. Open Procedure (NON OJEU)
Description: For the Development of Guidelines, Support Materials and a CPD Manual for Louth County Council and other Healthy Ireland Local Authorities Healthy Ireland Design Innovation (HIDI) On behalf of Louth County Council Relevant document attached.
Buyer: Louth County Council

165817 - LEOTN20-02 - Delivery of Sales Programme
Publication date:  19-02-2020
Response deadline:  11-03-2020 16:00   Irish time
Procedure: 1. Open Procedure (NON OJEU)
Description: This competition relates to a Single -Operator Framework for the provision of a Sales programme. Monaghan Local Enterprise Office require an experienced consultant to deliver an intensive programme focused on developing the sales skills of Micro/SME’s. It is essential that the coordinator has demonstrable expertise in delivering impactful sales programmes and experience of working with the Start Up business community.
Buyer: Monaghan County Council

165640 - 2020/04 - Provision of Expert Information/Cyber Security Services
Publication date:  19-02-2020
Response deadline:  20-03-2020 17:00   Irish time
Procedure: 2. Open Procedure (OJEU)
Description: Enterprise Ireland’s Business Process Improvement & IT department requires the services of a specialised provider of information/cyber security consultancy to provide expert advice and assistance with the organisations Information security programme.
Buyer: Enterprise Ireland

165757 - TEN2000031 - Cavan County Council on behalf of the LEOs in the North East Region are seeking tenders for the delivery of an Export Development Programme for 2020 under the Border Brexit Stimulus Package
Publication date:  18-02-2020
Response deadline:  10-03-2020 12:00   Irish time
Procedure: 1. Open Procedure (NON OJEU)
Description: Cavan County Council on behalf of the LEOs in the North East Region are seeking tenders for the delivery of an Export Development Programme for 2020 under the Border Brexit Stimulus Package. This Programme will be led by LEO Cavan on behalf of the North East Region covering Counties Cavan, Monaghan and Louth. Refer to RFT for further details.
Buyer: Cavan County Council
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